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    jasmineever01 posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    Another repost of a ship skits from my old account!
    T: Agatha have you seen my weights anywhere!
    A: *mumbles* Shut up Tedros It’s one in the morning I’m trying to sleep! Why do you need to work out NOW
    T: Fine I’ll leave you alone!
    A: Finally! Peace at last..
    T: *enters the room a minute later* Agatha is there anything to eat?
    A: *throws a vase at Tedros’s head! * Urghhhhhh! You’re worse than Sophie… Fine I’m getting up now
    T: *follows Agatha into the kitchen*
    A: *hands Tedros a bowl of garlic covered in Nutella and sprinkles* Here you go!
    T: W-what is THIS*Agatha glares at him* …amazing dish
    A: *smiles* Something I used to eat in Gavladon that Callis would make me
    Rhian and Sophie!
    R: Yes Soph-
    S: I need a new dress!
    R: Why you have over 400 different dresses!
    S: *rolls eyes* Do you expect ME the QUEEN of Camelot to wear an old dress *tackles Rhian to the ground*
    J: *runs into the room* What’s going on is someone attacking the castle? I haven’t fought anyone in ages *sees the two fighting and stops realizing that if he interfered Sophie would kill him*Never mind I think Aric’s calling me *backs away*
    R: F-Fine we’ll go shopping then
    S: *stops fighting and hugs Rhian* Oh Thank you Darling glad were seeing eye to eye now! *leaves*

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