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    karenthealien posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 2 months ago

    Chapter 1 – Acceptance & Appearance

    I glanced quickly back at my mom collecting the recently delivered mail off the floor. She screeched with joy after seeing the second envelope in the pile, causing my focus to slip for a moment. I cry out in pain, trying not to look at the blood pouring out of my freshly injured finger.
    I was attempting to make a cheering-up sandwich for my older sister, Caitlyn, who had not been accepted into The School for Good and Evil when she was around my age. Cattie, as I call her, had been refusing to come out of her room all day.
    As my gentle and loving dad cleaned and bandaged the cut on my finger, my mom, who was both kind and harsh at times, broke the school’s seal on the envelope and began to read the letter inside.
    “Dear Raven of Foxwood,
    We are pleased to inform you and your family that you have been accepted into the School for Good. Note that this means you will be living at the school with your fellow Evers for the next three years except for a few breaks throughout your education in Goodness. Enclosed in this letter is your Flowerground ticket which is to be used as your transportation to the School for Good and Evil next week. You will not be required to bring anything with you since clothing and books will be provided for you. Classes officially start next week and we are expecting you.
    Clarissa Dovey
    Dean of Good”
    She finished reading and pulled out the second thing in the envelope which was a golden ticket which read:
    Flowerground Ticket
    Hibiscus Line
    I ignored my dad still taping the bandage on securely and grabbed the ticket out of my mom’s hand.
    “I can’t believe I’m actually going!” I felt so excited just thinking about being at my dream school next week.
    “How about we have a special dinner tonight just for you Raven?” my dad said.
    “Sounds good to me.”
    * * *
    Early this morning, I awoke to birds singing outside my window. I spent the next hour doing my make-up and hair, trying to look my absolute best for my first day. After I finished getting dressed, I examined my appearance in the large mirror hanging on the wall of my room.
    My long auburn hair had been braided three times and those braids were braided together creating an elegant masterpiece with not a hair out of place. My pale cheeks were slightly less pale with the addition of rose pink blush. I had applied gold eye shadow and glitter along with mascara. Striking red lipstick now covered my naturally pale pink lips. The rest of my figure was mostly clothed in a short-sleeve royal blue dress which had a revealing v-neck and gold roses had been stitched along the bottom of the dress. It came to just above my knees, showing off a decent amount of my pale legs. On my feet were pure, golden, 2-inch heels which were surprisingly quite comfortable.
    I smiled at my reflection before turning away. I knew I was ready. However, as I left my bedroom and house, I wondered what my new life would be like and how this school would change me.

        clarad575 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        Please tag me! I love it!

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        Please tag!

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