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    ladylesso2 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 2 years, 1 month ago

    hi guys! I hope you like my new chapter! I haven’t updated in a while!
    Chapter 12: My Birthday!!!
    We’re back at SGE now! So technically I’m already a princess! Today Kiya and I were going through our clothes when I found that snakeskin cape from Gregor. That was when I remembered Sophie’s fairytale. Didn’t she have snakeskin capes? What if she is my real mother? That would mean Gregor would be my brother. I already told Kiya and she says that would be cool, because Sophie and her mom, Agatha, are best friends just like Kiya and I! Right now I’m in the Groom Room because I advanced to second in ranking! Teddy is still first. Kiya also advanced; she’s third now. I’m getting my nails done green to match my eyes! Then I’m getting my hair done with the opal tiara from Teddy. Kaya’s getting her nails done in purple to match her uniform. “OMG! Those nails are beautiful!” I say. “You should look at your hair!” she answers. “I can’t believe you’re going to be my sister! It will be amazing! You’re going to love Camelot!” “Thanks!” I say. “We should go now,” she says. “OK?” I answer. Usually I have to drag her out of the Groom Room. Weird. Whatever! We walk out. “So. I kinda have a few presents that I found for you in Camelot so here they are.” Kiya pulls 2 small boxes out of her dress. “Open the bigger one first,” she says. I tear open the wrapping paper to find… “A silver arrow bracelet? Awesome!” “It has special powers but open the other one before I tell you what!” she says. I open the second one. A silver crescent hair clip rests on a blue velvet cushion. “It’s so pretty!” I gasp. “Yes, but guess what? If you tap each of them twice and say “Bow down” the clip will transform into a bow and the bracelet into an arrow that will come back into your hand every time you shoot it!” she says. “Where did you find this?” I ask. “While, I might have stolen the weapons from the castle armory and enchanted them myself.” she answers nervously. “It’s fine, I won’t tell. Why would I? They’re amazing!” I say. “Phew! But that’s not all! Come upstairs!” she answers. “OK?” I say, running up Charity after her. We walk into our room where a medium sized box sits at the foot of my bed. I open it. Inside are a pair of black leggings, a brown tunic, and knee-high brown leather boots. “Oh my gosh! You bought all this for me?” I gasp. “Yes,” she replies. “You’re so amazing!” I say. “I know, right?” she laughs. Her expression turns serious. “I thought that you’d have fun being alone some of the time. I mean, living in a castle and being royalty seems amazing, but it’s so hard. That’s why I decided never to marry. I want to make all of my own decisions, and not have a boy make them for me.” “What are you trying to tell me?” I ask. “Don’t marry my brother, at least wait a few years.” “I will. I’m going to marry him after we graduate SGE.” “No, I mean wait more than that.” “How can you ask me to not marry the person I love?” “All I said was a few years. Then make your decision. But please wait.” “No. I don’t care what you’re ‘trying to say’, I can’t do that.” I turn on my heels and march out of the room. As soon as I’m out of sight of the open bedroom door, I start running. I can’t believe that my best friend, fine, my ex-best friend, would say that to me! I have to cry. No, I will be strong. I am not going to let anyone see me cry. I need to make people respect me. But first, I need a trip to the Groom Room.
    Chapter 13: The Groom Room (again)
    I step out from behind the changing screen and gasp as I look into the mirror; I am transformed but not in the way I expected. I am wearing a sleek black catsuit that fits my body in an elegant yet warrior-like way. Beautiful black leather boots go up to my thighs. My hair is put in a messy bun with some braids mixed into it. Two gold armbands studded with grey gems pop with my tan skin. My makeup. Oh, my makeup. My eyeliner ends in long wings, there is a hint of eyeshadow on my eyes, and a bit of lipgloss. I have transformed from a princess to a warrior. I walk outside confidently, everyone staring at me, me just taking it in. I walk past Kiya who stops in her tracks.
    Please comment if you liked it, or if you have constructive criticism!

        ladylesso2 replied 2 years, 1 month ago

        also, I’m adding more onto chapter 13!

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