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    ivypool2005 posted an update 1 year ago

    NBWeek Day 3: International Nonbinary People’s Day

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    Hey, everyone! It’s July 14, also known as International Nonbinary People’s Day, with the theme “Nonbinary Joy”! The prompt of the day is:
    “Share all things positive about being nonbinary!”
    I can’t host a Zoom today, so if anyone else is available, that would be great!

        ivypool2005 replied 1 year ago

        My favorite thing about being nonbinary is the automatic gateway it gives me to educate people, groups, and sometimes even entire communities. I mean, it can be really awkward, and it’s super annoying to have to explain myself when I’m not in the mood, but I really do like spreading awareness, and I feel like being nonbinary myself gives me a way to do that.

          pencilpeytie replied 1 year ago

          ^^^ same as ivy!

        carrot123 replied 1 year ago

        Yay! I don’t know if I’ll be able to host a zoom, I might because it’s going to rain and thunderstorm for the entire day and I’ll probably stay inside, but I also might have some stuff to do (aka homework and other work that I have been procrastinating on…)

        flowerground6 replied 1 year ago

        My favorite part of being on the non-binary spectrum is not feeling like I have to fit the gender norms of either males or females. Though I am usually very female presenting, that is a choice that I can make myself, and I can also decide to present as more gender neutral or masculine. I don’t feel as bound by the traditional gender norms of society, which makes me feel more free to be myself!

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