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    Chapter 1

    “Ever felt like everything inside you is going to crash and break?”
    “Yes, last time that happened, I turned a few people into wood.”
    “Relieves stress, dear.”
    Alex frowned. “That never works for me.”
    “You overthink things, that’s why.”
    “No I don’t.”
    “Yes you do.”
    Alex looked away.
    “Maybe it’s just that I have more things to think about than you.”
    “I am a lot older than you, and have experienced a lot more than you, so I don’t think that’s possible.”
    Alex face twitched in anger.
    “I’ve been through plenty, Mother.”
    “Nothing I haven’t been through.”
    Fau Trud looked at her son.
    “I think it works for me because I have developed a cage.”
    “A cage?”
    “In my mind.”
    “It stops me from falling apart and destroying myself.”
    “I don’t think I’ve gotten there yet.”
    “Well, you will at some point. After enough tragedy.”
    “But what if I don’t want that? how can I avoid tragedy?”
    “We’re evil dear. We don’t. It’s just a matter of acceptance.”
    Alex absently touched the long scar across his neck.
    “Acceptance, huh?”
    “That’s the key. Sometimes it’s hard to find a reason to fight.”
    “What’s your reason?”
    “I like turning things into wood.”
    Alex turned away to hide the tear slipping down his cheek.
    “Have you..have you ever loved anything?”
    “Nevers don’t love dear. Or did you for some reason think they did?”
    “No. I didn’t. But why not?”
    “I suppose you’ll learn that at school, Alex.”
    “I’m not sure I want to know.”
    “Why? truth is truth whether you want to know it or not. You can’t avoid it. Like I said, acceptance is key.”
    “Key to what?”
    “Good question. I’m not sure I have an answer.”
    “Well what’s it been for you?”
    “I guess…survival.”
    “Mother, why–why do villains hurt people?”
    “Same reason I turned a girl into wood.”
    Alex tilted his head. “What reason?”
    “It’s fun.” she turned and smiled darkly at him.
    Alex felt the air escape his lungs.
    “Have you ever had any…empathy for anything?”
    “No, not for a long time.”
    “When was the last time?”
    “That’s what I’ve built a cage for.”
    “To keep that in?”
    “To keep it out.”

    Alex pulled himself from the moat full of sludge, and onto the banks of Evil.
    “Get in line!” A wolf spat at him, and swung his arm back. Alex closed his eyes and heard the crack of a whip, and felt searing pain on his neck.
    “Ha! you’re the first one not to cry out at the crack of a whip! May need a premature Doom Room visit to break that will.”
    Alex stood up and walked into the line. He looked around him. Scores of sludge covered children shivered in the cold, wiping gunk from their eyes. Someone ran into his back.
    “Watch it, buddy!” the boy said. Alex turned around and scowled at the boy.
    “Got a problem?” the boy said, balling his fists. Alex started to turn back around, but swiftly shot his hand out at the boys throat. He squeezed.
    “You’ll have a problem if you ever speak to me like that again, pipsqueak. Where do you get the gaul to command me around? who named you chief? Think you’re the big fish in the pond huh? you only are till a bigger fish comes along and swallows you whole.” Alex punched his stomach with his free hand.
    The boy spluttered and gasped, trying to breathe. His face turned dark red.
    “Can’t breathe can you? feels terrible huh?” Alex squeezed tighter. The boys face shaded blue. Alex let go. The boy gasped for breath and rubbed his neck.
    “You maniac!” he said gruffly. Alex turned back around.
    “What do you expect me to be?” he growled and punched his chest and watched the boy fall into the moat.
    A wolf yanked the boy out of the moat and shoved him back in line. He looked at Alex.
    “You again huh? big man eh? you ain’t been here five minutes, lad. You can slow your roll, or I’ll send you straight to the doom room. That what you want?”
    Alex stared back at the wolf. The wolf glared at him.
    “Defiant little ***** aren’t you? take him to the doom room.”
    Two wolves grabbed onto each of Alex’s arms and yanked him ahead of the other children toward the doom room further down the sewers.
    “Big fish now huh?!” the boy Alex strangled yelled, welts rising on his bruised throat.

    “Why are you here.”
    Alex could make out a looming silhouette in the corner of the dungeon room.
    “Is that information even important? Just punish me and get it over with.” his arms were restrained against the wall cuffed in abrasive metal rings.
    “Your attitude will be gone by the time I’m done with you. You’ll be on your knees begging and pleading for me to kill you.” A large white wolf stepped out of the shadow and stood before Alex. He roared in his face showering him with spit. He grabbed his throat with his meaty claw.
    “Afraid now, boy?”
    Alex’s face twisted in rage. His bloodshot eyes shot up to the wolves.
    “GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT!” he screamed. The wolf tilted his head and grinned.
    “You sure have a lot crawling under your skin don’t you?” he stepped back and folded his arms.
    “What are you talking about?” Alex scowled.
    “Scratching at the surface. Wanting to come out.” the wolf grinned wider, revealing his rotted teeth.
    “WHAT IS.”
    “You know what.”
    Alex frowned. The wolf started to laugh.
    “Tell me, what is that scar from?”
    Alex froze.
    “I don’t have to tell you that.” Alex said resolutely, and looked away. The wolf squinted his eyes.
    “You will.” he walked over to the left wall, which was decorated with an array of torture devices.
    “Which do you like best?” the wolf turned around and smiled. Alex glared back at him. With a chuckle, the wolf scanned the table. His claw roamed over the mace, the axe, the spear, until it settled on a small knife. He picked it up, turned it around, examining the weapon. He walked back to Alex.
    “So. You want to tell me about yourself? Where that scar came from?” he leaned into Alex’s face and held the knife up between them. Alex didn’t flinch.
    Holding his gaze, the wolf touched the knife to Alex’s cheek. A dot of blood pooled beneath the tip.
    “Pretty sharp, eh?” the wolf slowly slid the knife down Alex’s cheek. Alex breathed deeply.
    “Do you like pain, boy?” the wolf said, cutting into Alex’s face.
    “I heard that pain makes you stronger.”
    “I suppose, but more than anything it makes you angrier. Hate filled. Is that what you want?”
    “I don’t care.”
    “Do you want to be evil?”
    “I already am.”
    “Are you sure?”
    Alex’s brow twitched.
    “Gotcha.” the wolf swiftly stabbed the knife into Alex’s thigh.
    “Feel stronger yet?”
    Alex breathed heavily and clenched his fists.
    “Wanna tell me where that scar came from.” the wolf yanked the knife out, and Alex grunted.
    “No.” he growled.
    “Do you want me to tell you what’s wrong with you?”
    Alex looked in his eyes.
    “I’ll take that as a yes.” the wolf turned around and paced along the dungeon.
    “You’re confused. You’re evil, through and through, but you don’t even know what that means. Are villains empty? full? sad? happy? satisfied? it’s a confusing rap. The truth is, villains wish they weren’t villains. Don’t care how wicked a villain acts. Or how much he boasts. Deep down, he wishes he weren’t who he was. Truth is, villains hurt when they bleed, not hate. But hate is what is expected of them, so that is what they do. All their dreams simply splinter under their fingernails. They crawl through the dirt looking for anything to make them feel whole. That is why they do the things they do. They hope that that one murder will make them happy, that that one curse will make them happy, they can’t live without that high, that temporary satisfaction taken from hurting and killing.” he paused, and looked at Alex, “who gave you that scar?”
    Alex tried not to cry.
    “What is your biggest fear?” the wolf purred. “Is it failure? loss? loneliness?”
    Alex closed his eyes hoping that when he’d open them he’d be…where would he be? he opened his eyes and looked at the wolf.
    “Not having purpose.” he croaked.
    Alex wished he could take back what he said. He had never admitted it to anyone, not even himself. The wolf flipped the knife around in his hand. He looked at the blood pouring down Alex’s leg from his stab wound.
    “You’ll never have any purpose in this world.” he walked up to Alex, and shoved his thumb into his stab wound. Alex banged his head against the wall struggling not to scream. “Your only purpose is to endure all the pain this world has to offer before you die alone and useless!” he held up his hand and looked at the blood spilling down it. “What’s wrong with you is that you are just like every other villain. Pathetic, alone, and miserable. You drown in imperfections.”
    He leaned into Alex’s face and watched beads of sweat drop to the floor.
    “For the last time, who gave you that scar?” he whispered.
    Alex whimpered, letting tears run down. He looked at the wolf and grimaced.
    “My Father.” he scowled. The wolf leaned back.
    “That explains some things.” he reached up and unlocked Alex’s handcuffs. “Get out, before you’re late for the Welcoming.”
    Alex collapsed to the ground, defeated. The wolf picked him up and dropped him onto the ground outside of the doom room.
    “I’m done with him.” the wolf said to two wolves waiting for Alex. They picked him up and dragged him. Alex lifted his head and looked over his shoulder at the wolf standing against the doorway of the doom room smiling, with his arms folded.

    Alex sat tying a tourniquet around his ****** leg in the Malice Tower, room 54. His two roommates avoided eye contact with him, and didn’t say a word. Everyone in Evil had seen him hauled off to the Doom Room. The was fine with Alex, he didn’t care and it didn’t matter either way. He changed into his school room, hoping his blood wouldn’t seep through the fabric.
    “What are your names.” he demanded to his roommates. They both jumped at the sound of his voice, and looked at him. Alex was tall, taller than most of the villains, with side wept black hair and dark gray eyes. He looked strong enough to kill them both.
    “James of Foxwood.” one said. James was tall as well, although shorter than Alex, with long greasy blond hair and pale blue eyes and a long nose. His face was thin, and so was his body.
    “Art of Bloodbrook.” the other said. Art was short and thick, with round glasses and spiked brown hair. He looked like a book nerd.
    “I am Alex of Ravenbow. Aren’t we supposed to have another roommate?” Alex, shoving his luggage under his bed.
    “I think so, after all their are three of us and four bunks, so it is safe to assume that we will be joined by–”
    “Yours truly!” a boy stepped into the room. “Hey roomies.” he smiled.
    Alex sat on his bed, fiddling with a small gold pendent from his Mother. “So what’s your name?”
    The boy threw his luggage on a bed.
    “That’s my bed!” James said, moving to take the boy’s luggage to the other bed.
    “Touch that and I’ll throw you out the window.”
    James frowned. “Have it your way then,” he mumbled and took his own luggage to the other bed underneath the crumbly ceiling. “Ewww there’s rat **** on here.”
    “You were saying your name was?” Alex said, organizing his schoolbooks
    “I wasn’t saying. And my name is Fox. Fox of Thicket Tumble.” Fox took a dramatic bow. For a villain, Fox had exceptional looks. He was tall, with shiny chocolate brown hair, blue eys, tan skin, and thick eyebrows.
    “I’m Alex.”
    “Pleasure to meet you!” Fox extended his hand. Alex looked slightly suspicious of Fox’s cheerful mood, but reached up his hand. Fox looked at it then frowned.
    “Uh, you got uh–some.” he gestured to Alex’s hand. Alex looked down and saw that his hand was covered in dry blood. He mumbled something and walked to the sink to rinse it off.
    Fox folded his arms, and tried not to laugh.
    “What’s funny?” James asked, looking unnerved by Fox’s amusement.
    “Oh, nothing just–” he dropped his arms, still trying not to laugh.
    “What’s funny.” Alex walked back from the sink, glaring at Fox.
    “How was the Doom Room?” Fox chuckled. Alex seared him with daggers for eyes.
    “What’s your problem?” Alex demanded, walking up to Fox. James and Alex looked petrified, standing back against the wall.
    “I could throw that question right in your face, Alex. What’s wrong with you? How did you get yourself thrown into the Doom Room straight outta the get-go coming out of the moat? way to get on the teacher’s radar jack***!” Fox laughed and stuck his tongue out at Alex.
    “That does it!” Alex grabbed Fox by the throat and slammed against the wall.
    “Whoah! What is it with you and strangling people?” Fox said, laughing.
    “Why are you trying to make me angry?”
    “Cause it’s fun to watch you lost control.” Fox said, struggling to breathe, grabbing at Alex’s hands. James and Art bolted from the room.
    “How do you like it when it’s directed at you?” Alex yelled, squeezing harder.
    “All the better! Is this all you got?” he smirked, face red. Alex growled.
    “You’re stronger than you look!”
    “You’re about as strong as you look.” Fox kicked Alex’s stab wound.
    “AH!” Alex yelled and fell to his knees. “Cheap shot-” he gasped, clutching his leg.
    “Who said we were playing by rules? I don’t think trying to strangle someone is playing fairly, do you?”
    Alex lunged at Fox with an angry grunt and rammed him into the wall, knocking the wind from him.
    “Talk about cheap shots–” he smiled, clutching his stomach.
    “Takes a cheap shot to know one.” Alex said.
    Fox glared and spat on his face, and grinned.
    “Why you little–I’ll break that smile of yours!” he reared back to punch Fox. He caught a hand instead.
    “I think that’ll do.” a calm voice said.
    Both boy’s heads swiveled toward the stranger.
    She was sleek and tall with purple high heels and a sharp shouldered purple gown. Her blonde hair was pinned up with diamonds, her long lashes fanning out with mascara. She looked as authoratative as one could. James and Art stood outside the room, peering over Sophie’s shoulders.
    “Why, if it isn’t our very own Dean Sophie! Pleasure to meet you, my name is Fox, I’m a very big admirir of yours.” he stood up with a grunt and extended his hand. Sophie smiled and took it.
    “Well aren’t you polite? I always admire a boy with manners.” she said, and Fox blushed.
    “And what’s your name?” she said to Alex who stood like a stone, fist still in the air.
    “You wouldn’t hit a girl, would you?” Sophie said, and lowered his hand. “Now why were you two fighting?”
    “He started it.” Fox said, pointing to Alex.
    “I didn’t ask who started it, I asked WHY you were fighting.”
    “Oh, right.” Fox looked embarrassed.
    Alex remained silent. Sophie stepped up to him and looked into his eyes.
    “You’re a very guarded person aren’t you?” Sophie said, gazing into Alex’s dark gray eyes, searching them.
    “ANSWER THE DEAN WHEN SHE SPEAKS TO YOU.” a wolf guard outside the door said.
    Alex’s eyes darted to the wolf, then back to Sophie’s. It seemed as though her emerald green eyes were trying to **** the truth from him. He still said nothing. He stared back resolutely at Sophie, as if to challenge her.
    “Shall I send him to the Doom Room?” the wolf asked.
    Sophie considered a moment. Alex prepared himself for what he was sure would be a resounding yes.
    “What?”. the wolf said, looking flabbergasted.
    “I said no. Don’t send him to the Doom Room. He’ll be late for the welcoming.”
    “Then perhaps later, AFTER the welcoming I can–”
    “No, that’s alright. I’ll just keep an eye on him. And so can his Foxy friend here.”
    Fox was still blushing.
    “What is your name? Please tell me?” Sophie said, pleading with Alex. Alex felt lost in her emerald gaze.
    “Alex.” he heard himself say.
    “Alex. Nice name. Good strong name.” Sophie said. She turned to leave. “I’ll be seeing you, Alex,” she turned to Fox, “bye Fox.” she smiled and walked out of the room.
    Fox looked around the doorway and watched her leave. “She is soooo HOT!” he said, face still red.
    “Where’s Hort? He’ll be late for tea…” they heard her say.
    Alex stood stunned.
    “Boy, you are luuuuucky! another trip to the Doom Room, and you might not have come out alive!” Fox said.
    “GET OUT HERE, YOU’LL BE LATE FOR THE WELCOMING.” the wolf boomed, herding student into a line.
    Alex reached under his bed and grabbed his bookbag.
    “Seems I’m to keep an eye on you–” Fox said, doing the same thing as Alex. Alex looked up and glared at him.
    “That doesn’t make us friends by any means.” he said, stony faced. Fox smirked.
    “Who said I wanted to be your friend? you’d be the worst kind.” Fox said, shouldering his bag. Alex stood up and looked at him. Fox turned to leave.
    “And oh by the way, speaking of keeping an eye on things, you might wanting to keep a closer eye on yours.” Fox held up Alex’s gold pendent. Alex looked surprised and snatched it from Fox. He opened his mouth to speak, but Fox cut him off.
    “Tip of the day: I’m the stepson of the MasterThief.” he winked at Alex and walked out, leaving Alex stunned.

    I know it was kinda length, but hey! most first chapters are. Hope you guys enjoy! check out my page @jessicaerin



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