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    larkofwoodsbeyond posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 month ago

    Hey, all! Back with another Project: Incubation chapter. I apologize for its length, but I’m in a rush.
    Project: Incubation
    Chapter 7
    Evie Grace de Leon
    Evie threw a knife at the wooden board forcefully, causing pieces to splinter off. She stood up to retrieve it with a small sigh. The board had a target painted on it, but it was so gouged and pockmarked that it was barely recognizable.
    “Excuse me,” a girl said, opening the flap of her tent, “do you have any food?”
    Evie growled at the girl, baring her teeth, and she skittered off. Is this what I have been reduced to? She wondered. A hissing, growling wild animal?
    She knew that there were other survivors’ camps, and Evie had once been part of one herself. But ever since they had been massacred while trying to storm the labs, she hadn’t tried to join any new groups. Maybe it was because she didn’t trust them, maybe it was because she was still in grief because her mother was one of the membersof her group. No one would know, since Evie would never talk about it.
    She heard some shouting nearby her tent; probably a squabble between group members. She could make out the word ‘authority;’ she sighed. They should be grateful for what they have, she thought. It could all be taken away today.
    She sharpened her knives and realized she was low on supplies. Today, she would have to go on a raid of someone else’s camp; aboveground was ravaged by radiation and no one went up there.
    She snuck out of her tent with daggers in concealed holsters and a bag around her shoulders. Now, where to steal from?

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        larkofwoodsbeyond replied 1 month ago

        thanks! maybe she can run into one of the members of Nyssa’s group while she’s trying to rob them?

          legendaryevilbandit replied 1 month ago

          Sure thing. I’ll put that in my next POV for Nyssa 🙂

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