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    Gabriel PoV

    Abria and Derrick’s conversation bought Gabe some time to think about the question. He honestly did not know what he would choose, but he had to give some sort of answer or he’d seem weak and indecisive. Like he hadn’t had any meaningful experiences.
    When Derrick turned back to him, he clammed up for a moment before blurting out a “no.” The demigod cocked an eyebrow inquisitively and he elaborated. “I love my family, and my inventions, and farming, and my animals. But- there was nothing for me in Gavaldon. It was a small town bordered by a forest that never took you anywhere new. I probably met the girl I would’ve married in primary school, and I’d have the same people as friends for the rest of my life. No room for expansion, everyone living in fear of the mythical Schoolmaster. I used to love it there, but now that I’m here- I realize just how much I need the Woods. I need the adventure, the excitement. The relationships. So no, I wouldn’t stay there if I could do it again. Not for the world.”
    He took a breath, in awe at what he had just said. Did he really believe that? Did he really just say that? He looked at Derrick and put a slightly mischievous smile on his face.
    “So, I ask you a question, right?”
    Derrick nodded.
    “Okay. You’ve had a lot of flings and romances, I gather. But have you ever really been in love?” he asked, narrowing his eyes inquiringly.


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