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    indigosky12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 7 months, 1 week ago

    Hi peeps, I am also writing a Hunger Games fanfic, where its in the perspective of a District 8 girl (also called Willow), this happens with the trilogy, and she joins the Careers, and find out what happens to her and the Careers.


    Chapter 1

    Willow’s POV:
    As I enter the training room, I am quite awed at the equipment. There are archery ranges, targets, rope climbing, camouflage stations, fire lighting, knot-tying stations and ranges of weapons for us to use. We are gathered into the center as a coach begins to speak: “This is your training area, go as you please. Hurting other tributes are not allowed, you’ll get plenty of time for that in the arena…” I zone out and inspect the tributes.

    The people from District 1 and 2 are close together. I remember watching as a child. They were the ‘Careers’ group. I make myself a mental note to try to join in. It would be my best chance of survival. The girl from 12, Katniss Everdeen, I heard, looks nervous as she is glancing around. The little girl from 11 looks even more scared, but she is holding back her fear. The coach dismisses us and I immediately walk to the archery range when someone grab my wrist. It is my partner, Jakob. I shake him free. “Don’t you want to train together? We’ll have a better chance of survival.” I roll my eyes. “Shut up. I already have a plan. My plan. And it includes you dying.” I snap at him. He gulps and runs off to the rope climbing, where the bulky District 2 boy is smirking at the boy from District 12.
    Changing my way to the knives station, I see the District 2 girl in a lane and I take my place next to her.
    She pauses and looks at me.
    I grab a single knife and throws it at the target. It spears through the ***** head clean. I throw another one towards the heart, but the knife swerves to hit the thigh. The girl smirks a little and walk off. I feel myself getting a bit angry. Running to the archery station, I take the course over the wobbling bridge, jump and duck some coaches with bats, and take a bow and three arrows before doing a double roll, then notched the three arrows together and shoot them, the middle one hits the heart bullseye with the top and bottom arrows next to it. The District 2 girl turns around at me, looking impressed. She turns to her district partner and they discussed something quickly before the boy briefly glances at me, then he nods.  The girl walks back to me and put her hand out. “I’m Clove. We’re the Careers, but you should already know that, unless you’re an idiot.”  The boy from 1 smirks. “Anyway. Do you want to join us?” “Sure. Does that mean I get to kill more people?” I ask, jokingly inside. Clove smiles. “I like your style. I have a feeling we’ll work together quite well. Before I kill you, of course.” She says, a bit menacingly. I shrug.
    “This is Cato,” The bulky boy looks at me and nod, “These are Glimmer and Marvel.” The blonde girl smiles and does a cute wave at me before taking a bow and spearing the head of my *****. The District 1 boy says “Hi.” and then goes to the station with spears. Cato picks a random sword from the rack and starts parrying with a coach. “Can you fight with a sword?” Clove asks, a bit randomly. “Uh-huh.” Clove runs to Cato and tells him something. He comes over with the sword still in his hand. It was about 12 inches long. “Get a sword.” He tells me. I look at the tray and chooses a sword about 10 inches long, shorter than his.
    “Let me see how well you do.” He thrusts a frontal blow at me, which I block easily. He narrows his eyes and starts to push me harder, with harder attacks that I manage to parry or shield off. He does a swipe from the side which I barely counter before he comes on me hardest, stopping just before his blade hit my neck. He grins devilishly. “You’re pretty good for a runt from 8. How old are you?” He ask. 
    “14.” I reply with confidence. All the tributes seemed to have been watching our spar,  in which the Careers look even more impressed while a few of the other tributes, like the ones from 12 and the little girl from 11, presses their fingers to their temples before crowding to the sword station.
    “We’re right to have chosen you to be in our alliance.” Clove and Cato says, as we move to the axe station and watched Marvel scare the little tributes. “Marvel! Come over here.” Glimmer calls. Marvel marches over and we are huddled in a circle of some sort. “So, when the Games begin, we all get our weapons and supplies, and mainly try to eliminate as many people as possible, then meet back at the cornucopia before midday to get everything else. We’ll go set up camp after we eat.” We all nod. 
    The training coach calls a few minutes later to tell us that the training has come to an end. “Go to your rooms and get some rest. Your assessment is tomorrow first thing.” the woman says.
    She dismisses us. I exit the training room and walk back to my floor, and as soon as I walk in, Jakob strides in front of me. “Why did you talk to the careers?” He says angrily, crossing his arms. “I trying to get myself allies, you worm.” I spit at him, continuing my way. He blocks my path and glares at me. “What are you talking about? Indigo told us to stick together so we could survive!”
    “Our mentor said that we do what we need to survive, not stick together like a bunch of cowards.” I revolted, pushing him away.

    “I earned allies with District 5 and 6!!!” He roars, agitated. He runs to my room door and stands in front like a standing guard. “We could’ve been the strongest! Imagine the six of us, vanquishing all the others. Then when everyone else is dead, we could betray and kill the rest. You or I maybe had the slightest chance of winning!” He growled. I push him away forcefully and enter my room, eyeing him coldly.
    “I have allies too, you know. And when they try to kill you next time, I won’t interfere.” I tell him before slamming the door shut and burying myself in a pile of soft feathery cushions. A wave of drowsiness drowned me and I immediately surrendered to the tiredness.

    I’m still writing. Post your comments below(I’m sounding like a Youtuber I know XD) and tell me if you want to be tagged!!

        indigosky12 replied 7 months, 1 week ago

        Sorry I wasn’t clear in the descriptions. So basically you get to find out what happened to Clove, Cato, Marvel and Glimmer in my world. This story is biased towards the Capitol.

          2setpiano replied 7 months, 1 week ago

          AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA u so nerd ez!!!!! sigh… i was watching smthing dude…

        evergirl391 replied 7 months, 1 week ago

        Don’t be offended, but can you please take me off the tag list. My parent’s say I’m too young to watch/read hunger games so yeah…. 🙁

          indigosky12 replied 7 months, 1 week ago

          No problem! :))) do you still want me to tag you if I do normal SGE stories??

        xxstrangerthingsxx replied 7 months, 1 week ago

        please tag me! I’m also doing a book off of foxfaces perspective

          evergirl391 replied 7 months, 1 week ago

          and yes indigosky 🙂

          2setpiano replied 7 months, 1 week ago

          Sigh…Hunger games heads…not a real fan but mehhh—-no offense

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