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    ivypool2005 posted an update in the group RP Level 2: Blue Forest 5 months ago

    aka Leila Gets Hastily Rescued So We Can Have Fun Times at School
    aka This Chapter is Way Too Short But I Wanted to Post It Now

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    Everything passed quickly after that. Rose zapped into 2018 using Drew’s teleporter, shocked a few government agents, and teleported back to Pisces with Leila in tow. When they got back, Drew, Erin, Nastya, and Nikolai were waiting for them. It wasn’t long before teachers arrived, and Leila was whisked away. There was no Pisces tower, so Leila found herself in a room by herself in the second-year section of the Aquarius tower.
    She considered decorating her room, as she’d heard that the other students did, but every idea she had didn’t feel quite right. Not to mention that she had nothing to decorate it with. In fact, she had nothing at all except the clothes on her back. She had been assured that she would be well taken care of at the academy, but everything was still so unsettling. The strange mix of the foreign and the familiar.
    One thousand years. That was how far she had jumped. One thousand years, compressed into a mere five seconds. All the problems that had plagued the world in 2018 were relics of the past. She wondered if people in this world learned about her time period in history class, or if she had messed up the timeline so badly that it was a Sound of Thunder situation and her country had ended up electing a racist orange—oh, wait.
    Leila rolled her eyes. After an appraising look around at her bare room, she tossed her jacket onto the bed and headed out.
    Way too many flights of stairs later, she finally made it to the practice rooms. She spent the next twenty minutes wandering around, trying to find an instrument. Eventually, she found a storage closet. She picked a cello from the row along the back wall.
    Back in the practice room, she took her time unpacking. She looped the stop around one leg of the black orchestra chair. She pulled out the endpin, placing it in the stop and setting the neck against her shoulder. She slowly tightened the bow, then set it against the D string.
    Sound poured from the instrument, deep and powerful, and Leila rested her head on the cello, momentarily overwhelmed.
    It had been so very long.
    She started with a simple scale. She was rusty, but as she played, she felt the muscle memory awaken in her body. She moved on to arpeggios, then thirds. She spent a few minutes simply drawing her bow across the strings, enjoying the vibrations and the ringing of the perfect fifths. Then, once she felt warmed up and familiar with the instrument, Leila started to play in earnest. She began with the piece she had been working on when she last picked up a cello. But since she had no sheet music, and she was pretty sure Pisces Academy didn’t carry 21st century music, it was hard to work on anything in particular. Her practicing eventually turned into a series of improvisations, each one slowly evolving into the next. She went through waltzes and marches, chromatics, chord progressions, music for funerals and weddings. Snippets of pop songs, etudes, movie soundtracks slipped into the music at will. She let the music take her over completely, welcoming the satisfying ache in her hands, back, and shoulders.
    A broken strand of bow hair caught on the fine tuner. Leila gasped as the music cut off with an abrupt twang, the bow flying out of her hand. She carefully untwisted the bow hair from the tiny peg, then stood up and leaned the instrument against the chair.
    Leila looked up at the clock in the corner of the room. It had been three hours.
    She sighed before setting about packing up the cello. She should find a fingernail clipper to take care of the broken bow hairs. Did fingernail clippers even exist in this world? Either way, she still felt too unsure here to go around asking for one, especially when her request might be misinterpreted and lead to a whole lot of awkwardness. She looked around furtively, even though there was no way she was being watched, and quickly snapped the broken hairs off with her teeth. She whispered a short apology to both the bow and the person who was going to use it next.
    As she walked out of the practice room, she crashed into someone. The girl looked about her age, but a fair bit taller, with short, colorful hair. They both apologized. Looking into the other girl’s eyes, Leila could swear she saw something familiar…
    Suddenly, the sensation of falling. Leila bit back a scream, along with the terrifying memory of a very different fall. When she came to her senses, she was standing in the same place, but the image of the girl had changed. Her eyes had turned bloodred, and there was a scorpion tail sticking out from behind her.
    Leila snapped back into her body, gasping. The girl, now back to normal, looked concerned. “Are you alright?” she asked.
    “I’m… fine.” She extended her hand. “I’m Leila. Leila Kekoa.”
    The girl shook it. “Caoimhe ó Braonáin.”

    Leila can see into the Duat!
    Note: Leila thinks Caoimhe’s hair is colorful because it’s dyed in grayscale and Leila is colorblind.
    Hopefully @elenaofmaidenvale44 is active, but if not then we can change it to any of the other Reincarnates who are.
    Happy holidays everyone!

        princezzdot replied 5 months ago

        Oooh I play cello

          ivypool2005 replied 5 months ago

          Cool! I don’t hehe but I play violin and I have some cellist friends, so hopefully I got it right.

        carrot123 replied 5 months ago

        Nice job! I play piano, and I used to play upright bass but I had to give it up for my swim team, and also because I was really busy with other stuff. Anyone know who could be a possible roommate for Juniper? I have some ideas for things in my next chapter, but it really depends on who her roommate is.

          lucyeverynameoflumaria replied 5 months ago

          Actually, Caoimhe, though it isn’t directly mentioned in this chapter, is also from Virgo! She’s from the Paris expansion, but looking at the bios it seems like that might be a good thing, as it’s noted that Juniper doesn’t like to talk about being from Virgo.
          As she’s already been pointed out as being a plot point, having your characters be roommates could help the plot along! Just a suggestion.

        ivypool2005 replied 4 months, 4 weeks ago

        Since we don’t know the status of Caiomhe’s writer, would it be better to just change it to Juniper?

          carrot123 replied 4 months, 4 weeks ago

          This sounds like a great idea! I’ll write my chapter today, after I finish my homework though, because I still have to do two essay/reading response thingies.

          lucyeverynameoflumaria replied 4 months, 4 weeks ago


          Yeah it would probably be better to change characters for now. I still have some reincarnate stuff to figure out anyhow… I’m gonna go do that.

        ivypool2005 replied 4 months, 1 week ago

        Hey @carrot123, status update on that chapter?

          carrot123 replied 4 months, 1 week ago

          oh shoot… I sorta forgot to do it? I WILL DO IT NOW. I PROMISE

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