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    kennabanana posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 3 months ago

    Here are the first two chapters of Evelyns story: Hope you enjoy evers and nevers!
    Sorry about al the capitalization’s, my computer was being weird.
    Chapter one:
    I woke up to the sound of crashing in the hall.
    I jumped out of bed knowing there is only one thing the crash could mean.
    I looked up and saw that my parents were sitting visiting with grandma mulan and grandpa shang. i did a little squeal and saw grandma do the same. i ran and jumped into my grandmothers waiting arms and hugged her tightly.
    “Oh grandma i missed you so much!” I said.
    “diddnt think i’d miss the day my granddaughter went into the school for good did you?”
    Evelyn’s face darkened.
    “I don’t know if I want to go, father is getting so much worse, I’d rather stay here and care for him….”
    “tut tut” replied mulan, disseminating the thought. “why don’t you go and get your viola and well talk after breakfast”
    “OK” replied evelyn, her face suddenly brightening up and the thought of bringing ,music into her home.
    She grabbed her viola, and instantly started playing her favorite song.
    She played for nearly and hour, getting all wrapped up into the music before her father suddenly started moaning. Evelyn was instantly brought back to the present, hurriedly putting her viola down and rushing to her father’s side.
    “Now, Evelyn, let your mother do that, while you come with me and start packing.”
    Evelyn opened her mouth to protest, but her grandmother gave her a warning glare.
    she sighed, knowing she was beat. Evelyn kissed her fathers head and walked over to her grandma, taking her hand.
    “Brighten up, little one” stated shang, who was witnessing the situation and enjoying it.
    evelyn, and mulan walked out of the room together, hands intertwined.
    Once they were safely out of earshot, Mulan stated: “Now evelyn, I understand your concern for your fathers health, but he will be here when you get back. I promise. But, that is the least of your concerns right now.” Mulan stated pulling evelyn into her room.
    “You need to be packed for the school for good and evil in an hour, and you haven’t even started.” Her grandmother stated pulling out her luggage and opening her wardrobe. “the first thing you need is your flowerground pass, which arrived this morning, despite your efforts to hide it in the freezer” mulan stated, glaring at evelyn.
    evelyn smiled, blushing.
    “Now time to get you packed”
    end of chapter one
    Chapter two

    evelyn stared at the box in her hands her grandmother had just given her. a little less than an hour ago, her grandmother had packed her for the school for good and evil, while at the same time convincing her that she should go. evelyn still felt reluctant, but more willing to go now, knowing she could write letters weekly to her parents and grandparents, who would be living together for the years evelyn would be at school.
    evelyn opened the card that said: Love Mulan and Shang.
    Her grandmother protested,”You can read the card on the way there dear, we only have a few minuets.”
    evelyn stuffed the card in her dress pocket making a mental note to read it as soon as she got to her room in the school for good. opening the wrapped box, she gasped when she found out what was inside.
    “It was mine while I attended the school for Good. I knew it would guide you during your years there as well, and hopefully you would learn from my mistakes, before making them yourself.”
    evelyn stood open mouthed at the old red journal in her hands. She looked up at her family gathered to see her off, and a tear went down her smooth tan cheek
    “I love you all” She said and hugged them each goodbye. as she hugged her grandmother, she whispered into evelyns ear: “I know you’ll do wonderful things, even if I don’t live to see them.” Evelyn looked up at her grandmother stunned, more tears streaming down her cheeks in understanding.
    “I love you grandma.” she said, probably for the last time.
    she waved goodbye to the rest of her family, crying harder now.
    All the sudden vines pulled her down into the flower ground. She braced herself knowing there was no turning back now.
    The only way out was through a fairytale.

    End of chapter two

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