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    jasmineever01 posted an update 5 months ago

    Hey Guys I’m back. I’ve been reading a lot of my life in SGE fanfics lately and as I myself have never done it before, I’m going to start my own life in SGE fanfic. I will be discontinuing my previous fanfic (even thought I haven’t even finished posting all the bios l.mao I’m so lazy).
    As it will be something different for me and a lot more fun. Could you please start submitting your character bios that I will include in my story and comment if u want to join in.
    Jasmine xoxo

        sophieforever33 replied 5 months ago

        Yeah, d’you have a template?

          cocostar replied 5 months ago


          jasmineever01 replied 5 months ago

          Yeah here u go (u can add more details if u want)!
          Friends (not needed):
          Enemies (not needed if u don’t have any):
          Backstory and Pets:

        snakelover replied 5 months ago

        Name: Cynthia White
        Nickname: Cy
        Ever/Never: Never
        Fingerglow: Seafoam
        Personality: Cool, is your typical Never, but is nice once you know her REALLY well. She is insecure deep down and really has a heart of silver.
        Appearance: Silvery White Hair fading into Seafoam, with Black hints at the tips. Pale skin. Pink lips. Teal eyes. Half-elf.
        Powers/Talent: Ice Powers
        Abilities: Chronological Telepathic Elemental Inflictor. (Can control time, air, water, earth, fire, light, shadows, can read/talk in minds, and can cause pain or happiness.)
        Fairytale relative: The Snow Queen, Rafal, and *KOTLC SPOILER ALERT!* Oralie, Sophie Foster as her sister. (It is explained in my SGE life story.)
        Where you come from in the SGE universe: Icilia, the princess of it.
        Crush: Keefe Sencen from Keeper of the Lost Cities. (Blonde hair, Ice Blue eyes.)
        Other: Birthday; November 15th Pet; Yellow Eyelash Viper named Lemon
        Likes: Nevers, Villains, people she can trust
        Dislikes: People who think they’re better than everyone, people who hurt others badly
        Outfit(and party entrance):
        *I enter in my seafoam strapless/sleeveless gown with silver and diamonds encrusting the waist. amethyst and sea glass earrings. My amethyst eyeshadow brings out my teal/turquoise eyes. My silver fading into seafoam hair is an elegant knot, and for dancing I can change my outfit into a black top with a cropped seafoam jacket, black pants, and black lacy fingerless long gloves. my hair changes into a braid in that outfit. I have the same earrings on*
        Dream Room:
        A seafoam bed with a kind of teal lamp and turquoise wallpaper. An ice topiary lies on a white nightstand, and my headboard is white. My bed is a bunk-bed and I have a desk where I do most stuff that is also white.

          jasmineever01 replied 5 months ago

          Thank you!

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