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    jasmineever01 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months, 1 week ago

    I’m going to post one bio today and the rest tomorrow for my modern SGE fanfic involving Tagatha’s kids! Tell me what you think and if you have any constructive criticism feel free to tell me.
    Small skit that I wrote as I got bored. I’m going to be posting more skits, comment what ships you want me to do! Also comment if you want to be tagged
    Shoutout to @Evilsqueen001 for the idea!
    Camelot Courier Interviewer: What would be the perfect valentine’s gift someone could give you?
    Agatha: A bOx of cHoCoLaTeS and just food in general
    Tedros: hmmm *takes notes*

    Tedros: A set of new weights or maybe Reaper to stop clawing at me

    Sophie: Oh, let me just get my list! *unfolds a list that hits the ground* Ah yes Jewellery, a 9-bedroom mansion-
    Tedros: What are YOU doing here?! *glares at Sophie*
    Sophie: Well Agatha invited me to stay for the weekend and I had to accept
    Tedros: She what…
    Agatha: Don’t look at me

    Dot: A chocolate statue of me

    Japeth: Aric
    Japeth: Also, to be King and Tedros dead would be nice

    Hester: Anadil and Genocide but that’s just me everyday

    Andail: Another rat and Hester

    Hort: A new pair of frog’s pyjamas and Sophie
    Sophie: You wish

    Kiko: Tristan *sobs*
    Update: I’m listening to thank u next (huge Arianator btw) and I’m going to do a parody version for Sophie If u know what I mean
    Here it is lol:
    Thought I’d end up with Tedros
    But he wasn’t a match
    Wrote some songs about Rafal
    Now I listen and laugh
    Even almost got married
    And for Japeth, I’m so thankful
    Wish I could say, “Thank you” to Rhian
    ‘Cause he was an angel
    Update: I’m going to post two of the bios tomorrow as I’ve got homework to do. Hope you liked the random skits
    My old account is @everagatha101 most of asked to be tagged on my last skit on there!

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          jasmineever01 replied 6 months, 1 week ago

          Sure 🙂

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