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    The Wedding: Chapter 9

    Merlin anxiously paced back and forth on the lawn in front of the castle behind Tedros and Agatha, who were still sitting on the grass after Sophie left to torment Beatrix over the unfinished wedding cake.
    “Wherearetheywherearetheywherearethey…” he muttered, picking up speed in his march.
    Agatha and Tedros looked at eachother.
    “Uh, where are who, Merlin?” Tedros asked, arm around Agatha’s shoulders.
    Merlin glanced at him and continued pacing.
    “Did I say that outloud?” he murmured, almost slipping on the grass.
    “Yes.” Agatha said, trying not to laugh at the old man.
    Tedros whispered in her ear, “He’s normally so composed and relaxed. Even last year when he nearly left us for dead at Rafal’s school when the caboose on the fairy dust express fell off, with us on it. I wonder what could be so wrong as to make him this worried.” Tedros looked nervously at Agatha. She looked just as worried.
    “Do you think it’s crucial to the wedding? whatever it is he’s worried about?” she asked. Tedros shrugged.
    “Merlin, maybe Agatha and I could help. Sophie isn’t finished with Agatha’s dress, and until then, we have nothing to do.” he offered the worried wizard.
    Merlin didn’t seem to hear, and he kept pacing, growing increasingly more flustered.
    “Confound it! Oafs! Nincompoops! Useless Nevers! never trust a Never with flowers! They’ll never deliver! should’ve sent Hester…”
    Tedros and Agatha looked at each other again.
    “Merlin, what’s the matter?” Agatha pressed. She stood up and put her hand on the old man’s shoulder to hold him still.
    “Ha! YOU can’t help!” he shouted, and shook her hand off, and resumed his pace.
    Agatha was startled. “What do you mean I can’t help? I’m the most helpful person ever!” Merlin waved her off.
    “Because! I can’t–you can’t–uh, NO!” he rushed off toward the castle.
    Tedros and Agatha both sprinted to catch up with surprisingly spry aged fellow.
    “MERLIN!” Tedros yelled, and grabbed the old man by the shoulders just before he went into the castle.
    “OH, let me go! You two can’t help and that’s that!” Merlin harrumphed, trying to loosen Tedroses grip.
    “Merlin, why aren’t you dressed for the wedding yet? Is that what’s worrying you?” Tedros asked. Merlin frowned at him.
    “Goodness no. I’m waiting to put that atrocity on till the last minute.”
    “Then for crying out loud, what’s the problem!” Agatha said.
    Merlin’s head swiveled between the two anxious youngsters. Suddenly, it seemed as though a light bulb went off above his head.
    “AHA! COME HERE, TEDROS!” Merlin yanked Tedros into his coat, and the two vanished.
    Agatha stood there looking positively hateful.
    “Wizards are lame.” she said, and folded her arms.
    “OH, AGGIE!” Sophie sang, and popped through the door. “Your dress is done! Come with me, let’s get you dressed! Wedding is in an hour!” she said, and pulled Agatha into the castle.
    “Sophie, did you see Merlin and Tedros appear anywhere?” Agatha said, wincing in pain trying to keep her arm in its socket since Sophie was pulling her along so hard.
    Sophie looked back and cocked a brow. “Noooo..? I didn’t know those two weirdos made it a habit to vanish and reappear at the drop of a dime. Makes you second guess your Ever After, huh Aggie?” she hummed. Agatha rolled her eyes.
    “Goodness no, Sophie. We were outside and Merlin seemed really worried about something and wouldn’t tell us what it was. Next thing I know, he grabs Tedros and they vanish into his coat, leaving me behind and without an explanation.” Agatha whined.
    “Smelly thing, that coat. I wonder if Merlin is afraid that WASHING it will rinse away its magical properties, or something like that. Cause I really don’t know how he could stand to wear something that smells like it was made in a troll’s MOUTH.” Sophie huffed, and dragged Agatha into her dressing room. “Voila! There’s your dress! new and improved, and carnation free!” she smiled proudly at her creation. Agatha’s mouth dropped.
    “Sophie, it’s beautiful! and it’s even got me in it!” she marveled.
    “Yes, well, you can thank my artistic capabilities for managing that little bit. We both know that if anyone else tried to design something that could easily be identified as being Agatha influenced would probably throw themselves into a lake before calling it their creation. They’d never show their faces again for fear that someone would recognize them as having been the person who made the ugliest wedding dress EVER.” Sophie laughed. Agatha glared at her.
    “Thanks, thanks a lot, Sophie.” she snapped. Sophie waved her off.
    “Oh, you’re welcome!” she said, oblivious to the obvious sarcasm in Agatha’s voice. “Now, come on! We don’t have time to mess around, so until you’re the way I want, there shall be no distractions or interruptions, and YOU CAN’T COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING. Beauty hurts. So deal with it Agatha, and trust me, yours will be a painful challenge!” Sophie said resolutely, and slammed the door.

    “Ok, so once you find Dort and Hot, if they already have the flowers, great, then just bring them back and ring the bell. If not, HURRY UP AND FIND THEM. Then you can come back. And you better not mess your suit up, Tedros, come back in one piece. I have no idea what it is that’s holding up those two manky plonkers, but they have run out of time. If anyone can find them and bring my flowers back, it’s you Tedros. And don’t miss your own wedding. That’d be pathetic. I’d say you have about forty-five minutes tops to do this mission. Sound good?” Merlin explained, swinging his feet over the clouds in the celestium. Tedros agreed to do this all for the price of a chocolate tottie, despite Merlin’s warnings about gas being a side effect of the rich chocolaty drink.
    “Yes, I’ll be fine. And I want Agatha to have those flowers, so I’ll get it. You can count on me Merlin, and I’ll be back in forty-four minutes!” He said, and with a laugh, chugged his chocolate. Merlin patted his back.
    “No need to get ahead of yourself, boy.” he said, slightly worried by the King’s arrogance. “I’m not sure what’s in that forest, but we can assume it’s not safe given that Dort and Hot are not back yet. So take Excalibur, and be on guard. Don’t underestimate the dangers of a forest.” Merlin said. Tedros smiled confidently at his mentor. “Don’t worry about a thing, Merlin. Now, in exchange for me going through all this trouble for you, besides the chocolate tottie, by the time I get back, I want you dressed in your tuxedo. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. Quid pro quo, you know.” he winked at Merlin.
    “Alright, fine.” the wizard frowned. “Let’s go back, and then I’ll send you to the forest. Oh, here’s a ball of yarn so you can leave a trail behind you that you can follow when you’re ready to come back.” he pulled a red ball of yarn from his coat and handed it to Tedros.
    A moment later the two appeared in the courtyard in front of the Castle, keeping an eye out for Agatha.
    “Don’t tell Agatha where I am, I don’t want her to worry.” Tedros said, making sure that Excalibur was securely fastened to his belt.
    “Won’t she be more worried than not if she DOESN’T know where you are?” Merlin suggested. Tedros paused, and thought a moment.
    “True, tell her I’ve gone for a walk. If she asks that is, if not, just don’t mention anything at all. Ok. Ready.” Tedros stood back a few feet from Merlin.
    “I send you to the hidden forest!” Merlin whispered for fear that Agatha was near, and swished his wand.
    “That is the lamest spell ever.” Tedros said.
    “I didn’t come up with it! So don’t look at me like I’m an idiot!” Merlin huffed, and folded his arms.
    “So, when am I going to go? Wand a little rusty nowadays eh Merlin?” Tedros teased.
    “Shutup! the sooner you leave the better.”
    “I think so too–” Tedros vanished, leaving a cloud of sparkly dust behind.
    “I swear, sometimes I want to whack that *** over the head…with a rock.” Merlin said, and walked into the castle.

    Tedros looked around him at the vast forest that stretched farther than his eye’s could see.
    “Would you look at this place..” he muttered to himself. “Where’s that bell.” he looked at the gate the marked the entrance to the forest, and beside that stood a large tree, with a small bell dangling from it. “Ah, there it is.” Behind Tedros was vast dark nothingness. The forest itself was in a different realm all together than the land that Tedros resided in. He didn’t walk backward for fear of falling off an invisible platform and floating or falling through space forever. In front of him, in the forest, it seemed to be dusk. A sun or light source he couldn’t see was dimming, and the sky was painted orange and blue. He walked to the gate and pushed it open. It creeked loudly. “How old is this place?” he wondered. He walked to the tree and pulled out the yarn Merlin gave him, and wrapped it around the tree.
    “Ok. Here we go.” One hand holding the yarn, and the other on the hilt of his sword, Tedros stepped forward and began his search for Hort and Dot.
    A little while later, with the light almost gone, Tedros used his gold fingerglow as his flashlight, and walked until he found a yellow brick road.
    “I’m not in Oz, what is a yellow brick road doing here?” he said, and began walking down the path.
    Over in the hedge of trees, several dwarves angrily tittered, as another human trudged along their path without permission.
    “What is with these teenagers and not asking for permission?” ****** angrily whispered to his brothers.
    “Mayhaps we should put a sign up saying that people need to ask before invading someone else’s property.” Boomer suggested.
    “Well, what do we do with this one? No doubt he knows the two other fools who evaded our grasp earlier…he probably came looking for them! If we follow him, he’ll lead us to them, and then we can burn all three of them!” Bimmer said, much to his angry brother’s delight. They had never reached a consensus on the matter of who should go to the School for Evil, but what mattered to them more was killing the person that lied to them about it, and also ate their youngest brother, Quaid.
    “Alright then, let’s follow the lad.” Boomer said, and the dwarves scurried forward like mice to sneak behind the boy.
    “How far does this path go? If Hort and Dot had brains, they probably followed it.” Tedros said outloud, and started running down the path.
    The dwarves struggled to keep up with him, given the fact that their legs were only a quarter the length of Tedroses.
    “How do they run so fast???” ****** said, gasping for breath as he struggled to keep pace with the teenager.
    “I don’t know, but keep running!” Boomer said.
    After several minutes of running, Tedros noticed a blue light further down the path. “What is that?” he said, and sprinted to catch up with it.
    Upon seeing his sprint, the exhausted dwarves collectively groaned.
    “Now this–this just isn’t fair!” Bammer said, and slowed to catch his breath. His brother’s passed him by without a word, trying hard to focus on not passing out.
    Tedros managed to catch up with the blue light, and saw two dark silhouettes outlined by the blue glow.
    “Hey!” he shouted to them. The two shadows spun around.
    “Are you two Hort and Dot?” he said. The shadow holding up the blue light squeaked and ran toward him, while the other shadow grunted and ran further down the path.
    “Tedros! What are you doing here?” Dot said, hugging the prince tight. “Oh, you don’t know what it’s been like, having Hort for company for all this time! He’s so rude! and proud and puffed up and arrogant, and oh Teddy, you are like a breath of fresh air!” she said, and hugged him tighter. Tedros quickly shoved her off him.
    “Careful! this is my wedding tux, so don’t mess it up!” he said, brushing off his suit. Dot frowned. “Never mind, you’re just as rude as Hort.” she said, “no, don’t turn those into chocolate, they’re my pants!” she mimicked Hort.
    “Hort! Wait up!” Tedros said, and left Dot behind.
    “Oh come on! Doesn’t anyone like me?” Dot shouted, and ran to catch up with Tedros and Hort.
    Hort kept running down the path. “What are you doing here you airbag!” he shouted.
    “I came to help your sorry ****!” Tedros said, and ran alongside Hort. Dot fell further and further behind, her shouts fading into the night.
    “I don’t need YOUR help!” Hort yelled, and forced his legs to move faster.
    “Yeah right! You can’t even pick a bouquet of flowers!” Tedros retored, struggling to catch up with Hort after running so long.
    “Slowing down there huh prince pretty face!” Hort mocked.
    “I had to run to catch up with you! I’m tired! If it were any normal day, I’d leave you behind in the dust! And don’t change the subject! I came here to find you, Dot, and those flowers, and to bring you back before the wedding! by the way, if you make me late to my own wedding, so help me I will tear you apart!” Tedros angrily shouted, and suddenly had the brilliant idea to shoot Hort with a stun spell.
    “You didn’t have to come you know! You were just trying to be all goody goody by being the hero! and makin’ me look like a *****! I refuse to let you shame me in front of my beloved Sophie! I can’t tell you how much I-GAAH!” Hort fell on the ground, frozen stiff. Tedros blew smoke off his finger.
    “I did have to come, Hort. Because you are too stupid to do anything right.” he said, and stepped over Hort. “Now I’m going to get the flowers, and when I come back, we can leave. And DON’T do anything to mess this up.” Tedros warned, and jogged down the path.
    Dot, slogging forward on the path a ways behind Hort, muttered under her breath about boys and how they didn’t compare to chocolate.
    “I would never ever pick a boy over chocolate. There’s really no choice if you think about it. Chocolate doesn’t talk, so it doesn’t insult you. Chocolate is just a brick of brown sweet stuff. It can’t say it’s better looking than me.” she heard rustling behind her. “Look, dwarves, don’t make me turn YOU into chocolate. I know you’re there, so just come on out.” she said, without looking behin her.
    After a moment, the dwarves crept out of the dark and into the light of her fingerglow.
    “Hello.” Dot said to them. “Don’t even think about trying to kidnap me, the boy with the blond hair will make mince meat out of you guys.”
    The dwarves all looked nervously at each other.
    “You know, we heard what you said a minute ago. About boys and chocolate and what not, and we have to say, we understand you.” Boomer said, looking up at Dot’s dejected face. Dot looked down at him. “What on earth do you mean?”
    “Well, just that, we are dwarves. We are small. and useless for the most part, and you are too! useless I mean.” Boomer said.
    “Gee, that sure makes me feel better.” Dot groaned, and walked faster.
    “Boomer’s never been one for fancy feel good speeches, but what he’s trying to say is that we agree with you. Sometimes it’s best to just accept the things you will never have, and be happy with what you do have. Like for you, chocolate.” Bimmer said, and held on to Dot’s sleeve with his little hand. “And for us dwarves, we have each other.” the dwarves all smiled at each other.
    “Except for Quaid.” Dot smirked.
    “Well he ate my pie, so.” Boomer shrugged.
    Dot smiled. “I’m glad you guys understand. Sometimes I feel very alone, and the only thing I have is chocolate.”
    “Well then you eat that chocolate!” Bammer said.
    Dot smiled again. “I guess beneath your angry exterior, dwarves are a little nice. Would you all like some chocolate?”
    The dwarves looked honored. “YES WE WOULD.” the all said in unison.

    Tedros finally reached the end of the path, and saw a small stone cave. There was a light emitting from it, a brilliant white light.
    “What is that?” he said, and stepped inside. There, before him, floating in mid-air, was a small bouquet of white flowers, shining like stars. Tedros looked at them, positively bedazzled. “Success!” he said, and walked up to the bouquet. He half expected some mysterious voice to begin speaking, but nothing happened. He gingerly reached his hand out to the flowers, and gently grabbed on to the stems. He waited again to see if something would happen. When nothing did, he pulled them towards him. “These are a perfect wedding gift.” he said, and walked out of the cave.
    He walked back along the path, marveling at the glowing flowers, he could stare at them all day. “Good luck eh? Yeah, I believe it.” he said, and smiled, always knowing that Merlin never disappoints.
    He found Hort where he left him, looking up at the stars.
    “Stars are pretty. They remind me of Sophie.” he said as Tedros approached.
    “I bet these will remind you of her.” The King said. Hort saw the light from the flower’s bathe him in a shiny white glow.
    “Oh my–those are the flowers!?” he asked, jumping to his feet. Tedros held the flowers back a bit. “Yes they are. And they’re for Agatha.”
    Hort smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t take them. I’m sure beautiful flower’s like those are only for Ever’s.” he said.
    “You are probably right. We’d better get back quickly, the wedding is in twenty minutes.” Tedros said, and he and Hort walked back along the path, following Tedroses red string.
    “Where’s Dot?” Tedros asked, still fixed on the flowers.
    “She’s further down, still trying to catch up with us. We’ll bump into her in a minute or two.”
    Suddenly, they both could hear high-pitched voices echoing toward them.
    “What in the–?” Tedros said, and peered into the dark.
    “OH, GREAT.” Hort sneered.

    Stay tuned for the next chapter! read previous ones here: @jessicaerin


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