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    ladyofthebooksge posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hey Maria, sorry for the very late bio… I understand if you’re no longer taking bios for your she life story as it is pretty late. This took me way longer than it should have and I’m sorry for not sending it sooner.
    Here it is:
    Name: Jayla (not my real name,
    Nickname: Jay
    Gender: female
    Preferred pronouns: she/her
    Sexuality if you want: straight, I think?
    Kingdom: Glass Mountain
    School: Good
    Fingerglow:Silver with a hint of lilac
    Talent: able to explode things with my mind (basically same as my food fighting and Tbt talent)
    Appearance: Have dark wire rimmed round glasses with black hair that reaches to chest level, on the shorter side with pale freckles around my cheekbones. Usually am wearing small gold earrings in the shape of stars.
    Outfit: Usually something that looks nice and is functional, black leggings and a various assortment of hoodies and shirts usually in dark blue, grey, black or other pastel colors. Also wears a version of the girl’s uniform but with very dark pink pants/shorts
    Snowball/No Ball outfit: A midnight blue gown that reaches to your mid-lower legs, studded with rhinestones at the hem and neckline. My hair will be adorned with a silver flower crown and matching silver earrings. In addition, the sleeves will be made entirely out of sapphire crystals around my shoulders, sort of like thick straps.
    Snowball/No Ball person (who you’re going with): most likely with my friends
    Personality: Usually introverted, she enjoyed hanging out in the library during lunch when it’s spacious and quiet. She doesn’t like small talk but will be pretty chatty about things she is passionate about once you know her. Jay tends to take her studies seriously but would rather be doing something more interesting than writing essays or doing homework, which does lead to procrastination. While she keeps by herself or with a few close friends, she will still be open to new people but will not be as chatty or relaxed around them before she gets to know them really well. She’s also the type of person who can be very random and takes sarcasm seriously when she is very tired or cranky. People that ignore their responsibilities and arrogant kids annoy her and she is ready to tell them off if that gets way out of hand from her perspective. While she isn’t temperamental, Jay can get opinionated and overcompetitive which can lead to some iNtErEsTinG situations.
    Likes: books, dark chocolate, cats, sleeping, feelings of accomplishment, the sound of rain on windows.
    Dislikes: mosquitos, annoying people, people who don’t respect personal space, the way the candy chairs stick to her clothes, not being able to catch up with class, obnoxious people who disregard very obvious social cues that somebody’s uncomfortable, and hiding in bushes
    Crush: nobody irl, but some of my past fictional crushes include Howl (howl’ s moving castle), keefe, and Percy Jackson
    Weapon, in order of preference: dagger, talents, bow and arrow, sword
    Extra: n/a

        sophieforever33 replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

        Hey Jay! There’s no need to apologize, actually, quite the contrary. I was just beginning to write the chapter I’ll need to introduce you in XD XD
        Thank you so much :))

          ladyofthebooksge replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

          Np at all! And better catch up on the rp now yeeet
          Also feel free to elaborate on my character based on your interactions with me on the site, I don’t really mind that!

          sophieforever33 replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

          Ahaha you do that! I shall, thank you again :))

          ladyofthebooksge replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

          Np again yEeT!

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