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    koolkaylaj posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years ago

    Roses Have Thorns
    Part 7
    Mari’s P.O.V

    Here I am sitting off alone in forest groups, good, I like it better that way, but this Ever had to be different. She, came up to me all friendly like, this had to be some cruel joke, they must think it’s funny to pity the poor Never girl who is sitting alone.
    “Hi, I’m Thalia…” The girl said putting her hand out to me. “Whats your name?” She asked. She’s one good actress, I’ll give her that. Maybe I’ll play along for a little while, I will pity her not the other way around I know how these games play these Evers are never nice or ‘good’ like they’re supposed to be.
    “Mari, I’m Mari” I said short and sweet like, being Evil may not be that bad.
    “Nice to meet you Mari.” She said.
    “And to you Thalia.” I said “So what brings a Ever like you to talk to a poor Never like me.” I said innocently.
    “Well I had nobody else to talk to, everyone seems to be talking to someone and you were alone and I was and. I was being friendly.” She said genuinely, she seems like a good hearted person. But I know its just and act.
    “Hmm.. So you just wanted someone to talk to thats all…” I said.
    “Yeah, I guess you can say it that way.” She said shyly, like that statement embarrassed her. Wow, she’s good.
    “So you attend the School for Good? Your an Ever.” I asked trying to break her, trying to get something other than kindness, something to make her like all the other Evers. A Fake.
    “Yes, I do attend the school for Good and if me being an Ever bothers you I can go now if you wish.” Thalia said that so genially its unreal how believable this joke she is playing is. Maybe she isn’t a fake like I thought she was, maybe just maybe.
    “So do you know what your talent is yet?” I asked “I don’t but I know some kids do.”
    “Actually yes, I can speak to animals.”
    “Thats so cool”
    “Thanks.” she said, maybe just maybe, I actually made a friend at this cursed school. Thalia and I talked for a little while more then Yuba dismissed us back to our dorm rooms.
    “Hey wanna be Never.” Valerie said as I walked into the room.
    “oh Valerie can’t you be a little nice,” Thalassa said brushing her hair with small shell brush.
    “Because I am a Never, a Villain. Thalassa.” Valerie said and a few dark glares were exchanged between Valerie and Thalassa, before another word was spoken. “And that is why you will only ever be a henchmen.”
    “I will not!!!”
    “As if”
    “ENOUGH!” I yelled. “Just stop and go to sleep, we all have a long day of challenges tomorrow.”
    “For once I agree with the wanna be…” Valerie said and walked off to her bed.
    I can’t wait until Forest Groups tomorrow, maybe just maybe, I made a new friend.
    It is done finally!!!!! TAGS:
    Thank you all so much for reading!!!!! If you made it this far good for you. I am soooooooo, sorry that it took sooooooooo, long to finish this chapter. If you want tagged just ask and it will happen. School has been crazy and it just started, writing has been a challenge. Hope you enjoyed!!!!! I will try to make another chapter again this weekend!!! Again, thanks for reading!!!!

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        fixed that for you

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        Awesome! I like Thalia.

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          Glad you liked it!!!!

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        Awesome chapter!

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