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    irisofrainbowgale posted an update in the group RP Level 2: Blue Forest 4 years ago

    I’m back.
    Can someone link me to the summary, I’d just like to know what’s going on, I don’t know if I’ll be able to join back in.
    How are you guys? Sorry I haven’t been on in a very long time, but I guess I say that every few months and then leave again.

        em94 replied 4 years ago

        IRISSSSSS we’ve missed you! We have the document, but it hasn’t been updated really, and we’re only just starting to use the plot ideas we have for the Plague RP (you were here when we started that, right?)
        And I’ve been good, thanks, you?

          irisofrainbowgale replied 4 years ago

          Hi! I missed you guys a lot but I kept leaving for so long, so I thought I’d be too hard to get back into! I’m fine, other than some stuff I’m still figuring out, but I’m glad you’re good! I was here right when we started the Plague RP, and I think I even made a character and still have a half written starting POV for her, but then I left.

        solarstar replied 4 years ago

        We don’t have a summary for the new RP (we should probably make one). Basically, nothing has really happened, characters have just made some introductions. However, the Gavaldonians are about to attack the schools, so this is actually a perfect time to join back in.
        I’m good, other than the fact that I have summatives due in one week :))) and exams in two weeks :))) and am currently dying (I should be working on those right now, but I popped on for a second)

          irisofrainbowgale replied 4 years ago

          Maybe I’ll join back in, but I don’t know. . .
          Well, I wish you the best of luck on your summatives and exams! Have a nice rest of your day!

        sherlock replied 4 years ago

        Whoa, Iris! You changed your avatar! Did you get a haircut IRL, too? I remember you talking about that last year, but you said you weren’t sure whether you were going to do it or not.

          irisofrainbowgale replied 4 years ago

          Hi! Yeah, I did cut my hair. It was really long and annoying, and I wanted to dye it, which I was only allowed to do if I cut it! So I cut it off and dyed it blond! I’m really happy with it actually, I though I would regret it but I guess not!

          sherlock replied 4 years ago

          That’s awesome! I remember feeling the same way when I made my first big cut. I never noticed how heavy all my hair was until it was gone!

          irisofrainbowgale replied 4 years ago

          Yeah! It’s the same with me! My hair was a giant mess and way past my waist, and I was just getting tired of it. I couldn’t remember why I was still growing it, so I cut it all off

          sherlock replied 4 years ago

          Did you donate it to cancer? I think I remember you saying you wanted to do that last year.

          irisofrainbowgale replied 4 years ago

          I really did want to, but it was dyed in some places that I cut off (The bottom, the bangs, just random parts) and I wasn’t allowed to donate it if it had been dyed. I wish I knew that before, but maybe I can donate it later if I choose to grow it out. Did you donate yours when you cut it?

          sherlock replied 4 years ago

          I did! I waited to dye it after I donated it, because I’d been planning to donate it for a while. Legit, I don’t know why I kept it long for such a long time. It literally looked like Anne Hathaway’s hair in The Princess Diaries before her makeover.

          irisofrainbowgale replied 4 years ago

          Yeah, I really wish I had waited, but I won’t be able to donate it now, at least not for a while. Honestly, I think I might have kept it because my mum said I shouldn’t?? I don’t remember. Mine was just kinda . . . Everywhere. There was way too much

          sherlock replied 4 years ago

          Yeah, down to your waist sounds like a hassle. I only cut off ten inches, and even that was really annoying to manage.

          nightshade11 replied 4 years ago

          *pops in ages later because I wanted to leave a comment I guess (?..)*

          Your icon looks cool! And I’ve only cut my hair slightly short twice, and that would only be a little under my chin. Lately I’ve been thinking about cutting it a lot shorter, but I’m not sure how that would look on me. If I do, it’ll probably be a while later.

          It’s great you’re happy with your haircut 🙂

        irisofrainbowgale replied 4 years ago

        I need to leave now, but I’ll try to be on more!!

        fluffypenguins replied 4 years ago

        AND HI IRIS!

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