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    lauraofnetherwood posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    @thecoven4ever, @evilerruler845

    Welcome Committee submission:

    (Explain why you think you’re good for the “job”
    Tell us what basic things you think a new person joining should be aware of
    Construct a welcome – and include everything you know about RPing as much as possible!
    This is a fair warning: Make sure you check your grammar and spelling mistakes!)

    1. I think I’d be a good member of the welcome committee because I am an approachable and friendly person. I’m also not afraid or shy of meeting new people. An important part of greeting newbies is also to show them what the site rules are and appropriate boundaries, so everyone can enjoy the site, and hopefully complain less about the newbies!
    2. Some site ground rules, e.g. not clogging up the RP group with multiple short posts, being able to tag and to be tagged, not joining levels 2 and 3 for single RPs. Also general being nice to people on site and the rules around reporting a user.
    3. Hi, welcome to RP level –! I’m @lauraofnetherwood, a first-year Evergirl. It’s great to meet you!
    So, you may be asking, ‘how do I get started?’ or ‘what even is an RP?’ An RP, standing for roleplay, is a story told in the first person and is usually comprised of several chapters. Many RPs on the site are group RPs, comprised of more than one user. Levels 2 and 3 are both group RPs. However, your story doesn’t have to be confined to these limits.
    Level 0 is for newbies who want to try RPing, although I’ve stayed on level 0 for a while now, so it’s not just for utter novices! Level 1 is a little more advanced and is used by more experienced RPers.
    If you like a story and want to follow it, you can ask to be tagged. This is where you or the author put a @ sign before a person’s username, for example @lauraofnetherwood. [this is me tagging myself]
    If you decide to start a story, make sure you create a biography of your character, or a bio for short. This is where you put the character’s name, age, parents, likes, fears etc. Please don’t make the character absolutely flawless as it makes the story unbelievable, and let’s be honest, no-one likes a Mary Sue. You could also create a backstory for your character and add in extra details like sexuality, siblings etc.
    When you write a story, please remember to keep it PG! We have young children on the site and we kinda don’t want to scare them away. Or scar them for life. Or give them nightmares. So please, just keep the content clean.
    If there’s a problem on the site, you can report them to Jun, who deals with most of the problems here. On the flip side, remember to be nice! We don’t tolerate bullying, homophobia or discrimination of any kind here. Also, if we feel that there’s a problem, or we don’t think something on the site is ok or should be tolerated, we will also tell Jun.
    But enough with the gloominess! Have fun RPing! 🙂
    Laura x

        thecoven4ever replied 1 year, 1 month ago


        faunnightngale replied 8 months, 1 week ago

        Um… Hi @lauraofnetherwood ,
        I know you help welcome people?…. And I was wondering what to do if I see someone new post some thing on the RP that’s unrelated? I was also wondering what to say to those people to welcome them. I also don’t want to seem rude.

          lauraofnetherwood replied 8 months, 1 week ago

          Thanks for asking. Many arguments have been started on the site over miscommunications.
          As for the RP thing, site stuff is a bit unusual now that Open Chat has been taken down for now. Once it’s back up, there should be fewer unrelated posts. I guess you could ask them to post it on the Open Chat doc, but politely.
          Once again, thanks for asking me (I’m actually quite flattered! 🙂 )

        faunnightngale replied 8 months, 1 week ago

        @lauraofnetherwood ,
        thank you for responding so quickly! I’ll be sure to take your advice.
        Happy Thanksgiving,
        @faunnightngale 🙂

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