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    jewelhomeonthecouch posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 2 years ago

    Chapter Two

    Clara had been following Agatha for days. Nothing exciting had happened what was she going to tell her boss. He’ll be so mad. Aric had finally let her-“STOP!” Agatha screamed from the top of her lungs. She had ended up in Gavaldon. Somehow Agatha came to find Stefan and Honora being burned to the stake. “WHAT DID THEY DO?” What did Stefan and Honora do? “You are interrupting a very crucial process!” One of the Elders spoke with so much power people it seemed as if the ground shook. “What did they do?” She asked calmly. Stefan started shaking and Honora looked nauseous. “They are making the woods colder and arrows are always flying at the woods to everyone except them and their family. They deserve to die because of all of the other people who’ve died because of them!” Another one answered. Sounded like something Sophie and Rhian would do. Agatha sighed,”They didn’t do this, guys. It was another evil villain Sophie has fallen for. So if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go untie them and we’re going to run.” People started murmuring. She heard the S in Sophie being dragged out by everyone in the crowd. The Elders looked at each other and said,”Untie him. And you and you’re family have an hour to get out of this town.”
    Thirty minutes later Agatha and her fathers family were running out of town. “Thank you so much Agatha,” Stefan breathed. Agatha looked at him,”Fint thank me because I have a little problem.”

    “No! Right there! Ohhh! That’s so much better!” Sophie has been loving the life of a queen. Things couldn’t get better until…
    Sophie had fallen asleep. SOPHIE!” Rhian yelled.”We need more money and we need it now!” Why?!, Sophie thought. “Whatever!” She said as Rhian sighed. Rhian knew that she was going to give him a hard time but he didn’t think it was going to be this hard. All of a sudden a couple guards came running towards him,” Tedros has escaped!”


        sapphy replied 2 years ago

        Oh! The life of a queen is not for Sophie…

        glinda7 replied 2 years ago

        This is really good!

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