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    lauren813 posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 3 months ago

    -reposting since I only got 2 bios last time-
    So I have decided due to a recent influx of writing motivation of unknown causes that I will be starting an SGE life story!! So um, here’s my bio and feel free to submit some of yours to hopefully be added in! I’ve never done one of these before so apologies in advance if mine s.ucks. (hopefully this counts as SGE related, I would think it does haha)
    Also, if I don’t have you on Hangouts and you do have it, I’d love to add you for storyline purposes and accurate character portrayal, as well as just to get to know new people! My email is [email protected]
    If you don’t have hangouts- or even if you do- and you have wattpad, add me on there as well! my user is sunsetsreverie

    Bio Template:

    Fairytale Relative:

    Name: Lauren
    Nickname: None, although like one person calls me Sunny. But that’s irrelevant here.
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female (she/her)
    Sexuality: Bisexual (yes, this is me coming out)
    Fairytale Relative: Queen of Hearts
    Talent: My ability is blood manipulation— as it sounds, basically manipulating blood. I can manipulate any spilled blood, and am also able to shape the blood into a form of my choice with greater effort. To control the blood within a person or animal’s body, I have to first draw blood, then and only then am I able to do whatever I wish with the blood. I use this a lot on enemies, and can even occasionally decide to kill a victim of mine, whether for fun, practice, or even self-preservation in the event of danger.
    Fingerglow: Scarlet
    School: 90% Evil and 10% Good
    Appearance: I have dark brown hair, so dark that it appears black in all situations unless viewed in sunlight, and even then it is still quite dark. It is quite long, and quite wavy most of the time. I love to either wear it back in a loose ponytail, up in a messy bun, in two french braids, or left down. I don’t enjoy most hair accessories but certain headbands, but even those are rarely worn. My eyes are brown as well, a lighter shade than my hair, more of a chocolate brown with flecks of gold within them. I have brown skin, not too dark but not extremely light either. I don’t usually wear makeup but if I do it’s just lipstick and some eyeshadow, and my closet is mostly muted and darker tones. I wear a lot of sweaters and skirts, especially turtlenecks. I also love dresses, so I will wear them often too. I’m around 5’2 ¾” but I’m still growing, so I could be tall eventually, though it’s highly unlikely. I’m very skinny and people have even said unhealthily so but I think I eat plenty so they don’t know what they’re talking about.
    Personality: I am very sassy and sarcastic, and will often use sarcasm in my language. I’m very determined and driven one day, but the next I will procrastinate all day and get nothing done. I have motivation, but I usually don’t act on it. However, when I do the product is pretty well done, in my opinion. I don’t mind offending people if I have to and I will be blunt and honest. I’ll also be constantly bored, or have tons of things to do and be constantly asking my friends the most random things. I love to talk with people, lots of people, and I like having too many friends to keep track of. In fact, I rather prefer it. I’m the type who’s very spontaneous, and I’ll come up to you and jump onto your back, demanding to go for an adventure. That’s just me for you. I enjoy reading, writing, piano, and dance, and I like to think I’m very in touch with my creative side. I’m also pretty in touch with my intellectual side as well and many people have said I’m brilliant, and I have also skipped a grade. I also can be very cruel to people I hate, so just because you only see the sunshiney side of my personality does not mean I can’t be violent. I’m also pretty morbid at times, and I really don’t care about deaths and injuries unless the person is close to me, and then it would probably rock my entire world. I can be emotional very easily, but at other times I’ll be a stone when it comes to my emotions. That’s really it, I think. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this too much when I know myself and I know how to write myself, so yeah.
    Backstory: I was born to the Queen of Hearts and an unnamed father I never knew. He had been executed a few months before I was born. Or at least, that’s what my mother told me. I didn’t know if I quite believed her on that one. But I did believe in her, and as I grew older I assisted with executions and keeping Wonderland under her tyrannical rule. I became a sort of protege to her; rather than seeing me as a daughter, she began to see me as a partner. Someone who worked with her for the greater good of their own selfish motivations, and that was all. I became quite self-sufficient in this time, seeing as she seemed to think I needed no assistance in living when I could practically rule Wonderland on my own if I had to. I was just like her, a cruel, vicious tyrant with a cold heart. She believed I would make a great successor one day, though she never once told me this and therefore I constantly strived for her approval. When I was accepted to the School for Good and Evil, it was just what I needed. A welcome break from leadership duties, an opportunity to meet new people, and a chance to make my mother proud of me, somehow.
    ~ If I’m being weird, I have a terrible British accent, don’t ask why, even I don’t know.
    ~ My birthday is February 14th, making me an Aquarius
    ~And my Chinese zodiac is the Year of the Rat
    ~ My favorite colors are navy blue, turquoise, black, and forest green
    ~ I’m right handed
    ~ My theme song would probably be Burning Pile by Mother Mother
    ~ Sometimes if I’m really close with someone, I’ll be like super sarcastic. So let’s say my friend got an amazing grade, I’d tell them that I’m so disappointed in them and they’re doing terribly in school. Or if my sister bakes something really good, I’ll tell her it’s disgusting when I actually love it. They all know what I mean though.
    ~ I love music and will constantly be listening to some song or at least in my head I will be, when people tell me to stop.
    ~ I have so many inside jokes it’s hard to keep track of them, but I’ll probably have a ton with most people I’m close with.
    ~ Quotes
    “Patience is not a virtue. It is a form of torture.”
    “I’m bored!” Often followed by, “Someone do something!”
    “The level of disrespect! From all of you! All. Of. You.”
    “Sometimes I just want to throw you out of a plane. Without a parachute. Over an active volcano about to erupt.”
    Everyone: *having a who’s the ugliest contest*
    Me: “I’m only participating in this so I can win.”
    “Food is good. It is literally one letter away from good. Do you really think that’s a coincidence?”

        2iycrb2qawutob replied 3 months ago

        Tag me here’s my bio!! 😀
        Name: Leah Wintop
        Age: 17
        Gender: female
        Orientation: straight
        Appearance: Leah has long dark auburn hair with streaks of natural brown in it, her eyes are a teal colour and compliment her skin perfectly, she has subtle freckles and is quite muscular but it does not show
        Personality: Leah is a kind, funny, and warm-hearted person, she often goes through with things before thinking them through and can be quite mean if you’re on her and side. She is very loyal however and will never hurt you if you’ve done nothing wrong to her, she can hold a grudge for a really long time
        The school (not everyone will go to school, but plz include!): Good
        Likes: Sport, learning new things, having fun, hanging out with friends, she practices fencing and karate and often does these things she loves them both and is very talented at them
        Dislikes: being told off, being told she can’t do something because she is a girl, bossy people
        Talents: She is like a vanisher from KOTLC but obviously SGE so she can blink in and out of sight
        Kingdom: Maiden vale
        Finger Glow: dark purple
        Background: Leah was raised in maiden vale and has fought every day of her life to be at the school, but she doesn’t want to be a princess, even though she is pretty, she wants to be a knight and fight for her worth, not be given everything on a silver platter, she wants to prove herself. Her family isn’t much and she had no siblings, her mum is poor and her dad died 7 years ago. She doesn’t open up easily but you can trust her with your life once she knows you.

          lauren813 replied 3 months ago

          thank you, this is great!

        2iycrb2qawutob replied 3 months ago

        No problem and thx

        shadowshinobi replied 3 months ago

        (Okay! I just copied and pasted my OC’s bio)
        Name: Andric Stiltskin
        Nickname: None
        Age: Whatever the other people are
        Gender: Male
        Sexuality: Straight
        Fairytale Relative: Rumpelstiltskin
        Talent: Manipulating matter and elements (For example, he can rearrange carbon atoms and make objects into diamonds, spin straw into gold, take the air out of your lungs, etc).
        Fingerglow: Pale blue-green (like his eyes)
        School: Evil
        Appearance: He looks very young for his age and he has a very calculating and cunning face. He looks like an elf and has a mischievous smirk. He’s extremely pale and can look really intense at times. He has dark hair with cold, shrewd, piercing light blue-green eyes. He has very sharp features and has sort of an angular face with very sharp cheekbones. He’s very thin and agile and has a very slim build. He sort of has low eyebrows and raises one up all the time. He has funny-looking ears that stick out but in a charming way. He’s handsome in an unusual way (he has a similar appearance and outfit as this guy:
        Personality: He’s intelligent, manipulative and cunning with a knack for fooling people. He has skipped a year or two, because he’d already been taught by his father, Rumpelstiltskin, along with his own brilliance. He loves playing mind games and you can never tell if he’s trying to fool you or not. He’s charming and sarcastic with excellent wit. He’s a child prodigy, and his intelligence drove him to almost the point of madness. No one can compete with his sharp wit and his fast comebacks. He’s clever, sarcastic, stubborn, extremely rude, brutal and cold. He’s a criminal mastermind, genius and has prodigious analytical skills. He is extremely cunning, so don’t be surprised if he double-crosses you. He never trusts anyone. He sees patterns and things that others don’t see and has genius deduction skills.
        Backstory: Rumpelstiltskin is his father, and he taught Andric everything he knew, which included magic (dark spells and stuff) and manipulating matter (spinning straw into gold, for example). Andric’s mother is unknown, but she is said to be an elf or fairy, which gives Andric his elf-like appearance and some of his magical abilities (the other half comes from Rumpelstiltskin). Not much about his past is revealed, other than the things I mentioned above.
        Other: English accent, He enjoys reading and is well-educated in spells, magic and deal-making. Can his best friend be one of the Neverboys?

        davysmavy replied 3 months ago

        Sorry, the format is not the some my copy paste would not work for sum reason. but its all in there and don’t forget to tag me !!
        Name: David
        Nickname: (if any) Davy
        Gender: Male
        Sexuality: G4y
        School: Halfer but resides in Evil
        Talent: Can control, Become, and create Shadows/darkness aka if there are any shadows he can use them to create weapons and he can become making for easier travel in the dark and he can appear out of anywhere (has to appear out of darkness/shadows) and can make himself look different or bigger. His Power grows tremendously in the dark/night
        Finger glow: White
        Personality: He is always in need of a good book, He is very smart and he knows it. He often has feelings of superiority but never speaks on them. He is always fading into the shadows and prefers to be far away from all the action. He is very greedy and can´t get enough money. He can be very selfish and chooses his life over others much too often. He never strays far from his friends and prefers to not be a team leader.
        Hobbies: Reading and writing
        Flaws: Is not a team player and doesn’t like to socialize(only with very close friends)
        Relative: (if any) Captain hooks Grandson
        Kingdom: Bloodbrook
        Crush:n/a or u can choose.
        Other/extra: Libra
        Appearance: since I suc.k at explaining here (also very short standing at a whopping 5´2
        Backstory: His grandfather took care of him, but after he realized he wasn’t completely evil so he dropped him off at SGE where is now a halfer but resides in evil

        emersoncolin replied 3 months ago

        OK! (I love writing bios)
        Name: Darcia Grimhilde
        Nickname: Darcy (only by her close friends)
        Age: Whatever fits the story
        Gender: Female
        Sexuality: Straight
        Fairytale Relative: Evil Queen
        Talent: She is basically like a Heartrender from the Grishaverse. So she can basically take the air out of a person’s lungs and keep them breathing as long as they’re in her influence, able to induce heart attacks, slow down another’s breathing to the point that they go unconscious, quicken the heartbeat to dangerous speeds, can slow the healing process rather than quicken it. By encouraging the release of certain chemicals in the body, she can influence a person’s emotions (if this is too much, just keep the manipulating emotions part and heart attack part)
        Fingerglow: Violet
        School: Evil
        Appearance: Darcia is shockingly beautiful. She has shiny jet black hair that cascades down her back like waves and large piercing pale violet eyes. She dons bright red lipstick and wears her hair in a classic updo quite frequently. She has sharp cheekbones and a sharp jawline with pale skin. She has an elegant slim figure. She has a sharp structure and a narrow, slightly pointy nose. She has long lashes and mysterious qualities about her.
        Personality: Darcia is scheming and manipulative. She can be very intelligent, even the most clever of people admire her ingenuity. Darcia can be cold and calculating one minute hot and heavy the next. She flirts jokingly with boys to prove her dominance over them but there is only one boy she truly loves. Though she may seem cold and ruthless, she would do anything for the people she loves. She is like the femme fatale of the story. Mysterious and sedu.ctive while also intelligent, manipulative, and deeply cynical. In her mind, there are people who are used and then there are people who use others; you’re either one or the other. She laughs evilly at everything and addresses everyone as “darling” or “dear”. She can charm her way into everything and get anything she wants just by flirting.
        Backstory: She was raised by the Evil Queen’s maids in her royal dark palace. She has observed the behavior of her mother and has mimicked her gestures. Now, her evil queen persona has become a part of her, and that old good part of her is lost (although the true person can open it right back up). She has never found love before (until someone comes along, maybe) and she’s given up on finding it, but still flirts for fun.
        Other: She’s British, her quotes: “You haven’t the faintest idea of what I am capable of.” “I’d ask you to beg, but begging never works on me. I’m way out of your league, darling.” “I’m not merely a girl. I’m a lady.” “You’re hot. Oh dear, I was joking.” “I know everything about you. From the size of your dress to every deepest darkest secret you have. I assume someone has told you not to trust me. They were right.”

        cattyrose replied 3 months ago

        think i did this but anyway
        Full Name: Tasherit Aurelius
        Nickname: Tash
        Age: whatever fits the story best
        Sexuality: aroace
        Pronouns: she/her
        Gender: female
        Kingdom: Netherwood
        Fairy-tale Relative: daughter of Maleficent
        Finger glow: jet black
        School: evil
        Special Talent: Has a soul snake called Nylo. Nylo is a slender ruby red snake with jet eyes about half a metre long. He spends most his time coiled around Tasherits’ neck like a necklace, motionless. They are connected and can hear each other’s thoughts so he can spy for her. He can mind control ppl but only one person at a time, but when he does they are entirely under Nylo and Tash’s control. If he dies Tash dies
        She has wings that are big and black feathered like Maleficent’s in the movies; they fold in when she’s not flying
        She’s amazing at lessons and spell casting
        She’s insanely good at throwing knives
        Appearance: waist length black hair usually up in a high ponytail, black eyes, black lipstick, ivory skin. average height, slim, huge black feathered wings that fold in, snake, pretty
        General Aesthetic: mostly dark academia, tiny bit royalcore
        Personality: sarcastic, everything she says is sarcastic and to everyone (when at her most sarcastic she calls people “honey”). She does not hesitate to talk back to anyone, and she can outwit them all. This gets her into trouble quite a bit. She will be sarcastic and cynical no matter what you say, which gives her more enemies than friends. She’s not a “people person” and is incredibly antisocial and hates being around anyone. However, once you have won her loyalty she will be your friend for life and though she acts like she doesn’t care, she would do anything for you. She’s completely intolerant, insensitive and emotionless, and is impossible to get at. Tash is more subtly evil, and prefers to use her appearance to her advantage and sometimes pretends to be good. She prefers not to get into physical combat, she can bring people down with a couple of sentences after all, but when in a fight she is fierce and merciless. She is protective of her coven and lashes out whenever she feels threatened, often hurting many in the process. She doesn’t get feelings, and cares for herself long before anyone else. She is incredibly studious, and doesn’t really get the concept of downtime. She spends all her free time studying or practising, making her top of the class. She is very practical, and so logical it’s annoying, but she likes always being right and will not hesitate to say “I told you so”. She is really selfish and has a huge ego. She values intelligence, honesty, loyalty and passion and has these qualities in spades herself
        Hobbies: studying, flying, studying, knife throwing, studying, practising with Nylo, oh and did I mention studying
        Habits: being annoyingly correct all the time, tossing her ponytail when making a dramatic exit, being stressed about absolutely everything
        Likes: Nylo, her coven, studying, lessons, cats, being evil with her coven, flying, hats (especially top hats)
        Dislikes: water, idiots, evers
        Snow Ball/No Ball Outfit: tuxedo and top hat
        Outfit: black, choker, denim, leather, black, spikes, ankle boots, skull jewellery, y’know the vibe
        Crush : no just no
        Crush Appearance: –
        Crush Personality: –
        Strengths: school stuff, spells, her talents, is brilliant at stuff like that
        Weaknesses: can be completely clueless on ordinary things in day-to-day life, is emotionless herself so doesn’t understand other people’s feelings, is terrible at anything social because she’s so obsessed with the truth and being right, thinks she’s alone and doesn’t trust anyone no matter how many allies she makes
        Fatal Flaw (Achilles Heel): water
        Fears: not being good enough, failure, but this drives her to work 10x harder
        Backstory: umm idk
        Dorm Deco: black, pretty, other than that her roommates can choose
        Quotes: “Seriously?!” “You have got to be kidding” “No way am I wearing that” “Sure honey, you tell yourself that”
        MBTI: INTJ-A
        Spirit animal: Siberian tiger

        lauren813 replied 3 months ago

        thank you everyone!

        ireadthebookssoyeah replied 3 months ago

        Hi, here’s my bio ( I submitted it for another story but tweaked it a bit
        Name: Valerie
        Nickname: Val (She goes by this name)
        Age: Whatever fits the story
        Gender: Female
        Sexuality: Straight
        Fairytale Relative: None
        Talent: She can grow out the dyed part of her hair and turn it invisibe, and manipulate it into doing the things she wants. She can shrink it back too.
        Fingerglow: Dark Red
        School: Evil
        Appearance: Cat-like brown eyes, lined with heavy kohl. Voluminous black hair that’s dyed red at the end, that she usually styles in a ponytail that explodes at the back. Pale skin that can never be tanned. Slightly tall and lean. Likes wearing black tops, red leather pants and black ankle boots.
        Personality: Val is an open person when she’s talking and socializing, but she can turn on people quickly if they ask anything about her that’s considered personal to her (like her life in Hamelin). Apart from her blunt honesty and random insults that she hurls at people, she can be fun to hang out with. If anyone gets on her bad side, she either chooses to completely ignore them or make it her goal to ruin their life. She’s a flirt sometimes, but not a lot of people approach her since she mostly appears intimidating.
        Backstory: Val was born to parents who never attended The School for Good and Evil, and live a mediocre life. They repeatedly warned Val about the dangers of The School for Good and Evil and how there was no chance of actually succeding there, but weirdly enough, that fueled her desire to attend it. On her birthday, she applied for The School for Evil -since could never be seen in pink- and got accepted. When her parents found out about the application they screamed at her and locked her in her room, their relationship crumbling in one night. Val still managed to sneak out of her room in the dead of the night, and made it to The School for Evil, not even leaving her parents a note. Since then, she hadn’t looked back on her life at Hamelin, determined to fight for a new, better one that she could only get with The School for Evil.
        Other: Favourite colours are black and red
        She hates studying unless anything about Evil is included, which is why she thrives in the School for Evil.

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