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    inlovewithbooks posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 10 months ago

    Hi, again guys! Warning for future reference: I don’t usually post this much, I just already had it written. This is Chapter One of the story I posted the prologue to before: To The Moon. I split it into two parts as it’s rather long, so expect the second part soon! As before, ask to be tagged/untagged if you would like. Critique and feedback wanted, needed and highly appreciated!
    CHAPTER I, Ana-Rose:
    Part 1
    “You…” His pupils are dilated and his eyes have gained a certain milky, fogged-up quality that I don’t like the look of. I wonder what will happen to me if he gets infected: will I too? Will we be separated? I know that he won’t survive a day without me. Our latest status reports have supposedly come in while I was at Edu, but I haven’t seen them yet. Every time, I worry what they will say, but I know that it’s mostly the alcohol that has put him in this position. He gives a small cough. “…just leave me alone! **** you, you b-” I clamp my hand over his mouth before he can say it. Although I’ve heard it from him many times before, for some reason, I can’t bear for him to call me that, I can’t bear to hear the word. All the while, I’m internally gasping and unable to keep the shock and hurt out of my eyes. The rest of his sentence is muffled from my palm on his lips. I’m disgusted, as I feel warm saliva dribbling onto my fingers.
    “How can you!” I burst out, ripping my hand from his wet mouth. “How can you even attempt to call your daughter a… a… you know! Besides, who raised me? Who brought me up? And no, don’t blame the mother. ‘Cause she’s not here is she? That’s right, I know your weakness. I know what makes you cringe. So don’t try. You’re a disgusting ba- idiot yourself!” I catch myself before I become one of those hypocritical annoying people. I will make it my New Year’s resolution not to swear.
    When New Year comes, of course.
    For now, I am free to say as I please, but I will restrain myself – for now.
    Before he lowers his head into his hands, I catch the sun glinting on what looks like a tear dripping down his cheek. Father slumps in the grungy armchair, and the hard expression softens in his eyes. Immediately, I feel bad – but it doesn’t last long. This is a man who raised me with malice and threats since my mother died. This is a man who doesn’t care what happens to me, or where I go, as long as, at the end of the day, I’m there to keep him alive. This is a man who never noticed that his second daughter went missing around the time his wife died, and wouldn’t give a **** if he did know.
    Why should I feel sorry for him?
    When he looks up again, the hardness is back, along with an air of confidence that could mean almost anything, but I know means one thing. He’s had enough. Thankfully, the milkiness, the blankness, has dispersed, but it has left Father with incentive and energy, which means no happy endings for me, not today, at least.
    “You’re right.” He leers at me, smirking cunningly. I’m right? “You are my daughter. Which means,” – uh oh. What does it mean? – “that I know you. And you’re mine. Mine!” I inhale sharply. “But, mostly, I know you. I know your favourite things, I know your hopes, I know your fears. I know what will torment you, what will get you trembling and staring blankly into space, as your fears overtake your mind and vision. I know what will make you weak. So I can tell you this: one toe over the line, and you will find yourself hearing what you hate the most. Is that clear?” I nod meekly. “I can’t hear you! I said, is that clear?”
    “Yes, sir!”
    @electra (tho you’ve already read it)
    That’s all!

        inlovewithbooks replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        The stars are d*mn and also I wrote on a google doc so the italic isn’t showing up, but whatever.

        evilerruler845 replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        Yeah, you have to do the HTML to it for it to actually work with the italics and all that. This is vvvvv interesting!! I know I already said it, but I truly am intrigued.

        elysianne replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        Fascinating chapter!

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