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    juju1135 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Heres a bit more bio on Bianca Rowan:
    Traits: An Elf (Not Santa elf, just like an elf in Lord of the rings) skilled, athletic, A Roul (The age group she is in), Protective, Ambitious and loyal
    Friends, Ruby and Anna
    Pet: Zee, a black mare

    Ok guys here’s my first chapter for Bianca Rowan! Took forever!

    Chapter 1

    Quick left, right tuck, double shoot, and sprint. Quick left, right tuck, double shoot, and sprint. I repeated the process in my head shifting anxiously. As I scanned the training field, I observed that I wasn’t the only one fidgeting. Some of the other girls were rapidly blinking, still in shock after the attack last night. My heart wrenched, remembering how many were injured and who was killed. My best friend Ruby, lost her half-sister, Arnae who was one of her closest comrades to a lucky zarol, who happened to shoot her when she moved. A sweet boy, Robert, who was only 12 and in the Kals, got pierced by 4 arrows before he hit the ground.
    As my mind flooded with memories, I hadn’t realized that is front of the line. I firmly planted my feet and focused on the training ahead of me. My group’s instructor, Alayah had strengthened our training routines by adding more levels and time. The whole was on precautions now.
    “Bianca you ready?” Alayah called.
    I quickly realized that I was in the front of the line.
    “I was born ready” countered her. I tensed, waiting for her command. I felt like I would do it well because I practiced what felt like forever with Ruby and Anna just a couple days ago.
    “Go!” She ordered. Quick as lightning, I nimbly cornered the left turn. Just as I was beginning to perform my right tuck, I saw the girls observing. That’s a good sign, I told myself. As the daughter of the King and Queen of the elves, and a Roul, it is important to set a good example for the Kals who are younger. With easy grace, I tucked, but shied to the right while in midair. Perfect! I swiftly and gracefully landed and drew my arrow to my bow, and shot with strong hope I would hit my target. I fleetingly looked at the black *****, two white feathered feathered arrows protruding from it’s head and neck. I sent a prayer of thanks to the sky while I briskly sprinted to the two trees.
    “Well done Bianca!” Alayah briefly praised when I passed the two trees. “Your tuck was excellent.” she added before she turned and directed the next Roul archer in line.
    My cheeks reddened at the comment and some of the girls eyeballing me, but I hurried over to Ruby and Anna. “That was great Bianca!” Ruby exclaimed. “I don’t think I could do a double shoot that well!” said Anna.
    “Thanks guys.” I really appreciated their enthusiasm but I could tell if was a struggle. Anna looked tired and and pained. I glanced at Ruby and saw she was a little slumped as if there was a bag of rocks on her shoulders. I stood next to her and put my arm affectionately on hers. “Hey Ruby,” I said. “I’m so sorry for what happened last night. I was wondering if you wanted to go the the Big Oak with me and Anna after lunch? Maybe we can talk there.”
    Tears welled in her eyes, but she hid them before they spilled. “That would be great Bianca.” She answered, with a grateful look in her eyes. “Great” Anna put in. “I have to go to my room guys. But I’ll meet up with you at lunch?” She questioned. “Yeah we’ll see you then Anna,” I responded. She bounded off while Ruby and I we’re left alone. I was just about to say something to her, but a guard bounded up to uson a great black horse. I looked at my friend and she had a troubled look on her face. “What does he want?” She asked me.
    “I don’t know I responded.
    The rider approached us and I noticed that the horse was slightly panting. I guessed he had come from a long distance then.
    “Hello,” I greeted him, slightly raising my chin and standing taller “What is it?”
    “Your parents have bid for you immediately,” the rider responded to me with a low voice.
    “What has happened?” Ruby put in.
    “Bianca, your mother has fallen gravely ill.”
    My world stopped. I felt like there was a rock lodged in my throat.
    “Ruby come with me,” I murmured. We left the guard, who galloped to the bridge and stopped to wait for me.
    Ruby followed me to the stables. I mounted Zee, my black mare gifted from my father. Ruby mounted Misty, a gentle grey stallion.
    My head throbbed as if it was struck by a rock. When we trotted up to the bridge, the guard turned and kicked his horse galloping towards the tower where my mother was suffering.
    Ruby and I cantered our horses after him, the wind whooshing on my face whispering, calling, and waiting. I swallowed, and urged Zee faster.

    Working and working on chapter 2!

        carrot123 replied 9 months, 2 weeks ago

        Nice job! Tag me for it!

          juju1135 replied 9 months, 2 weeks ago


        juju1135 replied 9 months, 2 weeks ago

        Oh by the way the starred out word was ****** not like stupid person just a training object

          juju1135 replied 9 months, 2 weeks ago


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