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    ivypool2005 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 2 years ago

    I just realized I haven’t been tagging, so

    I’m still not in a position to write any plot, so here’s a previously-nonexistent character profile for Leila.
    Name: Leila Kekoa
    Nicknames/Aliases: none
    Age: Just turned 16
    Birthday: July 29, 2001 (Nikolai’s birthday is December 19, 3253 or something)
    Gender: Girl (she/her)
    Orientation: Pansexual, possibly? not really sure
    D&D Alignment: Chaotic Good
    MBTI Personality Type: INFP
    Handedness: Right
    Medical conditions: Color blindness
    Fears: No special fears… I guess heights now.
    Personality: In a comfortable situation, Leila is spontaneous, casual and fun to be around, but in hostile environments like school she tends to draw back into herself, reaching out mainly only to people seemingly like her, such as Nikolai during The First Time Travel Incident. She has a lot of defiance, especially against her father. She is strong-willed, and sometimes she doesn’t listen to others’ ideas, but this means that she makes a great leader and seldom doubts her decisions.
    Flaws: She can be very stubborn, in either the form of plowing ahead no matter what people say, usually when there is a limited amount of time, or pretending that it’s a joke and doesn’t really matter what she does, usually when she is nervous.
    Skills: Cello, music in general, leadership, agility
    Appearance: Skin tone – VI/21, Eye color – Silver, Hair color – Dark brown, usually tied back in a braid or low ponytail, loose for special occasions. Tallish, as her father is tall and her mother was medium height. Quick smile, quicker laugh, fingernails painted brightly and uncannily attentive eyes.
    Clothing: Usually jeans and a T-shirt… so normal clothes? Likes to dress in as many shades of gray as she can, possibly as a political statement.
    Year: High school – 11th grade
    City: n/a
    Alignment: Pisces
    Color of Magic: unknown so far
    Magical Abilities: unknown so far
    Favorite Color: (a direct quote) *scoffs* Wow, thanks for asking me this question. I’d say the color that comes from the brilliant people who invented the traffic light deciding to make the color for “stop” and the color for “go” the two colors that colorblind people can’t tell apart.
    Favorite Food: Edible things
    Favorite Drink: Fruit punch, although she had to be careful after a certain holiday party.
    Favorite Sport: Soccer
    Favorite Number: 11
    Hobbies: Cello, gymnastics, soccer, listening to music, sleeping, wasting time on the Internet
    Other: She has a weirdly strong American accent. This is just something I’ve always imagined on her. (Nikolai has a faint Russian accent but as his parents have English accents it’s barely noticeable when he’s speaking what I think of as Universal.) She totally likes Nikolai but he doesn’t like her back ‘cause he’s into boys. *sighs* I really wanted them to be together. A true tragedy.
    Backstory: I didn’t feel like writing a backstory lol
    TL;DR: Leila Kekoa is a 16-year-old maybe-pansexual girl with full colorblindness and a horrible dad who literally killed her and she has a crush on Nikolai bigger than the Milky Way.

        stymphrider replied 2 years ago

        Thats great! Handedness? Is that a word? Or did you make it up? and if you did, isa it copyrighted? Cause I really want to use it sometime. Dunno what for. I could just bring the word up in some random conversation or something…

        undercoverbossbuddy replied 2 years ago

        Fantastic bio!

        bostonhorsez2 replied 2 years ago

        *claps wildly and cheers* I love this! I’m an INFP too! Of course I have a bit more of a seriously messed up personality…but INFP nonetheless! And poor Leila…that’s an awful feeling; to like someone but they will never like you back…

        impossiblegirl replied 2 years ago

        I just looked it up and google says that handedness is a word.

          stymphrider replied 2 years ago

          Really? Awesome!

        nightshade11 replied 2 years ago

        Love her!!

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