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    Scarlet PoV
    “This has happened before. This is the 3rd time. It’s happened before and I don’t know what to do to help her. Can we get her something, like water?” I was getting frantic. I still had no idea how to help Zariana. She was having another one oh her…attacks.
    Tiger Lily rushed back into the tent (when had she left?) with a flaming orange flower in her hand.
    “She needs to drink this.” She handed me the flower. Drink? I brought the flower to Zarianas mouth, but she bucked and shook her head.
    “You need to drink this. It will help you.” I whispered to Hera trying to sooth her. It worked, for she stopped struggling and sat still. I brought the end where the stem and flower had connected to her mouth. Liquid seemed to flow from the point. Zariana drank thirstily. Finally she pulled away and I helped her sit up, holding her in my arms. Tiger Lily watched her with worry.
    “Describe what just happened and how it happened before, please.” She said to her. Zariana took a deep breath.
    “It felt like…thousands of glass shards are climbing up through my stomach. It’s happened 2 times before. Once at the school, after Archer told me…” she looked at me, “some things.” I was grateful that she was trying to keep my secret. I grinned at her. “The second time in the cottage looking for Audra, when me and Archer were on the second floor.” She shook her head. “It doesn’t matter. We need to get back to the school.” She struggled, trying to get up. I held her back.
    “No. You need rest.” I looked at her face, and she got a determined look, saying she was going to fight this.
    “No. I’m going to help you guys.” She turned to Audra. “I can help, right?” She gave her a look. She was still a Never. She could be scary. “I don’t need any rest, right?”

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