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    Astrid PoV

    “I’ll take top,” Astrid said, breaking the silence as she dropped her bag on her bunk of choice. The blackness reminded her of school, so she felt rather at home in the dark room. However, the rocking of the ship combined with being belowdecks made her queasy.
    “Okay, I’ll bunk with you,” Odette said, popping her own belongings onto the bed below Astrid’s. Astrid suppressed a smile of triumph; Odette was still her best friend.
    Diana eyed her testily and swung her own bag up to the top bunk opposite Astrid’s. The Nevergirl tried not to growl in anger; it felt like a challenge, something Astrid had never taken well. In the School for Evil, everyone was content with her being a lone wolf (aside from her friendship with Odette, of course), and she liked it that way. Being on a team did not suit her, not one bit.
    She sighed and climbed onto her bed, the tension in the room palpable. She wanted to leave, but worried it would upset Odette, so she drew out a book- On the Isolation of the Snow Queen– and flipped to her bookmarked page.


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