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    ~ CHAPTER 13 ~
    A/N Guess who’s here again. School’s started – very very busy bee.
    I still have time for you guys, don’t worry.
    Chapter 13
    Sophie’s beauty routine was interrupted as Merlin’s hat suddenly began making a cacophonic wailing noise; Tedros covered his ears, as did Sophie. Alarmed, Merlin reached inside his hat and took out a folded piece of paper. The hat stopped screaming and fell to the floor in an exhausted heap. Tedros – not Sophie, because she had resumed the process of juicing her cucumbers – watched avidly as Merlin’s eyes quickly scanned the hurried writing of the letter.
    “What’s happened?”
    Merlin’s earnest, shining eyes dulled to a mournful sadness. “Tink’s dead.”
    Sophie put her mirror down. “Hm?”
    “Lady Lesso’s grave is empty, so is the dungeon where Aric was placed. Cinderella’s grave also seems to be empty.”
    “What does that mean?..” Tedros asked, furrowing his eyebrows.
    “It means, child,” Merlin muttered, “there are some dark goings-on at the school.”

    Agatha stood awkwardly in front of a class of people, staring at her blankly.
    “Can anyone tell me what on Earth I’m doing here?” she asked, scratching anxiously at the wood on her teaching lectern.
    “Living.” a student answered.
    “The School for Dead and Alive. How boring.”
    “Yeah! It was like this last year with New and Old. What’s the purpose of this school now?”
    Agatha stamped her foot on the ground. “I don’t know! All I know is that I was forced to be here like Aric, so don’t you all come and shout at me. I know equally as little as you do. For now, we’ll all just have to sit here.”
    As if on cue, all of the students folded their arms and glared at her angrily. If she could not control a class of teenagers, how could she command a kingdom?

    “If your hat can deliver letters, why can’t it just teleport us to the school?” Sophie grumbled moodily, trudging through a puddle.
    “It’s a hat, Soph, not a portal.” Tedros sighed – why could they just not get along anymore?
    “I was being sarcastic, Teddy.”
    “Both of you shut it.” Merlin snapped.
    “Must be getting crabby in his old age.” Tedros muttered.
    Sophie spluttered, bursting out into laughter.
    Sophie – who had been distracted with laughing hysterically – was pulled back by Merlin, as the ground that she had previously been standing on crumbled and crashed to the ground around 50 feet below her.
    Tedros crawled to the edge, “Aric’s tried to protected the school.”
    He gritted his teeth, “He’s keeping Agatha prisoner.”
    A/N short one, sorry.

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        Amazing! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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        Yay love this story

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