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    kittywolf424 posted an update in the group SGE MOVIE FANTASY CASTING 4 years ago

    Here are some things I have to say:
    -Somehow the wolf heard the cries of the silver Ever.
    -Bobcats! Are you smiling?
    Bob Cat: Of course I am wouldn’t I? 🙂
    (The bobcats are learning English.)
    -You can inherit the earth until the earth is all you have.
    -The life of poetry is never dead.
    -The poetry of life is never dead.
    -What is life but a dream?
    -Welcome to the land of the dead you ask?
    -As my brothers of the rivers and heavy rain…
    -Soften the appearance of romance.
    – The evening had me gowned
    Near a fetchingly draped wall
    There was an image of the legendary
    Oh! I suddenly saw standing there
    A stranger, beautiful, tall and healthy
    I fainted into a pool of warm chocolate.
    -There are music publishers, with no significance.
    -For the first time
    In forever
    I have seen.
    -There is truly life
    Good luck to those who enjoy it.

        shimmerblueglow11 replied 4 years ago

        Wow! This was truly amazing!!! I definitely enjoyed it!

        elivrawoods replied 4 years ago

        What thing are you auditioning 4?

          kittywolf424 replied 4 years ago

          I’m not auditioning, but thank you.

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