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    jasmineever01 posted an update 7 months ago

    SGE Gang on an Aeroplane (this is a repost of a skit from my old account) I lowkey want to start writing skits again!
    Flight Attendant: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen Please fasten your seatbelts we will be taking off shortly
    Tedros: What’s this button for?
    Agatha: It calls the flight attendant if you want anything
    Tedros and Dot: AnYtHiNg
    Agatha: Sophie where are you going your seat’s next to me!?
    Sophie: Not anymore Darling you can’t expect me to sit HERE. I’ve upgraded to First Class!
    Tedros: *pushing the button for the flight attendant over and over again*Do you have any FOOD
    Flight Attendant: Sir please wait AFTER take-off for any snacks.
    *30 minutes later after plane takes off*
    Random Guy: Has anyone seen my laptop it’s disappeared… and my charger/blanket
    Agatha: I’m so sorry *glares at Dot*
    Dot: *mouth full of chocolate* Whf-at!
    Hester: Ani there’s some kids in over there that we can scare
    Anidal: Already on it *turns rat three times bigger*
    Hester: Do you think they’ll mind if we get rid of some of their luggage
    Agatha: Guys stop we’re going to get in trouble
    Tedros: I’ll have a packet of those crisps…..oooooh and that kit kat and….
    Sophie: *lecturing to kids* You know if you don’t take care of your skin when you’re older you’ll have WRINKLES and no on one will like you… NO ONE… AND YOU WILL DIE!!
    *Children burst into tears*
    Nicola: Oooooooh there’s so many books I can read…. Never mind I’ve read them all
    Tedros:…… and one of those chocolate bars thank you
    Flight Attendant: Sir the total will be $176 for all this food you’ve ordered
    Tedros-Wha…Agatha I’m borrowing your card again
    Agatha: *face palms*

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