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    kennabanana posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 3 months ago

    can someone explain what i do here more in depth

        maidengirl replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        Hi! So basically, we create stories here. You can create a character, write a bio for them and then start writing a story about them.
        A bio usually consists of:
        You can also include hobbies, pets and crushes and anything else you would like readers to know about the character. Have fun writing! Hope to hear from you soon!

        fairytalegirl123 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        Hi! Welcome to the official site for The School for Good and Evil. I am not an Elder, (our Elder here is @caramelprincess and she’s super nice) but you don’t have to be an Elder to help someone, right? I’m part of the Welcoming Committee, along with @luna101, @dot111, and @kiko55. This site is where you can RP (role play), make friends, and other fun stuff!

        So to get started with your story, you have to make a biography, but we all call them “bios” for short. Here’s a little template with basic info to help you in making one.

        Fairytale parents/Reader:

        ….And there you go! Now here’s a bio of one of my main characters in my story, you can use it to help you as well.

        Name: Moonshine Twilight of the Enchanted Isles
        Age: she is currently 16
        Gender: female
        School: Good
        Fairytale Parents/Reader: she used to think she was a Reader, but later found out she was one of Maleficent’s two daughters
        Personality: Moonshine is haplessly shy, yet very smart. She also prefers to keep to herself, unless someone has proven they are completely trustworthy. She will defend her few friends and siblings until their end or hers. Moonshine is absolutely, positively definitely not a princessy girl.
        Appearance: Moonshine has medium-long purple-gray hair and crystal blue eyes that can be a little unnerving when you first meet her. She has pale, pale, light skin, and not even the littlest freckle. Finally, Moonshine has large raven-like wings that only her brother and sister know about and black horns when in the presence of Evil.
        Clothes: when not wearing a uniform, Moonshine wears a dark colored dress, and a dark violet hooded cloak to cover her wings and occasionally, horns. For accessories, she wears a necklace with a silver crescent moon and silver crescent moon earrings.
        Talent: Moonshine can see the future.
        Flaws: Moonshine’s talent currently is very hard to understand, and she runs away from the chance of making friends, afraid they will betray her. (I got the last flaw from the movie Malificent, when, SPOLIER ALERT, King Stephan betrays Malificent)
        Sibling(s): her brother, Bluemoon, and her sister, Nightmare.
        Backstory: Moonshine thought she was raised as a single child, in a normal village. (no, not Gavaldon) She grew up only with her adopted mother and father, she didn’t even have friends. She tried to go to school once for kindergarten, but no one was nice to her, not even the teachers. So she was homeschooled. Magic existed in this village, but the villagers did not know and were magic-less. Except for Moonshine. She secretly studied magic a bit until her adopted parents found her out and forbade her to do it again, for fear the Elders might find out and kill them or rid them of their home. Her village never had anyone kidnapped, but I guess Moonshine was an exception….
        Other: she, her brother, and her sister were born as triplets and she is one second older than Bluemoon and four seconds older than Nightmare. Also, although she is “of the Enchanted Isles”, that is not the name of her village, but the name of where she was born.

        Okay, I have one more thing about bios. You can borrow other people’s bios for your story if they allow you to.
        Okay! We’re done with this bio stuff, but there’s still some other things you might want to know. You don’t have to read ahead, because it’s just some stuff you don’t necessarily need to know, it’s kinda like bonus stuff, it won’t really help you when writing, unless you would like to put songs in your chapters or something.

        You can do some basic smilies. These are the only ones I know, so you might wanna ask other users if you want more. 🙂 🙁 😉 😛 😀 😮 😐 you do the happy like : ) (no space I’m just doing spaces to show you), sad like this : ( , winky like this ; ) , tongue sticking out : P , huge smile : D , shocked : o , and no words : | . Now, put a space before punctuating the sentence your writing with a smiley, or it won’t come out as a smiley, just what stuff you used to try to make it. A final thing about smilies: you can put emojis in using HTML code.

        (Almost) Last thing! You can also tag people. You would do this symbol, @, and said person’s username. You can tag yourself as well as other people. This is me tagging myself. @fairytalegirl123.
        There are a couple uses for tagging. One of them is to see their profile/activity. That can help you if you want to read said person’s story from beginning to end. On their Activity, it will show all posts, so you might want to click Load More at the bottom of the page a few times. Load More takes forever to load (not literally), so be patient!
        A second use for tagging is to make sure the person you tagged sees your post. It will show up in the “Mentions” section of their Activity.

        Also, please follow the rules. This means: no bullying, no one-liners (posts that are useless or irrelevant), making a bio before you start writing, and being courteous to other users. If you disagree with someone, please don’t argue or say something rude. You have a right to disagree, just don’t put it meanly. Another thing is that you should keep what you say and write in your stories appropriate, since we have kids of many ages here (I’m actually a young member compared to others here myself). Also, I don’t think this is one of the mandatory rules, but it’s annoying when people post chapters that have nothing to do with a story. They’re usually strange (but not always) in some way like:
        “Chickens are so boss!” said Jack.
        “I think they secretly have bazookas!” said Sam.

        Finally, you can put links in your post. (Remember, one per post or comment!) This can be very useful if you want someone to see maybe a music video, a funny clip you love or whatever you would like!

        Annnnnnnnnnndddddddd………………… I think that’s it! Please follow the rules, and have fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        And don’t let this happen to you

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