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    Reposting deleted poems from Open Chat #13

    Days of Yore
    by KittyWolf424

    Gently sway grasses in the meadow
    Birds twitter among emerald leaves
    Of branches arching gracefully
    So many paths to be explored

    Breathing in soil’s rich earthy scent
    As I braid silky strands together
    Listening to the flowing river
    And a pencil softly scratch paper

    Even as dusty watercolors fade
    Ancient trees, now gnarled, decay
    Somber birds with feathers grayed
    Undiscovered paths trodden and worn
    Shrouded in black mortals mourn
    And forgotten are nursery rhymes
    Not all is lost to the hands of time

    Clouded are the once-blue skies
    But not those twinkling eyes
    Vivid as ever memories remain
    Of long-lost peaceful summer days

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        *sobbing intensifies*
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