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    legendaryevilbandit posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 2 years ago

    Hello everyone. I have officially taken up the POVs of Drew, Erin, and Lao and phew… this is gonna be hard.
    Sorry that I haven’t posted in… four-five months? My iPod stopped working for three months and I got my phone about a month ago and also I went through major, major writers block but I hope this chapter is good.

    Drew’s POV

    My first instinct was to slap her. Who the actual f*ck did she think she was? She used magic on me, magic! Then, somehow brain washed me into following her and now here we were, stow aways on some type of jet, flying to Leo. LEO. What has become of him.

    So I did. I slapped her.

    She slapped me back. Hard.

    We glared at each other, her hazel eyes boring into my skin before I blinked. Her question still lingered. What had become of the world? Um. It evolved? What did she mean, what had become of the world.

    I rubbed my beard. It had grown a lot after I’d gone into a coma.

    “They’re going to be looking for me, y’know,” I said finally.

    She looked at me funny. “And why would ‘they’ do that?”

    “I’m the General of the Geminian Army.” I stayed proudly.

    “And that matters because?”

    “I have a war to fight!” I shouted, my blood suddenly boiling. Sure, this girl had woken me up and all but I have a responsibility! I have Peyton, and Asha to take care off, not to mention that I am protecting the entire city of Gemini from an invading army!

    “I don’t even know your name!” I shouted at her. She looked stunned for a minute before pointing upwards at the ceiling.

    “Be quiet. We don’t want to be found.” she whispered, pushing her red hair behind her face. “Besides, you should know my name.”

    I stared at her, dumbfounded. I had just met her, how was I supposed to know her name. She slapped me again.


    “You remember now?”


    The floor began to rumble and the plane took off, away from Gemini.


    “Did you hear? General Massey got kidnapped from Great Gemini Hospital!” the whispers were all around us. All surrounding the disappearance of the great general.

    The girl had disguised me as some elderly man and now I looked like my great-grandfather when he had died.

    “I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” I mumbled as I shuffled along with my cane.

    “I know, father.” she said, patting my arm.

    I grumbled. We checked in our passports (the girl conjured up a passport for Mushi Niji- I glared at her) and we were in. As we passed by the gates, a boy around the age of twelve was arguing with a flight attendant.

    “I’m sorry, sir. The flight has been delayed by whether conditions.”

    “Well I’ve got to get to Gemini soon!” he argued. “We are talking about the end of the world here!”

    The flight attendant sighed. “Look. The world has lasted this long, I’m sure it can last another twenty-four hours.”

    “But it might not!” the blonde boy argued.

    “August?” the girl called to the boy. He spun around.

    “Rose! Oh thank the Zodiac. Please tell this person that I need to be getting to Gemini immediately!” August pointed to the flight attendant, nearly poking him in the eye.

    “August Kristopher Abton, get here immediately!” Rose commanded August. August looked confused but slowly made his way over to them.

    “Is this your son, madam?” the flight attendant asked.

    “Yes, yes,” Rose said, pretending to fiddle with August’s sweatshirt. “He seems to have run away. I’m so dreadfully sorry.”

    “Yes mam. Please keep a better eye on him.” Rose nodded and pulled August and I down the airport.

    “Rose! Why’d you pull me away from him? I’m trying to find Drew! What are you doing here anyways? And who’s the old guy?” August asked, giving me a quizzical stare.

    “Call me mother, honey. Calling me by my name is disrespectful,” Rose said, “I’m here because I picked up Grandpoppy-“ I glared at her- “Mushi.”

    “What but-“

    “We will talk about this later, dear.” She mumbled through clenched teeth as she ushered me and August along.

    The weirdest thing was my bones actually did hurt.

    We took a cab out of the airport in which Rose explained to August that I was Drew and after making sure the cab driver wasn’t looking, changed me back into my normal look.

    We got out at a Marriott where Rose told me that Erin, Nikolai, and Leila were staying. I had no idea who any of those people were, though the name Erin seemed slightly familiar.

    We took the elevator to floor three and knocked on the door of room 318.

    Only when the door opened and I saw who was sitting on the couch did it click.

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