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    ~ Chapter 11 ~
    A/N Thank you all for sticking with me. It really means a lot that people enjoy my writing and look forward to these posts! Stay lovely, readers <3
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    CHAPTER 11
    Tedros thought of all of the stolen moments that Agatha and him had shared before they had faced Rafal at the School. There was one particular episode that had suddenly now played in full volume within his head.

    It had been a humid evening, with the sun falling lazily behind the horizon and sending a warm wash of orange across the moors. They were both sitting in the barn on large bales of hay, with Tedros’s arm slung over Agatha’s shoulders.
    “So what happens when we’re king and queen?” Tedros asked.
    “If we even live to see Camelot.”
    “Of course we will.”
    Agatha lifted her head off of his shoulders, “Now that Sophie’s gone back to the School Master, we stand almost no chance.”
    “We have to win. Good always wins.”
    Agatha put a hand to her shining prince’s cheek, sighing. “I wish it were that simple. Remember the rewriting of fairytales? Evil is winning now.”
    Tedros took her wrist, pulling her hand gently from his face. “I know. I’m just… finding it hard to keep going. Lancelot is making my life ****.”
    “He only wants what’s best for you.” Agatha whispered, “I do too, Tedros.”
    Tedros lowered his eyelids, “I know.”
    Agatha leaned up with a smile, letting her eyelids close as she felt her prince’s lips draw nearer to hers-
    “So this is what you two get up to whilst I’m slaving away in the kitchen.” Hort deadpanned.
    Agatha shuffled away from Tedros, standing up. “We were discussing Camelot and the School Master, Hort.”
    Hort sneered, folding his arms and staring down accusatively at Tedros. “It didn’t look like you were discussing much of anything.”
    Tedros rose, gruffly taking Agatha’s handing and dragging them out of the barn. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Hort.”
    “If you even live that long.” Tedros muttered as an afterthought – Agatha stamped on his foot.

    Agatha sat on the edge of the bed, her hair a helmet of tangled knots. She yawned and stood up.
    “Good morning.” Aric said, leaning in the doorway. “I always wondered what you’d look like when you wake up. Disgusting as always.”
    “Thanks.” Agatha shot him a shining smile.
    “Your students will be waiting for you.”
    Agatha’s face turned from a sarcastic scowl to alarmed. “Students?”
    “Didn’t I say before? I am the master for the School for Dead.”
    He ambled towards her, leaning down and placing his index finger on her chest. “And you are the master for the School for Living.”

    Tedros tied the laces of his travelling cloak tightly around his neck, as Sophie peered into a nearby mirror to see if her high ponytail had any lumps in it.
    “I know that high ponytails damage your hair,” she murmured. “But they’re the most practical. Did you know that Teddy?”
    Tedros ran a hand through his short curly locks. “No, I didn’t. I don’t often need to tie my hair up.”
    Sophie shot him an angry glare. “Are you being sassy with me?”
    “Sophie, I’m not one of your students. Am I not allowed to be?”
    She tightened her ponytail and strode towards him, folding her arms. “No.”
    “My my, the journey hasn’t even started and you two are already bickering.”
    Tedros turned to see Merlin, a crooked grin forming on his face.
    “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming, M.” Tedros said, with a grin matching his mentor’s.
    “Of course I am. I’m not going to sit and wait for you two to get yourselves killed. Come come, let’s go.”
    He put an arm around Sophie and began walking down the gravel path. Tedros folded his arms, huffing. He thought he was supposed to be leading this quest, not Merlin. It was his princess they were looking for after all.

    Agatha, who was still dressed in her nightdress from the castle, tentatively followed Aric from the room and down the hallways and stairs that used to be the Charity tower. As they walked further, the air got colder and thicker, like it was polluted. They eventually reached a dark wooden door. Aric knocked on it, leaning his arm against it and turned to face Agatha. “It’d be best if you didn’t come through here.”
    “Why not?” she challenged. “What’s the worst that could be back there?”
    He smirked a devilish smirk. “Just don’t do it.”
    And although he was a villain – Agatha knew that – she could not deny that he was a devilishly handsome one. He was not good looking like a normal teenager; his looks were beyond human.
    “I’ll see you at the end of the day.”
    And with that, he pushed open the door and disappeared behind it.

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