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    kennabanana posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 3 months ago

    chapter 3
    As evelyn slowly made her way above ground, she took in as much as she could. slowly, she felt herself being lifter. she looked down and saw her trunk coming out of the flower ground. as she moved out of the way, she bumped into a fairy. “Oh im sorry” evelyn said to the fairy. The fairy diddnt respond. instead, the fairy poured tea and handed her a shiny white teacup which she drank gratefully. upon finishing the fairy’s lifted her up and flew her to the pink and blue towers that evelyn was now gazing up at. As the fairy’s pulled her inside, she looked at a sea of ever girls all dressed up in poofy gowns and shiny slippers, she suddenly felt self conscious of her own medium length black hair, and red , slim fit dress. She shoved thoughts of self consciousness aside, and smiled her best, as she walked up to two evergirls. ” Hi im evelyn granddaughter of mulan and shang. what are your names?”
    “Mary. Granddaughter of cinderellas fairy godmother”
    “Pleasure to meet you!” Evelyn replied taking in the girls glass slippers and midnight blue gown.
    “Im jewles, granddaughter of Ariel and Prince Eric”
    “Thats a lovely name” Evelyn said as she took in the girls’ red hair and brown highlights. Suddenly a nymph flew by and ****** schedules, books and uniforms at the three girls.
    As they all compared schedules, they heard all the evergirls excitedly going up to their dorms to change and meet their new roomates.
    “what tower are you guys in?” Jewles asked.
    “Charity.” the two girls answered together
    “Really? Me too!” squealed jewles
    “What number?” Evelyn asked in return.
    “Ahhh! Me too!” Evelyn shouted
    the three girls ran giggling up to their room.


        dot111 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        Cool chapter! 🙂

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