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    jlb23 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 11 months ago

    Gahh!! I posted a appreciation note to all of you but it failed 🙁
    Anyways, it went a bit like this:
    Thank you! You guys (and girls 😛 ) have been plain awesome these last months, but I have bad news…
    As some of you may know, I’ve been posting archived chapters so I’m almost at the end of my tether. So I may have to resort to shorter chapters and random sneak peaks seeing schools starting and my sports are starting up again (AAHHHH! I’m SO out of shape.) Of course, I’ll do my best to type an update while I’m camping (the car drive).
    *gives you a hug*
    Here’s the full @QUEENOFSNEAKS story
    NOTE: I do know how to do quotation marks, but I don’t use them with Sienna’s POV. It’s the style write in for her, since she’s vague and distant, and her actions could mean many things.

    Prologue: Eternity
    The woman cried silent tears. Saying goodbye is always hard. Shadows danced across her back as she whispered to the tiny baby on the marble step of the Lord’s castle.
    “Faith.” The woman crooned to the small child longingly, her voice full of sorrow and hope, her frail body shivering; her soft hands clutching a silver locket with thorn engravings.
    “I can’t care for you and myself, and create a good life for the two of us. I’m sorry. The Lord and Lady want a child, and will love you as I would have.” She murmured to the darked-haired baby.
    Moonlight glistened on the marble steps of the castle, that lead to a granite castle. The castle was strong and elegant, with three towers and two buildings. The woman and the child Faith were on the front steps, the grand entrance.
    All the woman’s whisperings woke the once sleeping little girl, her doe eyes blinking. Violet pools of wonder looked back at the tired young woman, wonder at everything the world had to offer.
    The woman stared at the child with love and sorrow covering her beautiful features. Those eyes were forever.
    “You are my forever. My eternity. My eternity. My Eternity. Destiny.” She carefully wrote the child’s new name inside the locket that lay within her clutch.

    Destiny Eternity Ema Thorn. Keep her safe. I love you Dessa.

    Crying now, the woman closed the locket, whimpering hushed goodbyes. She rose, knocking using the silver knocker, then ran. Away as fast as she could before anyone saw her.
    At the doorstep the servants appeared, whispered messages already being sent to the willing Lord and Lady.

    Part 1: Forever- Dessa’s POV
    Hi. My name is Destiny Eternity Ema Thorn Brook. I’ve lived with Lord and Lady for my whole life, but they aren’t my real parents. My mother left me on the Lord and Lady’s steps because she couldn’t keep me safe enough. So here I am.
    Life here isn’t bad or anything. I mean, I have friends and my adopted parents love me. I just wish I know who I really was.
    All I have left from my parents is a locket with roses and thorns painstakingly etched into it. That, and a note. It says my name, to keep me safe and ‘I love you’.
    When I was younger, some kids bullied me about having no parents. I must admit, they hit me hard and deep. It’s a scar now, just a memory, but their words will stay with me forever.
    “You don’t have parents ‘cause they didn’t want you.” It wasn’t much, what they said to me, but I let it hurt me. But I now know that I have to be strong, and someday I’ll find them.
    My name means forever. Destiny Eternity. I hope she named me forever to mean something like ‘I’ll love and remember you for Eternity’. Which is silly, I know.
    Then again, no one ever calls me anything like Destiny or Eternity. I’m Ema. Just Ema. With all my family and friends, little of them use my real whole name. Most don’t even know my full name. And the only person ever to call me Dessa is Gilda, the baker.
    Gilda feels special to me, like a second mother. Sometimes I even daydream she’s my real mother. When I was littler I asked if she was my mother, she laughed. Most days I go to the bakery to help out and just be with her.
    Other children laughed at my older friend. I didn’t care. I still don’t. Gilda isn’t actually that old. She probably around 35.
    Gilda is frail looking, but she is very strong for her size. She has dark green eyes, sun-tanned skin and hair that is dark like mine; but hers is thicker and more coarse. She is always smiling and is friendly to all. She also lets me have free bread or cookie scraps when I work in the bakery. Which is delicious.
    It’s night right now, and I’m standing on the balcony remembering my life here in Brook Book. Because I might not be here for long. I’m 12, and just next week the School Master will come, and I may be on the list for taking.

    Part 2: Glida- Dessa’s POV
    It’s the next morning, and the sun is shining. I have to do needlepoint. Which sort of stinks. It’s one of those days where all you want to do is play outside and laugh and eat fresh bread and drink lemonade. But I’m stuck with needlepoint.
    I get up with a little moan. Getting dressed quickly, I hurry out the door. I head through the castle and sigh. I’ve reached the garden door, and the sun peeks out from the door. I never miss a class, but I’ve never wanted to.
    I pass the door with my head down, and enter my private needlepoint class.

    I’m out early. The teacher saw my boredom and let me out of class earlier than usual.
    The first thing I do is run down the village cobblestones, my hands thrown out and my hair flying behind me in it’s usual braid.
    I’m proud to say I’m pretty fast, and was at the bakery in no time.
    “Guess who it is…” I sing as I saunter in Gilda’s Bread & Bakery.
    “I know! It’s the cobbler.” She replies. It’s a little game we play, silly of us but it makes me feel so much closer to her.
    “Guess again!”
    “The baker?” Gilda has appeared from behind the counter, and she has her hand clamped on her forehead and a comically silly look on her face. “Oh wait. I’m the baker.” Gilda then swoops me into a hug, dusting me with flour. I giggle with happiness. I have entered the paradise called Gilda’s Bread & Bakery.

    3 hours later I am covered with flour and sugar.
    3 hours later I am filled with love and happiness.
    3 hours later I am filled with cookies and glee as well.
    Yup. That’s Gilda for you. She isn’t that old, but she’s very kind and treats everyone nicely and with lots of love. Because that’s Gilda.
    Sometimes travelers ask if we’re related. I work with her a lot, and there is definitely that mother-daughter feel between us sometimes. We even look alike.
    We both have long dark hair, and deep eyes that see through your soul and we read people very good. We both love animals and the same small, delicate nose and laugh like wind chimes.
    Sometimes our alikeness scares me, and I almost believe she is mother. But one thing always stops me.
    Would Gilda give me away?

    Part 3: Running- Sienna’s POV
    Running forever and ever. That’s what my family does. All the time.
    We’ve been in lots of places. It can be fun, traveling around so much, but there is a dark side to our seemingly carefree travels.
    We’re running because we don’t belong. Because we’re elves. Not human, you heard me. Elves. Which isn’t usually a bad thing. I look pretty human, so whenever we go to a new place, my parents keep mostly to their job while I do the shopping.
    It’s time, my mother said to me earlier. They’re getting suspicious. Let’s not wait for the torches and pitchforks, honey.
    Mom, I have friends here. Maybe they’ll allow us here.
    It won’t work, Enna. People here weren’t put in the School for Good for nothing. They might do Good things, but they are scared of magic. That includes our kind.
    I opened my mouth, and then shut it. It would do no good to argue.
    It’s two days later, and we’re packing to go to Klaf. For the choosing. Of the Schools for Good and Evil. At Klaf, a small village, I might be chose for the Good School. Klaf doesn’t produce Princesses very well, so my parents are hoping I’ll be the best choice there.
    I don’t care much if I don’t make it. My parents do though. I want to be accepted as a human, and not feared. My parents want education.
    Okay, the Schools aren’t really… Educational. They teach you to be a princess or witch, not important life lessons! Not that I care. Much. I don’t know… I don’t think I want to go there. I can’t be sure. I… Don’t know what I want.
    Wait… I know what I want.
    I want a true friend.

    Part 4:Dreams of Me, and Names – Dessa’s POV
    I dreamt last night. Of a girl. A Elf. She had waves of dark hair like mine, but thicker and curly. She beckoned to me, but when I got close, she disappeared into nothingness as I woke, 3 songbirds on my windowsill.
    Gilda calls dreams like that ‘Dreams of Destiny’. So I call them ‘Dreams of Me’. Gilda laughed when I first said that, a wonderfully happy sound that rings like a bell.
    Sometimes I want to cry about our alikeness, it scares me.
    I shudder, remembering the dream. Something about that Elf…
    It’s noon, and I’m eating in the garden, little animals gather near me, begging for scraps. It’s like I’m Snow White or something.
    “Ema!” I turn to see one of Gilda’s child employees Lilly running towards me. “You forgot this at the Bakery.” She held up a bracelet I had taken off to work.
    “Oh. Thank you.” I stand and curtsy politely, accepting the neat gold chain. Lilly curtseys messily, then turns and runs.
    I start to think about what she called me. Ema. My name here. I sometimes want to throw off my ‘Ema’ name and take Destiny as my common name. Ema can be too common. Whereas Eternity can be beautiful. But here I’m Ema, just Ema.
    Sometimes I wish to be called Celestial. It’s such a strangely beautiful name. Other names I like are Ena, Margretta, and Violeta. They each strike something in me.
    But I think I’d like to be known as forever. Eternity. Me. The real me.

    Part 5: Leaving- Sienna’s POV
    Going tomorrow, I tell Hanna, the cobbler’s daughter and my friend.
    Oh, she says. Well, my Papa said your parents are goblins in disguise, anyway.
    What! I yelp. That’s not true, I protest. Hanna sighs.
    You don’t have to be so defensive, Sienna. Hanna laughs sweetly. We all know, she purrs.
    Liar! I shout. Hanna’s cheeks turn red.
    I am not a liar. You are. We all know the truth, we’re just giving them a chance.
    I fall silent at her words, and try my hardest not to cry. Why does it have to be this hard? I ask myself, my core burning and feeling all rotten.
    Because they aren’t giving us a chance. It’s a lie. She isn’t giving me any chances. It’s fake, they didn’t know about us being Elves… Or do they? My heart is being torn apart painfully at Hanna’s hopefully lies.
    I’m ready to go, Mom. You were right, I say, soft as a bird’s feathers once I’m home.
    Enna, I’m glad to hear you speak sense. Now, please go pack your bags. Mom speaks gently.
    I just shuffle off regretfully.
    Right about now a friend would be nice.

    Part 6: Prince of Vegetables- Jacob’s POV
    I’m Jacob Beanstalk. Yes. You heard me. Beanstalk. I’m the eldest son of Jack Beanstalk. Well, yeah, he only has two sons. Anyway…
    Wait a moment… I’m a Prince. I should act a bit more dignified.
    I am Prince Jacob Beanstalk, Heir to King Jack and Queen Caron, more commonly known as the Princess of the Pea, and Good (hopefully, you Never know).
    Was that better?
    I’ve already spoiled it. I might as well be me.
    Anyways, the time has come. Tomorrow.
    Tomorrow I find out if I’m truly Good.
    Tomorrow they give the invitation to the School For Good and Evil.

    Part 7: Good or Not? -Jacob’s POV
    Hello. It’s dusk, and everyone is waiting. For me to wake tomorrow morn, and announce to the world: Prince Jacob is going to the School for Good.
    It’s not going to happen. I’m a ordinary boy! I don’t want ‘true love’ or even a ‘fairy tale’. I can be a Good King without a fairy tale, right?
    But then again… I don’t even want to be a King, let alone a hero. I’m not like the legendary Tedros, let alone my own father. Sooo. This is the biggest night of my puny little 14 years. Pathetic.
    I lay in bed, warm sleek covers over me. The mattress is warm and without any peas, and… zzz…
    I’m out of bed. Very slowly I stand… And there it is. The nightmare is real.
    A Flowerground pass.
    Enna’s POV
    In Klaf, everyone is rude, harsh and I wonder how the School Master will know who is the rightful Evil, there is so many.
    But it’s morn, and I need to see… Did I get the pass?
    I did.
    Dessa’s POV
    Oh. A slip of paper on my desk… FLOWERGROUND PASS.
    It’s beautiful.
    I am Good.
    “Lady! Lord!” I run out of the room breathless.

    Part 8: Here I Am Now -Sienna’s POV
    Of course my parents went crazy. I’m going to Good.
    I just came through the Flowerground. It was… Scary. Very big, too colorful, and too many pretty princesses. Horrible.
    Now, we have to get ready, they said. For the Welcoming.
    I don’t wanna do this, I whisper to myself as I stumble into my dorm rooms. On the outside of the door is a plaque that says DESTINY BROOK & SIENNA FIR.
    In the dorm, there is a girl already there. She is beautiful, with large purple doe eyes and long, dark brown hair. She doesn’t look mean, and my heart, still burning from Hanna’s hopefully lies, perks up. Maybe she’s a friend.
    She smiles at me. Hello, I’m Dessa, she says, still smiling.
    Dessa digs into her suitcase, and pulls up a long, billowy white dress, with a gold neckline, and gold edging. Do you think this will look good for the Welcome? she asks me.
    I just nod, uncertain.
    She smiles at me again. What’s your name? she asks with a friendly smile.
    I am Sienna. I lower my eyes, nervous. In my past life, people made fun of my strange name.
    That’s a really pretty name, Dessa says, still smiling. She reminds me of the Chesire Cat. I saw his son ***** in the hall- heard he goes by Cheshire.
    Just like that, I know that Dessa is my friend.
    We’re at the welcoming now, and I’m wearing a lean dark green knee length skirt made of silk; and a loose fitting light green top that buttons up, with a slight collar. Dessa curled my hair, and I have to admit, I think I look pretty good. I thought that we’d have to wear uniforms, but that has appeared to have changed. Whoo-hoo… Dessa was very happy about that, but I don’t see the point.
    Everboys charge in, swords flashing in and out, in and out, in a battle that seems like it will never end. I stare, awestruck… It is beautiful, that network of gleaming metal.
    A cute boy with hazelnut colored hair and warm blue eyes wins; barely beating the boy who calls himself Cheshire, and a lanky boy who’s name I don’t yet know comes in third.
    Do you know the name of the boy who won? I ask Dessa, who is sitting right next to me.
    Yes. That is Laurence Pendragon of Camelot. The boy in second is ***** Cat, and the last boy is Jacob Beanstalk, Dessa explains. I wonder how she knows all that, but I don’t ask.
    Then the boys all throw their roses. I find myself wanting one at that moment, but don’t have time to squash the feeling.
    Because a rose is being thrown at me.

    Part 9: The Girl In Green -Matteo’s POV
    I throw my rose off into the crowd, hoping it will reach the girl in green. I don’t care for throwing roses, but we have to. The girl looks pretty-ish (and not too stuck up), I guess, so I threw my rose to her.
    I hope she doesn’t think we’re now dating, or something. That would be… Disgusting. I don’t know what I’m doing here. I don’t belong. I’m just a street kid with a ****** of ‘Good’ luck.
    I’m doing this for Henry, I remind myself. I’m doing this for my best friend.
    I walk to a seat, next to a bored looking dude. He has brushings of dirt, which is promising. After all, what kind of prince lets himself get *****? Even on Welcoming day?
    “I’m Matt.” I introduce myself, and feel a big grin rise to my face even though I don’t feel like smiling.
    He nods. “Jacob Beanstalk.” He extends his hand to shake. I laugh, amused, and take it.
    Onstage, a dog with two heads introduces itself, and then starts talking, droning on endlessly. I yawn, trying not to fall asleep.
    The words slide and blend into one loud hum… I cannot help but yawn… Zzz…
    “Psst! Dude, wake up!” I open my eyes to see Jacob, a look of annoyance and amusement on his face. I yawn.
    “So, what’d I miss?” I ask, still yawning.
    “Pollux’s yammering.”
    “Is that the dog?” I question, stretching.
    “That’s one of the heads, yes.”
    “I hate dogs.” I grumble.
    Jacob starts laughing. “According to my dad, who went to Good, Pollux often appears on other animal bodies because Castor wins the fight on wearing the dog body. So you’re in luck, he’ll probably teach classes as a flamingo.” I snort, and then start laughing. It is funny, I guess.
    I look around, the students are getting up and heading back to their schools. I walk up to the School For Good. Ironically, it appears that Jacob and I are in the same dorm room.
    MATTEO FOX & JACOB BEANSTALK, reads the plaque outside the door.
    Since we have the rest of the day off, I’m gonna meet my fellow Evers.
    Maybe starting with the girl I threw my rose to.

    Part 10: Burning Beautiful -Mar’s POV
    This is beyond ridiculous. Those stupid, silly, outrageous Nevers… Even though School hasn’t even begun, I am obviously the Leader.
    I narrow my eyes at my roommate- A ***** girl. One look at me and she’s hightailing it to the Common Room. I stretch myself out, I have work to do.
    I stride outside the room, out into the hall, striding down to the Common Room. I begin to sing a silly little ditty called ‘Everybody Loves a Princess in Pink’ (one of Sophie’s personal favorites.) Even if no one gets why I sing it that way, I am having the last laugh. They say SOPHIE is Evil… Well, anything she can do, I can do better. I mock her by singing this song, challenge her even, and I am showing off my strength. Win-win.
    Students stare at me, dumbfounded as my Talent kicks in…. They turn on each other, and ATTACK. There is blood, fire, ice… All caused by me, on my first day.
    Who would want Sophie when you could have ME?
    I stop singing. The other students freeze, shocked. My dress is smoking from the fire that had exploded near my dress. I have blood splattered onto my hands. I am burning with the beauty of Evil, Pure Evil.
    I tilt back my head, surveying them. I glare at them with all that I have.
    My silver and black eye combo is intimidating them, I can tell. I harden my gaze. Slowly, they drop down, heads ducked, shoulders rounded, and one even bows.
    It’s not hard to see that they are commoners, and I am their Queen.
    Hmm…. The food here is revolting, and will do no Good to my figure. Perchance I should enchant a student into making something better… yes, that will do.
    I sweep my eyes around the room… And settle on the ***** girl from my room. I sing a high, high, high note, and the girl begins to stand, glassy eyed. All of the Nevers look at me nervously out of the corners of their eyes. Yep, I’m easily the Queen.
    “Darling, please call off your enchantment, although it is wonderfully Evil.” A beautiful voice says.
    When I turn around I see someone I have both envied and hated my whole life… I see Sophie Of Gavaldon, otherwise known as Evil’s Former Queen.
    I narrow my eyes. She raises her powerful green ones to mine, and our gaze locks. After a moment, I back down. I need more training to be Evil’s New Queen, I realize. I pull my enchantment off the girl, who is almost to the kitchens by now. Her eyes widen in shame, pale cheeks burning red.
    I laugh at her embarrassment and fear. How wonderful it is when no one challenges me, the little wimps.
    Sophie narrows her eyes at me. “I shall see you all in class tomorrow,” she addresses us Nevers. “And I expect to see Evil from each and every one of you.” The Dean swished off, high heels clicking against the floor.
    I now know: I’m not Evil’s currant Queen… Because the first Queen Never gave up her throne.
    I am going to have to fight for that crown.

    Part 11: All the Evers-Dessa’s POV
    The Welcoming was stellar. I know for sure that this is where I belong. It has to be, because right now is the first time I’ve Ever felt so content. So… so me. The fashion, the friends, the pure delightful Goodness of it all… Not to mention the boys.
    I know where I belong, and it’s right here, with Sienna and everyone else. I’m home. I’ve never felt so certain… But this is where I belong, and I know it. This is for real.
    I finger the beautiful red rose in my hand, giggling as I think about the boy who threw it to me, Jacob Beanstalk.
    A boy walks up, it’s the one that Sienna got her rose from. “Hey, I’m Matteo Fox.” he says, grinning. I’m about to respond when I realise that he’s talking to Sienna, not me.
    “I am Sienna Fir.” she says bashfully.
    Matteo grins. “Neat name.” he says. Sienna grins hugely. I suppose she doesn’t get that often.
    I smile, noticing that Jacob is walking towards us. “Hey.” he says.I smile at him, and he gives me a dimpled smile back. I like him immediately… Just not quite sure what kind of like is that. I feel my cheeks turn pink even at that thought.
    “I’m Dessa.” I say, sweeping my eyes over him. He’s cute in a ragged, scruffy sort of way, and I can even see dust -err, dusting, his blond hair.
    “Jacob Beanstalk.” he answers. He has a slight accent I can’t place, and it makes me giggle. I guess, in a way, you could say I’m boy crazy.
    It’s actually pretty late in the evening (Since the dog droned on for so long) and the dinner bell rings.
    It’s time to meet everyone, I decide.
    What a day this will be! When I reach downstairs, I know that this will be an adventure.
    So many people! I feel as if I’m being flooded with information.
    Too many people, but I have their names memorized:
    Jacob, Matteo, Dessa, a redhead named Qiana, a silver haired witch’s daughter named Jackie, a girl called Mirabella Slate, a lofty boy named Reid, a pretty girl named Victoria, Sky Element, Heart of Maidenvile, Gracelynn, Rayna, Mason, Brady, Emerald, Serena, Selena, Chris of Madinvail, Lucas, Olivia, Halle, Gabriella of Galdon, Jaxon of Galdon, Thalia Clearwater, Sophia-Rose of Camelot, Cheshire, Lydia, Laurence, and Julie.
    I’m not sure how I’ll remember it all, but somehow I’ll manage.
    I see a girl (Julie? Izzy? Heart? I don’t remember.) sitting by herself, at the table next to ours.
    I decide to introduce myself. “ Hi, I’m Dessa.” I welcome her to the table where Sienna, Jacob and Matteo, and I sit.
    She smiles shyly, seeming a slight bit uncertain. “Jaclyn, but you can call me Jackie.”
    I notice that Sienna looks nervous and fearful, as if Jackie could hurt her.
    A frown crawls onto my face. I realize that Jackie looks sad at my upset expression, and I immediately smile once more.
    Tonight was marvelous!
    I can’t wait for tomorrow! I will confess that I’m disappointed in Sienna. She went to the dorm early and barely talked at all…
    I’m determined to get to know her.

    Part 12: She Scares Me -Matteo’s POV
    It’s lunch time on the first day of school. The Schools seem amazing and magical so far, but still.
    I miss the streets.
    I then see her… She scares me in a way I cannot explain. It feels as if I am in a great black hole, swirling down and away.
    Her hair is the color of night, with streaks of blood red and star silver. She turns her head, looking at me, and my blood turns to ice. Her eyes are piercing- and two different colors. One eye is silver, the other is black.
    She’s easily a Never, and a Never Queen at that.
    Mar’s POV
    I smile at the boy. I already know his name: Matteo. What a stupid name!
    Whatever. He can be afraid, though he doesn’t have much of a reason. After all, I’m not going to kill him yet. Yet…
    Of course not. I’m not that brutal. I’ll torture him and hurt him and anger him… Yes, it will be delicious.
    But I’ll save that for later.
    Anyway, that’s enough schemes for now. I’d prefer to actually earn my throne…
    Which means that it’s time for some taunting.
    Ooh… he’s afraid. I know it like I know I’m Evil. Yesss… this will do perfectly. I strut up to him and the girl he’s with, I believe her name is Sierra or Sena or something? That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that he’s afraid. Terrified, in fact.
    “Mmm… Darling, so how are you enjoying school?”
    “Get away.” The girl stands. Her moss green eyes are flashing with anger.
    “And, oh, but I haven’t done anything.” I purr.
    “Yet.” Matteo hisses, standing as well.
    “Oh, you’re trying to flatter me now.” I say, giggling.
    “Who are you!?” Matteo growls. I see that we attracting quite the crowd. Good. More people to witness me.
    “I am Margretta of Gavaldon. My friends would call me Mar, but I don’t have friends.”
    The girl speaks, “Back off. We don’t want trouble.”
    I start to laugh. “We! How cute! Ickle Foxy’s son has a girlfriend.”
    The two blush, and look almost everywhere but at each other. I laugh again.
    “We’re not.” growls Matteo. “And leave my dad out of this.”
    “He must be so ashamed to have a hobo as a son.” I smirk.
    Matteo opens his mouth to lash back, but stops. His face is ghostly pale.
    I then hear the flapping wings of my darling bat, Doom.
    He backs up, almost falling backward.
    A wonderful thought hits me. What if… What if the boy has a phobia.
    Of my darling bat Doom.
    Thanks for reading!!!!

        caramelprincess replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        This was…AMAZING SPLEDIND STUPENDOUS AND MARVELOUS. Oops sorry, I said all that aloud? (Yes, yes you did Caramel) You did a top-notch job with all of these combined. Can’t wait for the school year to actually start fro them, and see what Sophie does about this rising “Queen of Evil”. Wonderful job!!!
        ~A VERY Impressed, Caramel. 😛

          heilnofheltia replied 3 years, 11 months ago

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        @caramelprincess @heilnofheltia
        Awwwww… These two comments made my day so much better.
        *gives Carmel and Heiln a big hug*

          caramelprincess replied 3 years, 11 months ago

          *hugs back* 😛

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        *hugs back* 😀 😀

        jlb23 replied 3 years, 10 months ago

        🙂 🙂 🙂

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