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    The Tale of Hophie ( Hort+Sophie)
    sorry it took FOREVER but chap 8 is finally here!!! Enjoy!________________________________
    Chap 8: down and under
    Sophie walked toward the closet and opened the door, Agatha began to enter right behind her until Hester stopped her. “No way are you going with her,” Hester said stopping Agatha in her tracks. “Well why not!” Agatha responded with frustration, “I’m only her best friend!” “And I’m the only one who knows my way around those tunnels,” said Hester. “I honestly don’t care who comes as long as someone carries me,” said Sophie interrupting their heated conversation. Everyone stared at her in confusion “Carry you?” said Dot surprised “Sorry to break it to you princess but nobody is going to carry you” said Anadil who was clearly disgusted by Sophie.“I’ll carry you” said Hort grabbing everyone’s attention. Everyone was surprised to see him offer, mostly because they had forgotten he was there. “Thank you, Hort, for being the only one who cares about my cleanliness,” thanked Sophie while glaring at the others. “Your welcome,” Hort responded to Sophie “but it’s only a matter of time before a professor notices the six missing students and a broken dorm window,” noted Hort. The whole room looked at each other knowing he was right. They had to go now if they wanted to pull this off. Not a second later did they have proof Hort was right when they heard Castor bellowing at kids while stomping up the steps. “WHERE IS ROOM 66?” Everybody in the room started to rush to do whatever had to be done before Castor got to the room. When Castor barged into the room he came to a sudden stop in the doorway and looked around the room. There were only two kids in the room instead of six, the windo.w had been fixed, and Anadil and Dot were sitting calmly on their beds. “Where are the others?” asked Castor sternly. “I don’t know who the others are but they certainly aren’t here,” replied Anadil without giving off a suspicious vibe. Castor looked around once more and stormed viciously out of the room to find more professors to investigate the situation
    Hester shoved some boxes and luggage out of the way to reveal a barely noticeable trap door in the floor. As she opened the door a cloud of dust came out of the hole below. “Are you sure there’s no other way?” asked Sophie disgusted by the deep dark ***** pit. ”Positive,” replied Hester while shoving Sophie down the hole. Soon enough Hester, Agatha, and Hort had followed in behind her. “Hort come and get me off this disgusting floor” demanded Sophie. Hort walked over and lifted her up onto his back. “Thank you Hort” thanked Sophie. She was surprised at Hort’s strength, the way he looked Sophie didn’t think he could carry a stack of books by himself. “This way,” said Hester gesturing toward a tunnel to their left. The four students were standing in a small room made entirely of dirt and mostly dark surrounded by what seemed like an endless amount of different tunnels and paths surrounding them. Hort and Sophie lagged behind while Hester leads them through the tunnel. “Hurry up,” Sophie said to Hort, ‘I’d like to get out of here ASAP.” “I need a break,” He said running out of breath. Sophie looked at his flushed face and realized he was worn out. “If you were going to get so tired you shouldn’t have bothered,” she said apologetically. “No…” Hort said between breaths, “…I wanted too.” “But why?” she asked confused “you barely even know me.” “I don’t know,” He said looking down at his feet “I guess because I like you,” Hort said blushing. This made Sophie blush even more than Hort. “Snap out of it!” Sophie thought to herself “ He’s a scrawny Never, I can’t like him!” “Well, I guess that explains why you always seem to be staring at me,” Sophie said turning away “Well look who’s talking!!” Hort spat back at Sophie. Hort walked away in anger leaving Sophie in the dark tunnel, alone… with two red eyes staring at her from behind.
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        Oh nooooooooo Hort will be so heartbroken if Sophie gets killed by them red eyes!

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