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    kiko2008 posted an update 1 year ago

    HI guys!!! So I’m starting a book/movie club! Here’s how it works: I will post a book or movie or both and we’ll simply discuss it in that post. We can share what our interests are sales, and what I love: romance novels. If you’d like to join just ask to be tagged and whenever I make a post I’ll list the tagged and it will show up in your mentions.We’ll also have posts that I call the Random Spinner, this is where I pick a person whose part of the club and they get to plan that post[ wait up now! Your wondering how you’ll know your planning it, I will send out a post with your username and like the club you’ll find it in your mentions] we will discuss it either in the open chat or in mentions. Thank you! I want you guys to know that I won’t always be here so If someone ever wants to post something or talk about something please know you can do almost whatever you want. If anyone would like to join please do!

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