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    ivypool2005 posted an update 1 year ago

    NBWeek Day 4: Visibility for the Invisible

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    Hey, everyone! It’s Day 4 of the first annual NBWeek, with the theme “Visibility for the Invisible”! The prompt of the day is:
    “This day is dedicated to those of us who are even less visible, meaning PoC, disabled, fat, AMAB people, people over 30 etc to share their experience.”
    The panel for today is @ivypool2005 (me), but others feel free to answer questions as I am… hehe… not the most qualified person for this topic.
    Share your experiences in the comments!

        skyeoffoxforest replied 1 year ago

        So, my sister has Cerebral Palsey.
        She is constantly teased, bullied and harmed, with no way of escape (She cannot walk or communicate).
        I feel so bad for her. She’s seventeen now, and the usual teenager would be doing fun things, hanging out with friends…
        But no. Kaylani (my sister) watches Disney movies and gets teased all day long.
        Actually, only the other day a car reversed into her. That’s how bad it is.

          skyeoffoxforest replied 1 year ago

          What I’m trying to say, is STOP ATTACKING PEOPLE WHO ARE DIFFERENT!

        dragonhealer replied 1 year ago

        i just want to drop in to say this is amazing & inspiring

          dancingthroughsge replied 1 year ago

          Definitely! I agree with you. It must be horrible to be bullied about something that is part of you.

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