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    Gabriel PoV

    Gabe didn’t really know what to do; he was used to rooming with lots of people (six siblings and two parents made for a crowded house), though it was normally just his family members. Here, with strangers, he felt quite awkward, and again found himself wishing Diana were here, or even his little sister, Mollie.
    He put his satchel on the bunk below Derrick and rifled through it, pulling out his small, neatly kept toolbox. Next, he took out an elaborate-looking, if tiny, contraption and began to make adjustments with a thin screwdriver.
    “Well,” he said to Derrick, not looking up from the machine, “It all began when Diana killed the Schoolmaster, even though Maisie and I tried to stop her. It really started before that, but- well, the story’s already pretty long.
    “Anyways, Diana killed the Schoolmaster and brought her mom back to life. Little did she know that Kamaria was actually an evil mass-murderer with immense power. The earth had corrupted her.
    “Kamaria, lusting after power, became Schoolmaster to gain leverage. And thus begins the reign of terror. Classes changed, new teachers were brought in, and punishments were worsened. But the truly bad thing was the Fifteen; Kamaria’s favorites, handpicked to take down their own kingdoms for her.”
    At this, Gabe paused. He thought of his family, hurt or killed by Kamaria, and shuddered. Hopefully she couldn’t reach them. Hopefully.
    “Go on,” Derrick urged, and Gabe snapped out of his thoughts.
    “Right. So. The Fifteen were selected, and we decided something had to be done. Ophelia told us about Circe having moonflowers that she could make into a potion to restore Kamaria to the moon and save the Woods. So, we snuck out and are now on our way to Aeaea.”
    He looked at Abria for confirmation that that was all, and she nodded. Grace was still glaring at him, so he didn’t even bother to glance at her.
    Derrick nodded. “Well, sounds noble. Not sure I’m cut out for it,” he said wryly.
    “Oh, don’t flatter yourself. If you weren’t cut out for it, you would have left long ago,” Gabe said, putting away the screwdriver and trinket and pulling off his work boots. They were still dusty from days spent in the fields of his family farm in Gavaldon. He sighed wistfully, and again wished he was rooming with Diana.


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