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    Ophelia PoV (for kicks)

    Ophelia stretched out on her bed like a cat, pleasantly drowsy. Being a child of Helios- or at least related to one- she preferred the day to the night, and she also prided herself on her ability to sleep like a log.
    She rolled over onto her back, lulled into a sense of peace by the gentle rock of the boat and the feeling that came with the knowledge that she was going home. Even though she did like the Schools, she was constantly homesick for Aeaea.
    Ellie, for her part, paced around on Red’s desk, sniffing at and investigating different items. The Malayan weasel always did like the captain and her ship.
    Ophelia, on the verge of sleep, began to think idly. Her mind went over the events of the past few days, the past few hours, developing new ideas and thoughts about them.
    She closed her eyes and nodded off, dreaming of pigs, potions, and the moon.

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