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    karenthealien posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 2 months ago

    Chapter 2 – Entrances & Roommates

    As I am pushed up out of the ground, I examine the area around me. Dozens of other Evergirls are sprouting from the field of more types of flowers than I know the names of. Every girl is beautiful despite their differences. Some have long, curly hair, while others have short, straight hair. Every girl’s dress and make-up is different, too. However, the one thing all of us share is our bright, smiling faces, shining with kindness.
    Most of the girls immediately begin chatting amongst themselves once they are able to walk around. I, on the other hand, just stood in one spot, forcing myself to keep a smile on my face. Nervous butterflies flew around inside my stomach at the thought of introductions and making new friends.
    I realize I have been staring at my feet and I look up. A girl is slowly approaching me. Her skin has a slight tan but is still fairly light. Long, curly black hair surrounds a cute round face. She has full lips, painted with pink gloss and brown eyes. A beautiful sunflower yellow dress comes to just below her knees, and she has simple black flats on her tiny feet.
    “Hi,” the girl says timidly. “My name’s Astrina of Jaunt Jolie. What’s your name?”
    I became very aware of my fidgeting fingers, but I could not make them stop. “Hello,” I replied. “Um, my name’s Raven of Foxwood. It’s nice to meet you.”
    “Nice to meet you too.”
    “Sorry, I’m not very good at the whole ‘meeting new people thing’. But you seem like a nice person.”
    “Oh, thanks! I’m pretty awkward too, so you’re fine. I just thought you looked lonely.”
    “Yeah, I guess I did. Do you want to be friends, maybe?” A smile slowly creeps across my face.
    “Sure that sounds nice,” she said, grinning.
    Astrina and I smile at each other, knowing we made an important friendship. As we hear the other Evergirls’ chatter die down a bit, we glance over to see six fairies flying toward us. Three of them grab Astrina, while the others clutch fistfuls of my clothing. All at once, the crowd of Evergirls is lifted into the air and we fly like a group of bees into The School for Good.
    * * *
    The door of the room bursts open, revealing the third and final girl who will be sharing the room with Astrina and me for the next three years. The girl is shorter than the two of us and appears very young, but she looks fierce. Her frizzy, light blonde hair is cut to shoulder-length with a mix of blue, green, and pink streaks. Well-tanned skin is mostly covered by tight, black skinny jeans, black combat boots, and a bright, neon pink tank-top. On her face, she has dark purple lipstick on her thin lips, heavy black eyeliner and mascara around her wolf-like amber eyes, and a massive crowd of freckles covered her nose and cheeks. The most uninviting part of her was the glare she gave the two of us, as we just grinned stupidly at her, trying our best to look kind.
    “Hello,” I say, hoping this girl will start laughing as if she’s playing some kind of joke on us. “I am Raven of Foxwood and this is Astrina of Jaunt Jolie.” I gesture to myself and Astrina as I say this. “What’s your name?”
    “It’s Lannie. Lannie of Gillikin,” she replies, keeping the glare on her face.
    A horn sounds in the distance, followed by the noise of many Evergirls rushing to the Welcoming.
    “Well, we need to get going,” Astrina says.
    “Alright. Come on Lannie. We have a Welcoming to attend.”

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