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    jewelhomeonthecouch posted an update in the group Book 5: A CRYSTAL OF TIME 2 years ago

    I think sophie will end up not wanting to be saved because if you look on the cover it shows her with him confident not scared. I also think that Tedros escapes in the book with Agatha and things will get shaken because his pride is hurt but war happens in another book. If you look back on the last ever after they showed war and the cover indicated war but looking on this one it’ll seem more like the second book on five years when more come out and fingers crowd they do!!

        sparklegirl100 replied 2 years ago

        She’s probably faking it till she makes it

          jewelhomeonthecouch replied 2 years ago

          That may be. She’ll look back on what happened with rafal probably

        sofiasj5 replied 2 years ago

        i dont know if she will want to be saved or not, but if she doesnt it will be a little similar to book 3 with rafal. thats why i think this time she will be on good’s side…

          sparklegirl100 replied 2 years ago

          We don’t want a repeat of book 3 though every book must be different and original

        neverevernever555 replied 2 years ago

        I feel like something dramatic and weird is going to happen like she has Rhians kids or something weird but im a Dunce so uh… Yep

        but im also a writer ;-;


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