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    koolkaylaj posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 2 years, 11 months ago

    Roses Have Thorns
    Chapter 8
    Thalia’s P.O.V
    I threw a pillow at my blonde roommate across the room, laughing at the joke she just told Parle and I.
    “That was horrible!” I said.
    “No It Wasn’t!” Cali said trying to seem mad, but I knew that she wasn’t.
    “Oh, really?” I asked.
    “Goodnight.” She said throwing my pillow back at me.
    “Night.” Said Parle to Cali and I.
    “Night!” I said neatly tucking the pillow behind my head and laying back. I just laid there for a while staring at the roof, thinking of that girl I met earlier today during Forest Groups. They all tell me that Never’s are to be avoided like the plague, and the Never’s are not to be spoken to, just because they attend the school for evil. What makes them so different than the Evers, just that they study differently than us, and act differently, in actions and choices. I let my thoughts drift away into an unknown place and let my eyes grow heavy, and eventually I fell asleep.
    I woke to Parle’s freckled face and curly hair only inches from my face.
    “What the?” I said sitting up abruptly our heats hitting together.
    “OW!!” She exclaimed.
    “Sorry, don’t wake me up like that!” I said rubbing my forehead, “Why were you that close?” I asked.
    “Cali told me to wake you up.” She said also rubbing her head.
    “Well I’m definitely up.”
    “Are you being sarcastic?” She asked.
    “Am I still sleeping?”
    “Umm…” she said.
    “Parle.” I said.
    “Really!” I said throwing my arms up in defeat, but Parle just laughed.
    “I’m kidding Thalia.” She said giving me a hug, “Go get your uniform on.”
    “Fine,” I said standing up and walking over to my dresser, opening the drawer, inside was four of the same dress. It was pink with a lace neck and sleeves the stick out just a bit, I grabbed one of them and threw it over onto my bed. I quickly changed and slipped on the shoes that go with the dress, heading outside my room I saw Parle and Cali waiting against the wall wearing the same dress and shoes I am in.
    “you know I hate the school uniforms.” I said flatly and got a few chuckles from my roommates.
    “I think that you are the only princess to ever hate this uniform.” Parle said.
    “Not true.” Cali cut in, “What about Princess Agatha.”
    “True!” I said.
    “Whatever,” Parle said, “Lets go to breakfast”
    Together we walked down the halls laughing and joking about school, but all I could think about is that girl from yesterday and I wish that school would speed out a bit more.
    Hey, I hope that you all liked this update on Roses Have Thorns, I had fun writing this. So I just got Quests for Glory tonight and I just started reading, love it already. If you want tagged just ask and here is the question for this story; Who is your favorite character from SGE and (optional) why do you like them. My favorite character is Agatha, just because I relate a lot to her and how she acts, she is not your ordinary fairytale princess.
    Again thanks for reading 🙂

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          Glad you liked it!!!!!

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        This is sweet!

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          Thanks for Reading!!!

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        Good writing!

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          Thanks that means so much!!!

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