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    larkofwoodsbeyond posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 5 months ago

    Juliette PoV

    Juliette slipped out of her grungy clothes with a look of distaste and changed into a lacy chemise. She looked over at Melody and shook her head with a mischievous grin.
    “Oh, Mellie, dear, I thought you knew me better than that. I am half vampire, after all; my instincts tell me to stay awake at night and sleep in ’til the noonday bells chime. See you lovelies later!” she added, grabbing a shawl and hopping into some silk slippers as she flounced out of the cabin.
    Juliette’s eyes were naturally attuned to darkness; it was light they had real trouble with. She walked through the belowdeck halls until she reached the stairs to the poopdeck.
    The half-vampire tread lightly on the steps, though she was tempted by the blood she could smell on the air. Some, like Melody’s, stank of magic, but others were purer, innocent of power. She hungered for those defenseless creatures, like the soulless demons she was so closely related to. Despite Melody’s kind offering of sustenance, Juliette disliked magically charged blood; purity was always sweeter.
    She shook her impulses off and pulled her shawl tighter around her as she ventured up to the deck. The night was chilly, and salty spray hit her face and stung her eyes as her long auburn ringlets whirled in the air. Juliette leaned against the edge and watched the ocean fly by beneath them.
    For all her talk of instincts, Juliette sometimes resented her demonic side. While she loved Mircalla, her birth mother, kind-hearted Margarethe, was always secretly Juliette’s favorite. Margarethe was constantly there to ****** her daughter’s hair or give her a hug, always calmed her partner if she punished their child too harshly. Yes, sometimes Juliette wished she were more human, and then hated herself for wishing it. She was in a coven, damn it! She was evil and resented the blood of animals. She relished torture and pain, she was a demon despite her parentage.
    The hybrid steeled herself and swore at the moon in a blind fit of anger.
    She then turned towards the shadows so nothing could witness the tears tracing sparkly lines down her cheeks.


        larkofwoodsbeyond replied 5 months ago

        brush was censored I think?

        ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss replied 5 months ago

        aww I feel kinda bad for her!

        queendeansophieofwoodsbeyond replied 5 months ago

        Poor kitten

        julianaarthur replied 5 months ago

        MY POOR BABY!!!!!!!!

        larkofwoodsbeyond replied 5 months ago

        yes, my baby julie has some humanity, after all 😉

          julianaarthur replied 5 months ago

          She’s too adorable!

          larkofwoodsbeyond replied 5 months ago

          yeah, she’s my lovely. Honestly one of my favorite characters that I’ve ever made

          queendeansophieofwoodsbeyond replied 5 months ago

          She’s such a little cinnamon roll i just can’t see her cryyy

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