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    Hi! New chapter! Hope u like it!
    Chapter 11: Camelot(continued)
    As the courses are served, I feel a hot gaze on me. I turn around, and see a whiff of blond hair, and a sparkle of green eyes; Dean Sophie. “Oh no,” I think, “why was she invited?” I fumble with my hair nervously, as I eat. Finally, when dinner is finished, everyone goes upstairs to the deck. I feel dazed so I go upstairs to get ready for bed. I slip on a nightgown and find a bathrobe on a hook next to bed. I put on the bathrobe and go onto the deck connecting to my room. I sit there for a little while then go to bed.
    – – – – – – –
    In the morning, I wake up to find two small packages and one big package with my name on them. I open the first small package and find teardrop-shaped opal earrings. In the next small package there is a matching opal bracelet. When I open the big package I gasp in surprise; it contains a beautiful floor length dress embellished with (MORE) beautiful opals. Just as I take the dress out of the box to try it on, the maid comes rushing in with another small package. “This is from Prince Teddy for you,” she says clearly out of breath from running up the flight of stairs. “Thank you,” I say. I quickly open the package to find a tiara with OPALS?(REALLY?) He basically just told me it was him who gave me the other things. As I look at the tiara, I find it has engravings. Etched into it are the words:
    To Princess Sofia, Love Teddy
    WHAT? He chose me! My maid helps me put the dress and jewelry on, and then she entwines my hair with gold strands and puts it into a beautiful bun. Last, she puts the tiara on me. As I walk down to breakfast I feel dazed and can’t believe what just happened. All of a sudden, I bump into Sophie. Randomly, she asks me, “When is your birthday?” I respond saying what Stefan and Honora would say; “It was a day when the sun was weakening and a new queen was named.” “A new queen?” asks Sophie, “When the sun was weakening?” “Yes, I answer. That’s what my foster-parents said.” “Foster-parents?” asks Sophie. “Yes, Stefan and Honora” I answer. Then I ask her if this is related to that night on the bridge with Lady Lesso. “What? How do you know about that?” asks Sophie. “Well since you know, I better tell you some things:
    Sometimes, when love is confirmed, both souls of the lovers birth a child. This child will be just like the soul who it’s from, but it’s looks are a mixture of both. If my soul birthed a child, she would live in Woods Beyond like I once did, but if his soul birthed a child, he would live in Red Valley like he once did. These childen would have the same personality of their mother or father, depending on if the child was a girl or boy. But, this could change. If someone who I didn’t deserve in my life was kind to my child, this act could change the child too. I didn’t deserve Honora in my life but she chose to adopt you along with my father. I know more about Gregor than about you because he goes to my school, and if I’m right, he doesn’t have a twin brother. But that part doesn’t matter because all the books I’ve read have said only the personality, looks, and old home are what the children will inherit. Sofia, I think you’re my daughter.”
    “Me? What? REALLY?” I say. Then the bell rings for breakfast. I quickly run down the stairs and find Teddy waiting for me. We walk hand in hand to the breakfast table.

    Thnx for reading!

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