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    jessicaerin posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 3 years, 7 months ago

    The Wedding: Chapter 10

    It’s reasonable to question ones safety surrounded by things that not a few hours ago tried to burn you alive. Such was the feeling of Hort as he was being circled by the dwarves whom Dot claimed had “changed”.
    “What do you mean they’re ‘different’ than they were a few hours ago? no one changes THAT quickly. And the best way to predict future behavior is by remembering past behavior. I don’t trust them as far as I could throw them, I don’t care what you say.” Hort snorted, trying to keep track of all four dwarves lest they pull a fast one. Dot looked crestfallen. “Oh, come on Hort! they changed! and so can you! where there’s a will, there’s a way!”
    “Yes, and I WILL be leaving that WAY.” Hort marched past Dot and the dwarves, and angrily proceeded down the path. The dwarves looked at Dot, their new goddess, expecting her to win Hort over with her beguiling charms like she had them. Tedros stood by smirking at all of it.
    “I don’t get it! can’t he see the obvious change in us, and the enormous effort we’re making?” Boomer said. Tedros giggled.
    “Why should he? all you weirdos did was walk around him in circles.” he smiled. The dwarves looked like they’d been smacked.
    “Well, then what do we do to make him like us?” Bimmer asked.
    “Oh, I don’t know…perhaps you should tell him how much you love him and want to be friends. Or maybe you could–I got it! despite popular belief, Hort LOVES being stunned.” Tedros lied, and Dot frowned, about to speak, but stopped when she saw Tedros glaring at her.
    “Stunning? really? but we stunned him earlier like three times, and he didn’t seem to like it..” Bammer said, scratching his head.
    “That’s because he thought you were gonna burn him. I wouldn’t enjoy being stunned either if it were to capture me. No, just zap him and leave him. He loves it!” Tedros said, sounding as convincing as he possibly could, which was enough for the dwarves. They all looked at each other. Dot smacked her forehead with her hand.
    “Right! let’s all zap him at once!” Boomer said, and all dwarves fingers lit up.
    “Hey, you’re fingerglow is pink..” Tedros pointed to Boomer, trying hard not to laugh.
    “I can’t help it! same as you can’t help being a stupid *****!” the other dwarves chuckled. Tedros rolled his eyes and folded his arms.
    “On three,” Boomer said, “One, two, THREE!” They all shot stun spells from their lit fingers, and watched the cacophony of colors simultaneously strike Hort right on his back like a bulls eye.
    “AAAAHHH!” Hort screamed like a girl and went down like a rock, twitching occasionally.
    “Yes! direct hits!” Bimmer said, and pumped his stubby fist in the air, finger still glowing purple.
    “I never miss.” ****** said, and blew smoke off his finger.
    “We’ve been over this, ******.” Bimmer frowned.
    “Now will he like us?” Boomer asked Tedros, who, not being able to contain his laughter for a moment longer, burst into uncontrollable giggles, nearly falling over from laughing so hard.
    “OH HE’LL LOVE YOU GUYS FOR SURE!” he yelled, still laughing. The dwarves cocked their heads, wondering why he was laughing so much.
    “Are you sure you’re not a Never?” Dot said, frowning angrily at the King. Tedros shrugged and kept laughing.
    “Hey, how can you guys do magic and have fingerglows if you never went to the School for Good and Evil and had your fingerglows unlocked?” Dot asked the dwarves, who, when Hort was able to move again, would get a nasty surprise, but for the moment remained blissfully gleeful and looking forward to when Hort would regain control of his body.
    “The Lady of the Lake gave us our magic.” Boomer said, observing his pink finger glow.
    “Really? How do you guys know her?” Dot asked.
    “This is her forest!” Bammer said, looking at his own beige fingerglow.
    “REALLY? wouldn’t she be mad that we have her flowers??” Dot asked, suddenly looking very worried. She glanced warily about the forest, but could see nothing in it’s darkness.
    “I-uh, wait, you what??” Boomer exclaimed. Dot looked at Tedros, who was vigorously shaking his head, warning Dot to keep her mouth shut.
    “Yeah, he has them.” Dot said, pointing at Tedros, who just frowned at her seeing as she completely ignored his motions. The dwarves eyes all flew to Tedros, seemingly boaring a hole through his soul because their glares were so piercing.
    “I have no idea what she’s talking about. Flowers? what flowers? I only came her to find her and Hort.” Tedros said, feigning ignorance. The dwarves cut their eyes suspiciously at him. Tedros had hid the flowers in his jacket per Hort’s warning before the dwarves could see them.
    “You already lied to these precious dwarves once, Tedros. Don’t do it again. You have the flowers in your jacket.” Dot said, glaring at him.
    Hort stirred.
    “What do you mean he lied? When did he do that?” Boomer said, eyes wide and frenzied.
    “WHY DID YOU ALL STUN ME!?” Hort popped up behind Boomer, and punched the back of his head. Boomer collapsed on the ground out cold.
    “Boomer!” Dot screamed, and bent down to the unconscious dwarf. The other dwarves were too busy glaring at Tedros to notice that their eldest brother was non-responsive, with a welt rising on the back of his head. Hort shook his fist out.
    “Let’s get outta here guys.” he said to Tedros and Dot.
    “You aren’t going anywhere until you show us the inside of your jacket.” Bammer growled, raising his glowing finger, followed by the other dwarves.
    Tedros chuckled. “There’s nothing inside my jacket, and no, I’m not showing it to you.”
    “SHOW THEM TEDROS.” Dot said, holding Boomer’s head in her lap. Tedros glared at Dot. “Are you TRYING to ruin my day?” he yelled, face turning angry red.
    “They’re my friends, and they deserve the truth!” Dot yelled.
    “No, they don’t it’s not like I owe them anything–”
    “Uh, yeah you do! Boomer’s out cold thanks to you!”
    “I was just having a bit of fun, and plus, dwarves are annoying–”
    “So what, that means you can mistreat them at will?”
    “That was the only joke I was gonna do, and we don’t have time for this! I’m leaving now, with or without you, come on Hort.” Tedros turned and started jogging down the path.
    “Hey! Come back! We’re not done with you yet!” the dwarves all shouted. Boomer blinked his eyes and sat up.
    “Well, I’m done with you!” Tedros said, running with Hort.
    “What happened? why does my head hurt?” Boomer said, rubbing the back of his head.
    “Hort didn’t like being stunned, so he punched you. Tedros played a joke on you. He lied.” Dot said. Boomer and the other dwarves were quiet for a moment.
    “Ha! jolly good joke!” Boomer said, and began laughing, along with his brothers. Dot looked shocked. “You mean you’re not angry??”
    “No! we play jokes on each other all the time!” Boomer said, and stood up. He wobbled a bit. “Whoah–haha, Hort really did a number on me didn’t he?”
    “Well, what about the flowers?” Dot asked, hardly believing her ears.
    “Oh, he can have them. That joke was too good. We’d better be getting back home now, we’ve had a rather exciting day, wouldn’t you say brothers?” Boomer said.
    His brothers all nodded in agreement. Dot was speechless. She decided it would be best not to remind the dwarves that most of their house is chocolate now.
    “It has been nice getting to know you, Dot, best of luck. You’d better run to catch up with your friends.” Boomer smiled.
    “They’re not my friends..they don’t even like me.” Dot mumbled, standing up. Boomer gently smiled at her.
    “If they weren’t your friends, if they didn’t care about you, would Hort have carried you when you couldn’t keep up with him? would the other boy have come to find you if he didn’t care about you? Sometimes Dot, actions speak much louder than words. Even if they never say they care about you, they certainly do.”
    Dot frowned. “They why aren’t they waiting for me?” she said.
    “Because they know you won’t be far behind.” Boomer said. Dot blinked. “Now go on, go catch up to them.” Boomer patted her shoulder.
    Dot jumped up and ran down the path. “Wait up!” she shouted.
    “Let’s go home, brothers.” Boomer said, and smiling at his brothers, they turned and went on their way.
    “Wait up!” Dot said, and lit her finger. She collided into something, and went careening toward the ground. A hand shot out and caught her arm, breaking her fall.
    “Careful!” Hort said, and pulled her back up.
    “You guys…waited for me?” she said.
    “Of course. We weren’t really just gonna leave you there.” Tedros said, wiping dirt off his boot.
    Dot was thankful for the dark, and that it hid her teary eyes.
    “Now, no more delays, I have a wedding to be at!” Tedros said, and jogged down the path.

    Merlin once again anxiously paced back and forth on the front lawn, bathed in the heavenly sunlight, dressed in his tuxedo.
    “COME ON HURRY UP!” he said, “The wedding is in ten minutes!”
    Indeed, all the guest were seated in the courtyard in front of the castle. All the students from Tedros and Agatha’s graduating class, and all the citizens of Camelot tittered excitedly, waiting to see the bride walk down the aisle.
    “Why aren’t they here yet? Why are they taking so long!”
    “Where are who and why aren’t they here?” Guinevere approached Merlin, looking radiant in her light blue gown, and hair pinned up with a small crown atop her head.
    Merlin jumped and spun. He looked relieved to see that it was Guinevere. “Oh, Guinevere, it’s you. I was afraid you were Agatha.” he breathed out.
    “You still didn’t answer my question, Merlin.” she smiled.
    “The where is the Lady of the Lake’s forest, the who are Tedros, Hort, and Dot, and the why is because they’re stupid!” he said in a loud whisper.
    “Oh.” Guinevere looked a little surprised. “What are they doing there?”
    “Getting my wedding present.” Merlin fretted. Guinevere smiled, watching Merlin stoop down and angrily rip grass from the lawn, looking increasingly more worried.
    “Such is the price of unconventionality.” she said.
    “WAIT! Did you hear that?” Merlin perked up.
    “Uh, no I–”
    The small ring of a bell chimed.
    “FINALLY!” Merlin shouted. “I CALL YOU BACK FROM THE HIDDEN FOREST!” he swished his wand.
    Nothing happened.
    “GOSH DARN IT WAND WILL YOU HURRY UP.” Merlin said, angrily shaking his wand. Guinevere stood back wondering if the old man had finally lost his mind.
    Just then, Hort, Tedros, and Dot appeared in the sky and crashed to the ground.
    “GET OFF.” Tedros shouted, crushed under the weight of Hort and Dot.
    “DID YOU GET THE FLOWERS.” Merlin said, helping the kids up.
    “Yeah, better hope they didn’t get crushed during that fall.” Tedros groaned, rubbing his aching neck.
    “It doesn’t matter! just gimme!” Merlin said. Grabbing at Tedros’ jacket.
    “Stop it! HERE.” Tedros said, and held out the flowers, uncrushed and radiant.
    “PERFECT!” Merlin said, and ran off to the courtyard.
    “Uh. Ok then.” Tedros said.
    “Son, hurry up! Go stand at the altar! Agatha is about to walk out!” Guinevere said, pushing Tedros toward the courtyard.
    “I’m going!” Tedros said, and bounded off to the altar.
    Hort and Dot walked behind him and took their seats in the front row.
    A moment later, Merlin came running down the aisle, and stood next to Tedros.
    “Here we go.” he said to the King.
    The ***** started to play, and everyone stood.
    A young woman rounded the corner behind the last row of chairs at the end of the aisle. Tedros lost his breath.
    Sophie ran around the front and sat next to Hort.
    “My best work yet.” she whispered to him.
    Agatha began walking down the aisle.
    She was dressed ethereally in a light gray dress, with lace sleeves going down to her wrists, a lace neckline, and gold carnations of lace sown all over the dress. Her hair was a luscious black pinned up with bangs draped across her forehead. On top of her head was a red rose, and the crown Guinevere had given her. On her neck sat the necklace of white gold with the ruby pendent. Underneath her dress were flashes off shiny black flats, the elegant version of clogs. In her hands was the shining, beautiful, radiant bouquet of magical flowers. Merlin stood smiling impeccably.
    Agatha could hardly breathe, feeling like she was a real fairy tale princess. Flashes of her sitting at her home in Gavaldon watching the Prince and Princess in her storybooks live their Ever After together, and the portraits of their weddings. Agatha never imagined it would happen to her.
    Sophie was a mess of happy/proud/jealous tears, sobbing quietly on Hort’s shoulder.
    Tedros stood like a ghost, awed by his princess.
    She approached him at the alter, and stood across from him. She smiled. She had on a light sheen of makeup, with gold eye-liner and black mascara, and light pink lip gloss. Tedros smiled back, making a vow to never ever forget this day, and to never forget what a lucky King he was to have Agatha by his side.

    Stay tuned for the conclusion on my Fan fic day after tomorrow! Read previous chapters here @jessicaerin


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        OMG IT IS PERFECT!! I LITTERALY CIRED AT THE WEDDING BIT!!!! PLEASE KEEP WRITING THEM! Even though the wedding is sort of over, you can do the after party and stuff!! THIS WAS JUST AMAZING!!!!!

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        Oh my god. One word. OUTSTANDING! I love your work Jessicaerin! It’s so **** good! 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Agatha’s finally having the fairytale wedding, and I quote, “She could never have.” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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        Yessssss!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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          OMG I loved it please write more relating to the wedding!! 🙂

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