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    ladylesso2 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 5 months ago

    Hi! I need characters so if you have characters you wouldn’t mind sharing, please post your bio! Sorry for the one-liner!

        luna101 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Name: Staria
        Nickname: Star
        Age: 14
        School: Evil
        Talent : Staria has telepathy, meaning that she can read people’s thoughts and communicate with them in her mind. Staria does this for the pure joy of watching people think that there’re going crazy.
        Personality: As her name says, she’s a star. Staria’s stubborn and always thinks that what she does is right. When she was little, Staria had always dreamed of going to the School for Evil. She looks up to her mother, Sophie and wants to achieve Nevermore. Staria has Sophie’s personality, but she is kind at heart and loves animals. Staria is a nautral at handling weapons and loves to bully kids.
        Fingerglow: Velet purple with streaks of pink.
        Appearance: Staria has waist length blonde hair with black highlights. She has black eyes that always seemed to glimmer with mischief. Staria has average height.
        Clothes: Staria loves the color black. Like Sophie, she is fashionable in every way. She like to wear animal prints to make her look regal and combat boots.
        Flaws: Staria thinks that because her mother is Dean, she gets to do whatever she wants. She doesn’t spare a thought about other people’s feelings and let’s her heart rule her head, which results in others getting hurt.
        Fairytale linage: Her mother is Sophie and her father is Hort.
        Backstory: Staria lives in a mansion in Bloodbrook and has a huge room all to herself. Being the fashionista she is, half of her room is a closet for a her clothes. She likes to create her own clothes, something her mother had never approved of. But Staria doesn’t care, she likes to have clothes that have her own personal touch. She is a rebel and loves to duel.

        This is just a character I thought of. It’s not in my story but you can use this character if you like.

          polabear11 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

          Name: Paige Hunter of North Arabithia
          Age: 12
          School: Good
          Appearance: Braided Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin
          Casual Clothing: Midnight Blue Jeans, tie dye sweatshirt, blue converse
          Formal Clothing: Midnight Blue Fit-and-flare dress, Golden flats and golden bag
          Traits: Brainy, Hard-Working, Witty, Strategic, Serious
          Dating: Nolan Newman of South Arabithia

          Name: Nolan Newman of South Arabithia
          Age: 12
          School: Good
          Appearance: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Fair Skin
          Casual Clothing: Blue shirt, black jeans, black coN verse
          Formal Clothing: Midnight Blue Tux, Golden Sneakers (for a quick escape)
          Traits: Same as Paige
          Dating: Paige Hunter of North Arabithia

        amigoodorevil replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Name: Travers Grindlewald of Arron Woods
        Nickname: Trav
        Gender: Male
        Age: 12 ½
        Siblings: Cassius who also goes to SGE but is in Evil
        Parents: Lives with Mother, father ran off when he was three
        School: SGE
        Ever or Never: Ever
        Fairytale Lineage: Great-Grandson of Queen Belle and King Adam (The Beast)
        Accent: A slash between American, British, and French
        Wears: When not in Ever-Boy Uniform Travers wears a long white robe with different Hieroglyphics sprawled on it. He wears comfortable wooden shoes, with a black sash around the waist. Spectacles that usually fall on the bridge of his nose, making him look older.
        Appearance: Long, wavy brown hair that falls just beyond his ear, Spectacles that hang on the bridge of his nose giving him an older look, a pointed chin, strong jawline, Hazel eyes with flecks of gold around the pupil (That is how my eyes look in real life!!) long finger and hands, is extremely tall for his age, a nice, wide smile, long, prominent nose, and big feet
        Fingerglow: Periwinkle blue with a tinge of gold
        Talent: He is a Therianthrope (Power of Therianthropy) Can change into animals basically or his appearance and into plants and objects!
        Friends: Emilia (Daughter of Queen Merida and an unknown ever) Lana (Daughter of Queen Ella and King Charming, Cassius (Great-Grandson of Queen Belle and King Adam (The Beast) also brother to Travers) and Greta (Granddaughter of Gretel and a Tree Nymph)
        Enemies: Danu (Grandson of Ursula and a merman)
        Personality: Extremely smart, a bit clumsy, Kind towards everyone, a bookworm, loves nature, a little awkward, funny, Loves to write, good at painting, good at singing (All true… sorry to those who feel offended) and loves to run
        Likes: Water, Friends, Dragons, Anything Fantasy-Like, Woodland Creatures, Books, Feathers, and Love
        Dislikes: Loneliness, Heights, Space, Adventures, and anything out of order
        Wishes: To Be loved by his brother
        Secrets: Every night he changes into a Monster, a Beast…
        Backstory: When Travers was five he started changing, so to protect the lives of the villagers every night she sent him to the woods, but every night he kills two people a woman and a man, then every night just before sunset he disappears and reappears in his bed
        Hope you use it!!

          amievilorgood replied 3 years, 5 months ago

          Name: Alysa White of the Northern Kingdom
          Nickname: Aly
          Gender: Female
          Age: 12 ¼
          Siblings: None
          Parents: Mother and Father
          School: SGE
          Ever or Never: Ever
          Fairytale Lineage: Daughter of Queen White and King Charming
          Accent: Slang of Australian and British
          Wears: Long red dress with puffy sleeves, yellow sash, apple necklace, blue headband, and red slippers
          Appearance: Curly black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, a couple freckles, rosy cheeks, red as blood lips, and long lashes
          Fingerglow: Apple-Red
          Talent: Can speak to animals fluently
          Friends: Ella (Daughter of Queen Rose and King Phillip) Vincent (Son of Little Red Riding Hood and an Unknown Ever) and Larissa (Daughter of Mulan and Shang)
          Enemies: Ravana (Daughter of The Wicked Queen)
          Personality: Smart, bubbly, a little gullible, daring, kind, and brave
          Likes: APPLES, Animals, Dwarves, and Kindness
          Dislikes: WITCHES, Ravana, Elves, and Hotness
          Wishes: She could be kinder
          Secrets: Every full moon she turns into an **** hag (Curse before the Wicked Queen died)
          Backstory: When she was born every full moon (For a few weeks) her parents would not recognize her, they would throw her out the window and stomp on her face (They were scared of hags now) and almost throw her in the fire but she changed at the last second and survived (With a ****** nose and a few scratches) She was chosen to go to The School for Good.

        cuteypie1mint replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        You can use Angel and Lana’s bios! Here they are.
        Name: Angel of Jaunt Jolie
        Age: 16
        School: Good
        Era: Post novel
        Appearance: Stunningly beautiful with waist length strawberry blonde locks and uptilted dark blue eyes. High cheekbones and a full mouth, an exquisitely featured face. Tall and slender, but surprisingly strong and fit too. Porcelain, pale skin.
        Backstory: Angel is a biological princess, her father is the King of Jaunt Jolie and her mother the Queen. When she was six, a Seer came to her father and told him that she would one day be the co-star of her own story. A few years later, at nine years old, the King angered the Queen of the Murmuring Mountains. She sent one of her henchmen to lure Angel out of the castle and give her a poison that would kill her over the course of years. At twelve, Angel was invited to attend the School for Good by the School Master (who was then still alive), this was the year the events of The Tale of Sophie and Agatha began. The King and Queen denied, deeming her health too precarious. She was allowed to attend four years later, however.
        Personality: Kind, Empathetic and Highly Intelligent. It is a mistake to think she is overly gentle or soft, she is actually very strong. Noble and fair minded. Can be cheerful and almost boisterous occasionally. Likes plums. Her favourite animal is a stag. Loyal to her friends. Her personality has a sadness to it. Sometimes people think she is naïve, this isn’t true. She forgives easily, but isn’t a fool. She knows the world isn’t perfect. Angel is definitely more open than is average and, but she still won’t reveal parts of her to strangers that could be used against her. However, when someone does manage to hurt her, she is hurt very deeply, being highly sensitive. Many people think she is unearthly, thinking she has elvish or faerie blood. Despite having a lot of patience, she has sassy streaks and can be mildly sarcastic at times.
        Clothes: Modest but loose and free dresses with a belt at her hips. Usually white, never restraining. She’ll deal with the Evergirl uniform, even though she isn’t fond of it.
        Pets: Alice, a small, white labradoodle
        Friends: Jessica, her brother Prince Deric and Lucy (kind of)
        Crush: ??? (for the moment)
        Fingerglow: Midnight Blue, the same colour as her eyes.
        Talents: She has a natural affinity for healing, which spawns a lot of the rumours about her having faerie blood. Angel also has a formidable arsenal of raw power. On a more domestic note, she’s a brilliant dancer, a great horseback rider and a good swordfighter.
        Favourite Subject: Good Deeds
        Name: Lana of Jaunt Jolie
        Age: 16
        Gender: Female
        School: Good
        Era: Post-Novel
        Appearance: Gorgeous, but in a proud and terrible way. A strong jaw, straight nose, high cheekbones and ocean blue eyes that are alight with a star-like glow. Like Angel, she has waist length wavy strawberry blonde hair. All in all, she looks like Angel, with some prominent differences. She’s less pretty, more magnificent, but she is as stunning as her sister.
        Backstory: Lana was stolen away from Angel at birth right under her parents’ noses. A servant, who was actually a spy, was on his way to the School Master, who had heard of her and was interested, more interested than he was in her sister. Luckily, the spy was intercepted by a pack of wolves on the way, and Lana was left there. Being Good, Lana befriended the wolves, who helped her find food and water. A week or so later, she was found by a woodcutter from the nearby Ever village. The woodcutter and his family adopted and raised her. Like Angel, she was invited to enrol in the school the same year Agatha and Sophie arrived, but she declined, disliking the notion of leaving her adopted family. However, four years later, right after Angel had left for the School, the King and Queen of Jaunt Jolie found her and brought her to the castle. A month or so later, she decided to go the School, even though she was a little late.
        Personality: In ways she and Angel are polar opposites, but in different ways they are also remarkably similar. Lana has a genius level intellect. However, she is slightly reckless and a bit of a daredevil. Unlike her sister, she is a person of distinct emotion. She burns like the brightest star in the sky. She is passionate and loyal, an adventurer, a pioneer. In a way, though she was raised in a peasant environment, she is more court-trained than Angel, her charisma can have a razor sharp edge to it, as she knows that words can be used dangerously too. Behind all the bravado and flame though, she –rather like her sister- is sad, distant and kind. Nonetheless, she is made of sterner stuff than Angel, and is more strong-willed than her too. She loves chess.
        Clothes: Close fitting but elegant tunics and leggings that can be slightly sheer. She despises dresses, therefore hating the Ever uniform but wearing it nonetheless.
        Friends: George, a boy from the village who was transferring to the School for Good slightly later in the year too.
        Enemies: ???
        Pets: None
        Finger glow: Ocean blue, the colour of her eyes.
        Talents: She is one of the most powerful people in the Woods. Her powers are astronomical, greater by far than even her sister’s. On a non-magical note, she’s a good hiker, hockey player and reader.

          cuteypie1mint replied 3 years, 5 months ago

          Oh I forgot to mention, Angel is best friends with Lana 😛

          ladylesso2 replied 3 years, 1 month ago

          Thanks! I really like these two!

        luna101 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Name: Aliana
        Nickname: Ana
        Age: 13
        Siblings: Amelia
        Gender: Female
        School: Good
        Talent: She has a connection of water, meaning that she can raise water, and sometimes even use it as a weapon.
        Appearance: Aliana has long blonde hair with light blue streaks in them. She has blue eyes that seem to sparkle when you look at her, and average height for an Ever.
        Clothes: Aliana is obsessed with the colors blue and pink. Blue because of her talent, and pink, an obsession that she got from her mother. She loves to wear gown, the type that trails behind you and sometimes, light, summery dresses that are blue.
        Personality: Aliana is stuck up at times but when you get to know her, she’s sweet and loyal. Aliana wants to be just like her mother, being Class Captain and having a Happily Ever After. It’s because of this that everyone thinks that she’s bossy.
        Pet: Aliana has a poodle called Pea.
        Fairytale linage: Aliana’s mother is Beatrix and her father is Chaddick.
        Flaws: Aliana is always clumsy with a weapon. The only weapon she has is water, but sometimes, it’s useless against enemies.
        Backstory: Aliana lives in Jaunt Jolie with her mother, father and sister. People thinks that she’s a prissy princess that does not know how to do anything but Aliana wants to be noticed. Not for her status, but her talents. But because she wants to be like her mother, she plays dumb but actually, she’s really smart. It’s because of this dilemma that no one know who she really is.

        Name: Amelia
        Nickname: Mia
        Age: 13
        Siblings: Aliana
        School: Good
        Fingerglow: Calming blue with streaks of pink
        Talent: Amelia can talk to animals and talk to them. Not by speaking English, but by speaking the animal’s tongue. Like if she is talking to a bird, then she would be talking to it by chirping.
        Appearance: Amelia has straight, long blonde hair with blue streaks in them. She has green eyes and that seem to sparkle every time you look at her. Amelia has average height.
        Clothes: As Amelia likes animals, she likes to wear shorts and light dresses. She is not like her sister, Aliana, who likes to wear gowns. Amelia loves boots, and have her own boot closet.
        Personality: Amelia had always grew up living in the shadow of her twin sister. This made Amelia more shy and she always spent time with her animals. Amelia is a kind soul, she always stood up for people, but her servants thinks that is very shy.
        Pets: A Arabian mare called Sunshine, a cat called Snowy and a lovebird called Ruby.
        Flaws: Amelia, as she is shy, is scared of meetinfpg other people. She sat while Aliana was chatting to the people, and this made Amelia more shy.
        Friends: Aliana, Celeste of Camelot, Sienna of Pasha Dunes
        Fairytale linage: Amelia’s parents are Beatrix and Chaddick.
        Backstory: Amelia lives in a castle in Jaunt Jolie. She spends days cooped up in her room, going out only for meals. Amelia loves her animals, but sometimes she wishes that she could be like her sister, brave and pretty. Amelia thinks that she looks like any princess would, but Aliana, in Amelia’s opinion, looked like an angel every day. Amelia envies her sister, but had never had the courage to ask Aliana for a makeover.

        Name: Lorivana
        Nickname: Lori
        Age: 15
        School: Evil
        Fingerglow: Blood Red with black streaks
        Talent: Lori can predict the future, and this comes in handy when studying for tests, duels etc.
        Appearance: Lori has cold grey eyes, long black hair and average height. She has a mouth that is locked in a scowl.
        Clothes: Lori loves to wear black. She wears makeup, but only black. This makes people think that she looks like a devil. Lori is in love with black and red, she thinks those colors should be what Nevers always wear.
        Personality: Lori, like her mother, wants Nevermore, and Lori wants it so bad. She would do anything to get it, be it bully, steal, or even kill. Once she has her mind set on something, nothing will change her mind. She has no friends except for Staria, who caught her eyes right away. They have been friends ever since.
        Friends: Staria
        Flaws: Lori may be a villain, but she is lousy at a bow and arrow. It just confuses her. Lori doesn’t know how to notch it, it’s like a puzzle to her.
        Fairytale linage: Her mother is Hester and her father is an unknown Never.
        Backstory: Lori lives in Ravenwood, which her mother now ruled. She lives in a mansion, which she discovers new doors every day. Lori, loves fashion, which made her friendship with Staria more powerful.

        agatha3 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Name: Kally of Neverland
        Parents: Peter Pan and unknown
        Back ground: Kally is the long lost daughter of Peter of Neverland (Peter Pan). When she was born one of Captain Hook’s men took her and through her overboard the ship. When the mermaids found Kally they decided to raise her as one of there own. She got her flower ground pass the same year Sophie and Agatha got there but one of the mermaids convinced her to stay! So 4 years later Kally was inspired by the tale of Sophie and Agatha she decided to go to school a little late!

          agatha3 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

          Still Kally
          school: good
          Finger glow: purple

        dot111 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Here, you can have this bio. 🙂
        Name: Mae
        Age: 13
        Gender: Female
        Family: Mae’s mum is Princess Jasmine, her dad is Aladdin, and she has a little brother called Tobias.
        Village: Pasha Dunes
        Pets: A tiger called Raja and an dark brown Arabian mare called Daisy-belle.
        School: Good
        Finger glow: Orange
        Flaw(s): Mae can lose track of the things she is trying to do or has been told to do. She becomes distracted or daydreams.
        Talents: Mae can fight using weapons and she is a very fast learner; meaning she has learned many languages in a short amount of time and she can learn to do new things fast.
        Appearance: Mae has beautiful, smooth, brown skin, dazzling hazel eyes, long, thick, black hair, which she usually wears in a plait, full lips, and a small, button nose. Mae is average height for her age and is quite slender.
        Clothes: Mae usually wears lace blouses; cropped or full length, lace or silk skirts and pants and jewelled sandals. All of her clothes are bright in colour, red, blue, yellow, lilac, etc. Mae has long, jewelled, gold earrings, gold bangles and when she does wear a crown, it’s a small gold tiara. On festive or special occasions, Mae wears long, sleeveless, whimsical, colourful, silk dresses.
        Personality: Mae is caring, smart, optimistic, helpful and kind. She loves to look out for her friends and family. She enjoys caring for her pets and helping out with people in her village.
        Backstory: Mae grew up in Pasha Dunes being taught to have to qualities and perfection a princess should own. When Mae turned ten she felt that trying to be the ‘perfect princess’ wasn’t the best and that she wanted to do other things. So Mae decided to go and visit the village. She helped people in need and made friends. Mae felt so happy and that giving up learning how to be a princess was the right choice. A few years later Mae relieved her Flowerground ticket. She was very happy and said fair well to her family and friends, and left for the School for Good and Evil.

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