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    Hello and here is Chapter Four of Part Four of The Storybook Chronicles. The Storybook Chronicles is about three girls who have to work together each school to save the school from doom. It is also a collab story that I am doing with @thestoriangirl (aka Ella), who writes in Lily’s pov (point of view), and formally @beachbionic (aka Sofia), who wrote in Holly’s pov, but she hasn’t been online for a long time. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May 2021 be better than 2020 in all ways.
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    *~*~*~*~*CHAPTER FOUR*~*~*~*~*~*
    “Come on, let’s do weapon practice!” Lily said eagerly as she led the way to the arena where boys praticed sword fighting.
    “But why? We have magic,” I whined.
    “Because magic won’t always help us. And besides using weapons can be fun. I want to use a sword,” Lily explained rushedly. “Look, we’re here,” she added as we stepped into the room.
    “Yes, Lily, I can see that,” I said sarcastically, fighting down the urge to push her down the stairs at her oblivousiness at my being able to see and awareness of my surroundings.
    She waved her hand nonchalantly and bounded down the stairs to the center of the arena and picked up a sword from a table near by. I joined her by the table.
    “Is that sharp?” I asked warily.
    Lily ran her finger on the edge of the blade. “Not particulary. But we can sharpen it later, or the teachers could.”
    I gazed at the swords. I wasn’t especially fond of close fighting. The constant waving around of swords forced me to close my eyes, making it hard for me focus on the fight, so maybe something like a bow and arrows would work better.
    “Pick something,” Lily broke into my thoughts. “Other students are going to be joining us as well you know.”
    “Hmm, I don’t really like sword fighting. Maybe archery would be better for me?” I replied, half to myself. “And as you said earlier, magic could fail us sometimes, so I guess I need some kind of weapon.”
    “Oh, well, we can ask one of the teachers if they have stuff for archery,” Lily suggested.
    Peregrin wriggled out of his pocket and flew around my head. I could look for a bow and arrows.
    I nodded. Peregrin took off. “What’d he say to you?” Lily asked.
    “He offered to look for a bow and arrows,” I explained.
    “If only Ruby would do things like that for me,” Lily muttered pointedly. Ruby, who was lying in her hood, smacked Lily on the head with her pink bushy tail.
    More students flooded into the area, talking. Once all the students had filled the arena, Professor Dovey and the rest of the teachers entered. “As a part of your preperation for your Quests for Glory, you will learn weaponry as magic will not always help you in certain ways. Boys are already learning weaponry, so they will be helping the girls learn as well as the teachers.”
    I rolled my eyes. Of course the boys would help us. Peregrin came back, chirping merrily. He landed on my shoulder. I found what you were looking for!
    Great, where are they?
    What? Do you really expect a robin like me to be able to carry a bow and arrows? Ridiculous!
    You’re a magic robin. Couldn’t you just use some fancy magic to carry them?
    Peregrin began to hover midair. Fine. And took off again.
    “Maya, what in the world is your bird doing flying around loose?” a voice beside me demanded. I turned around. I knew that voice: Professor Dovey. Could she get anymore annoying today?
    “He’s looking for something for me,” I said curtly.
    “Whatever he’s looking for, surely it can wait until later,” she retorted.
    I opened my mouth for a angry snap, when Lily intervened. “He’s looking for a bow and arrows for Maya, because she would rather fight with that.”
    “Fine, just keep an eye on him,” Dovey replied, spinning around on her heels and stalking off to bother some other students. I rolled my eyes at Lily, who nodded.
    Peregrin came fluttering back with a glowing talon and set down my requested weapon on the table. He flapped back to my shoulder and perched there.
    “Students who would rather use archery, come to me,” an Everboy announced.
    Peregrin scowled at me. Sorry. I scritched his chin, and he vibrated his wings in happiness.
    After several minutes of organized chaos, Professor Dovey clapped her hands for attention. “If everyone has their weapons, training shall begin now.”
    “See, that wasn’t so bad,” Lily said cheerfully.
    “I guess,” I murmured. “Now what?”
    “Well, we’re done for the day, so if you want we could figure out a route to Bloodbrook,” Lily suggested.
    “Sure,” I agreed.
    “‘Kay,” Lily said.
    Peregrin, who was nestled on the top of my head in my hair, flittered his wings. I can help. I might be a bird, but I’m very smart. Unlike a certain fox.
    Ruby lifted her head and glared feriously at him. She replied by saying some very unfriendly things.
    Peregrin rolled his big round eyes. And to you.
    Enough you two. That’s not very polite, you know,
    I scolded.
    Then teach your bird some manners, Ruby sniffed.
    Maybe gain some brains, Pinkie Pie, Peregrin retorted.
    What do you mean “Pinkie Pie”?! Ruby screeched.
    Well, you’re pink and stupid,” Peregrin explained calmly.
    “Hey, stop bickering,” Lily chided sternly.
    Peregrin ruffled his feathers, and Ruby bared her teeth. Nova sighed, if birds can sigh.

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