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    kittywolf424 posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Reposting deleted poems from Open Chat #4

    Heart of Ice
    by KittyWolf424

    Glowing snow falls on the mountain tonight,
    No one else’s footprints in sight.
    Below me is a forest of white
    You’d think I’d be in delight.

    When spring is over and summer dies
    And the flowers go into sleep,
    No one hears them begin to weep
    No one hears them when they cry.

    You feel that the days go too fast
    And soon are only memories of the past
    Those sunny, happy days have been slain
    Alone you are, in the rain.

    You long for the wonderful days of old,
    Carefree and warm, with gentle breezes
    Instead of this awful, bitter cold,
    With harsh wind that only freezes.

    The sun will be setting very soon
    Again you wish for days of June,
    Surrounded by laughter and great friends
    You’re sad those days had to end.

    You see playing in the snow
    Little boys and little girls
    With rosy cheeks and golden curls
    You were once like them, you know.
    Adorable and very nice
    Instead of solemn with what feels like a heart of Ice.

    You’re told this is part of growing up,
    To get over it and cheer up.
    No one told you it would be this hard.
    With a heart that feels as if it’s broken
    Into shards.

        boomboompancakes replied 2 months ago

        I remember this one too…
        *is crying so much now that the room’s starting to flood*
        *slams that favorite button again*

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