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    Reposting deleted poems from Open Chat #17: This was written in September 2018.

    Lilliputian on the Seashore
    by KittyWolf424

    While walking along the shore
    Gazing at the horizon and waves,
    I spotted in the sea foam
    A most peculiar sight

    ‘Twas a miniature person, height
    Half the length of my thumb
    Head to toe in gold and black
    Too lifelike to be a doll

    Utterly exhausted, ragged breaths
    Ebony locks coated in specks
    Of sand not much smaller than her
    Smothering, threatening to bury

    Weakly crawling in endless grains
    Wings currently unable to fly
    In danger of drowning, being
    Stepped on or devoured by birds
    Couldn’t bear to leave her to die

    Calmly stooped down, scooped
    Her up with a white shell shard
    She was too tired to resist
    I was determined to rescue

    Scanned my surroundings
    Not far off a garden wall
    Safe place for her to rest among
    Flowers and a freshwater spring

    Carried her in my palm
    Evaded seagulls
    Frequently dropped on accident
    Had to find her in soft sands

    Made my way there before long
    Gently set her down
    Gave a few drops of water
    As she regained her strength

    After a while, she struggled
    To stand, looked up warily
    Realizing I was human
    Wanted to reassure and explain
    But we spoke different languages

    As the sun set I needed to leave
    Checked on her a final time
    Whether or not she appreciated
    I knew I had saved her life.

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