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    Zodiac Tag List:
    Deity Backstory: Pisces
    Pisces was selected as a reincarnate during xyr early teenage years. Xyr real name was Alexis Antonis and xe was born in Sparta in approx. 456 BCE. Xe went through the Spartan agoge as a male, and was chosen by Ophiuchus as a reincarnate when xe expressed more of an interest in the arts than warfare, preferring to spend time studying or dancing when not in training. Ophiuchus had been told by the other Zodiac to choose a reincarnate because he was growing too ambitious. He planned to choose a reincarnate who was reincarnate-y enough to be competent but would still follow his “guidance.”
    The Archimidian War, the first of the Peloponnesian Wars, began in 431. Reasoning that Alexis would be in a conflicted emotional state because of having to destroy lots of artwork and also… war ‘n stuff, he appeared to xem for the first time around 430. He explained the whole reincarnate system. Little did he know that his unwillingness to give up his position would eventually be his downfall. Trying to stall for time, he taught Alexis more and more about xyr powers, took xem around the world, and even let xem meet the other Zodiac, which only made xem more capable and independent. When Ophiuchus finally passed down the mantle some twenty or thirty years later, Alexis had grown far too smart to let him control xem. Xe banished Ophiuchus to the Deep Reaches, and for a while the Zodiac lived in peace.
    Being free within the Reaches, Ophiuchus worked to regain his power and return to the known world. Eventually, he succeeded, and he decided that trying to control the Zodiac through Alexis was too risky. He appeared to each of the Zodiac, promising rewards for following him (e.g. love to Virgo, death to Aries and Scorpio, etc). The Zodiac began to fight amongst themselves and try to undermine each other, which was exactly what Ophiuchus wanted. When he finally appeared to Alexis, they had an argument, with Ophiuchus revealing that he had converted many of the Zodiac to his side and convinced them to raise an army against Pisces. Knowing that this could mean the end of everything xe loved, Alexis used the majority of xyr power to again banish him to the Deep Reaches and this time trap him in a magical prison. But this weakened xem greatly, and instead of reuniting the Zodiac, it was the last straw that made them split completely. This was a very long time ago, though not so long in the general span of things.
    Ophiuchus spent that time plotting to destroy Alexis and take over the world. No prison lasts forever. He has returned to get his revenge.

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