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    larkofwoodsbeyond posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 month ago

    Ophelia PoV (this gets a bit into some family tree stuff ((which is very confusing)) so if you have questions feel free to ask)

    Ophelia smiled at Melody. “The Odyssey’s a great name,” she said, “though don’t mention it in front of my great-grandma. One time, when I was really little, I visited her with my grandparents, and I asked Telemachus about his father. That got me a pretty harsh punishment, to say the least,” Ophelia said, with a slight shudder. Circe had turned her into a bird for the rest of the night until Penelope and Telegonus eventually convinced her to turn her great-granddaughter back into a human.
    “Oh, I haven’t introduced myself. Well, I’m Ophelia Delianos of Aeaea. I was born in Italy (named for my father, Italus), though I live with my great-grandmother Circe on Aeaea. My talents are the ability to breathe underwater (from my naiad blood) and my skill at witchcraft. I can make anything with the right ingredients, so ask me if you need help.”
    She sighed, looking around at everyone. She had spoken almost nonstop without a breath, and now she smiled at the group at large. “So. Yeah.”


    Meanwhile, Ellie made her way to the big sailboat that she had been to many times.
    The red-gold Malayan weasel hurried up the side of the ship and went across the dock to the captain, whose coat she promptly climbed up.
    The captain smiled at the witch’s familiar. “Well, hello there, Ellie,” she said, and the weasel nuzzled her neck in greeting.
    The Odyssey was coming.


        larkofwoodsbeyond replied 1 month ago

        *deck, not dock

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